Crib Wedge: Baby Sleep Positioners

Crib Wedge: Baby Sleep Positioners

What is crib wedge? It is specially designed to fit below a crib mattress. Crib wedge can effortlessly decrease digestive and respiratory discomfort and permit the babies to rest at an incline. It is mainly a pillow that is made of firm foam. The main reason for designing this crib wedge & sleep positioner is supporting the the babies in appropriate body position in bed. By using this, babies can get healthy sleep. Mainly foam and fibre are used to make this sleeping wedge. However, memory foam and other heat-sensitive materials are used to design this product. This product is known as a therapeutic pillow. Using it, you can get rid of a few diseases such as sleep apnea, and so on.

Sleeping Wedge for Babies- Uses: 

  • People use this product for plenty of reasons.
  • You can use these for preventing flat-head syndrome.
  • It helps to prevent SIDS. You need to keep your baby on the back while sleeping.
  • Besides, it can offer your baby a comfortable sleeping position.
  • It prevents infants from falling from the bed.
  • These therapeutic pillows give the user to get rid of several diseases- breathing problems, blood circulation issues, acid reflux, pain in lower-back portion, sciatica pain, neck pain, and whiplash.

Features of Baby Crib Wedge

Removable cover: Infants usually create huge messes. These messes become even more while dealing with digestive problems such as reflux. Usually, most of the brands offer covers along with the product. But there are a few brands that don’t provide removable cover. The removable cover is required when you want to place the baby crib wedge below the sheet directly. You can quickly zip off and clean the removable covers easily. Thus, you can keep it hygienic.

Water resistance: The cover consists of water-resistant components. It prevents the moisture from going deep through into the foam. However, a few models are there that depend on only water-resistant fabrics. Polyester is an example of it. On the other hand, a lot of models come with extra waterproof layers. The water-resisting ability helps to prevent both mould and mildew.

Foldable design: A few models are there that you can fold easily. As a result, it can get fitted in small spaces. Along with this, you can carry this item while traveling. These consist of a single piece of foam that allows you to fold it from the middle. Besides, these models contain a unique removable cover. You can zip down it from the centre to fold it.

Non-skid base: You can see some babies very active. They wriggle around too much. Sometimes it causes the baby wedge for the crib to shift. It would help if you didn’t use loose bedding. It can cause suffocation to your baby. Always try to use a grippy one with a non-skid base.

How to use Sleeping Wedge:

Here, we have given standard instructions that let you know the process of using this product.

  • Step 1: Ensure that it is under the sheet

Firstly, you need to check where the wedge is. In case it is not placed below the mattress cover, it will move around when your baby moves. However, sometimes it happens that the mattress cover or the wedge is made of slippery components. If it happens, the wedge can cause your child to roll down. You have to ensure that you have placed this product properly under the mattress cover. As a result, it will not move around due to your child’s movements.

  • Step 2: Check size of the infants sleeping wedge

Sometimes, babies continuously roll down the therapeutic pillows due to steep incline. That’s why you need to consult with the paediatrician. You need to determine whether your baby requires a sleep wedge or another sleeping alternative. In this case, your baby’s doctor can help you by giving a proper solution.

Advantages of Baby Wedge

A few reasons are for which it is vital for your baby.

  • You can use it when your baby becomes at least two years old. However, you should not use pillows for infants who are below the age of two. As per the details of CPSC, small children feel suffocation while sleeping. But the older children don’t require pillows. However, parents think that these can offer additional comfort to their kid. Always choose such models that are tiny and firm. Try to avoid those models that consist of feathers as these can cause allergies.
  • You can use these if your baby has reflux. In this case, you need to prop it under the top of the mattress. Thus, it becomes useful for infants who have reflux. AAP or the American Academy of Pediatrics said that your baby would benefit and eliminate this problem if you elevate their head. This specialized device can be fitted in the crib easily both on top of or beneath the mattress. A few models are there also that are designed especially for adult-sized beds. Such models are beneficial for those parents who want to sleep with their kids. However, it is always better to leave your baby on the back while sleeping. This sleeping positioner’s primary focus is to keep the baby’s head in a higher position than the stomach. It prevents the stomach acids from causing any discomfort to your child. As a result, infants don’t feel any uneasiness or spit up overnight. It is helpful for both the parent and the baby.

Advantages of Positioners

  • It also helps to prevent SIDS. Multiple sleep positioners are available in the market that you can get in packaging. These can decrease the risk of SIDS, known as a sudden infant death syndrome. Due to this syndrome, your baby may face unexplained death while sleeping. This syndrome is known as ‘crib death’. It is because sometimes infants die in the crib. To prevent the syndrome, always place your baby on the back. However, if your baby is a newborn, you may require a unique device – sleep wedge. It helps to keep your baby in the position. According to the FDA, people should use sleep positioners if their babies are newborns. It is always safe to keep infants on their back. However, they can roll over easily. Besides, you don’t need to place them in the same position after rolling to find a comfortable position. You can prevent them from rolling by adding a sleep wedge. Overall, you can say that these sleep positioners can prevent suffocation. A cradle bed having fitted sheets, a well-fitting crib mattress, and a sleeping wedge of excellent quality can offer your baby comfy feeling while sleeping. However, you need to ensure that you consult with your pediatrician.

Alternative Methods

People who don’t prefer to use homemade sleep positioners can use these. A few people are there who make sleep positioners for their babies. They make these to prevent their babies from rolling off the couch. Moreover, it helps to keep the babies on the back. Apart from these products, if you add anything else to your baby’s sleeping space, then it can boost the risk of suffocation. Besides, You need to make sure that you are not using any rolled blankets, cushions, etc. Don’t use homemade bolsters, pillows, and cushions to keep your baby in position when your baby is in a cradle bed.


The main issue that you will get by using this product is SIDS. People are unknown to this fact. But it seems that SIDS is related to defects in the infant’s brains that can control the arousal from sleep.

Range of prices: 

Inexpensive: Those which are available below $20 consist of low-quality foam. The foam can be compressed easily. Besides, you will get no-frills models in this price range. You won’t get any type of additional features in these models.

Mid-range: You can get both convenient and supportive ones from $20 to $30. These models usually come with a few features like a removable cover, non-skid base, and so on.

Expensive: If you need additional elevation, then use a premium organic cotton cover. You can get this cover in the $30 to $60 price range. Those models that come at this price can offer you the most sought-after designs.

Advice to the Parents

  • You can take advice from a pediatrician. Always go to a medical professional first when your baby has symptoms of congestion or reflux.
  • Always keep your baby to sleep on the back. Otherwise, other positions can cause SIDS.
  • You need to focus mainly on the width of the product. If you use very narrow ones, it may leave gaps between the rails and the wedge. Be careful always as your baby’s head can get stuck on the gap also.
  • Always use a waterproof crib sheet. It is an effective process to protect the item from moisture.

Best Five Crib Wedge Review:

AIFUSI Memory Foam Nursery Pillow Infant Sleep Positioner

AIFUSI Memory Foam Nursery PillowDescription: The product consists of 3D cotton. It comes in 12.6 inch X 12.99 inch X 2.76 inch dimensions. The weight of the sleep positioner is 0.53 lb.

The manufacturers have used merely high-quality fabric to design the material. Besides, there are no phthalates, BPA, formaldehyde, lead and PBDEs. This one also enables you to clean it with ease using soap and warm water.

Awesome Features:

Safe enough: When it comes to your baby, you should check how safe the product is. This high-density foam product is beneficial in this case. The cover of this product is ultra-safe. Besides, it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. By using it, you can keep your baby elevated throughout the night. The softness of the product offers enough comfort to your baby while sleeping.

Waterproof: The fabric that is used to design this product is breathable and soft. Besides, the Artisan-knit cotton part of this sleep positioner adds a layer of comfort.

Improve sleeping: Doctors always recommend a 10-degree incline. It helps to elevate your baby’s head & torso. Moreover, it gives relief from congestion. The cover helps to protect the wedge from spit-up, drooling and diaper leaks.

Design: It consists of quality foam that can offer your baby optimal support. This one is so firm that it can quickly go under the mattress. You can use it in various ways also. For example, it offers support, an extra level of comfort and relief from pain for adults while sleeping, maternity, reading, and so on.


  • Waterproof constructional material
  • Helps to improve sleeping
  • Offers optimal support
  • Ultra-safe cover


  • Length of the crib is not so long.

OCCObaby Universal Pillow with Removable Waterproof Cotton Cover

OCCObaby Universal PillowDescription: The dimension of this product is 27.3 x 3.2 x 13.2 inchesIt has a pillow consist of high-density foam. This foam helps to sleep your baby in a comfortable position.

This product doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, BPA, phthalates, formaldehyde, lead and PBDEs. occobaby is designed in such a way so that it can offer enough comfort to your baby.

Awesome Features: 

Fantastic design: Doctors recommend this pillow for its exceptional design. The 12-degree incline assists in elevating your baby’s head. Thus, it can decrease spit-ups. Along with this, it helps to improve sleep and get your kids relief from congestion.

Waterproof: It contains a removable hypoallergenic cover. The sleep positioner allows you to clean it easily using warm water and soap. Besides, its cover is mould, skid, odour and bacteria-resistant.

Available in different sizes: It comes in all different styles and sizes. The length of the sleep positioner is 27.3 inch. It comes with an anti-skid feature that is designed mainly for a secure and stationary fit.


  • Wonderful design
  • Various sizes
  • Waterproof


  • Risk of having SIDS

Lullababy Universal Crib Wedge 

Lullababy Universal Crib WedgeDescription: This premium wedge for cribs comes with a non-slip base. Besides, it doesn’t contain any BPA, phthalates and lead. This universal one offers a comfy feel to your child. The dimension of the product is 12.8″ L x 13.6″ W x 2.8″ H

It is an ideal product for infants who are suffering from acid reflux or nasal congestions. This model offers your baby a gentle sleep. Its 12-degree incline can effectively improve your sleep.

Awesome Features: 

Better slip for babies: This baby wedge is handy if your baby wakes up frequently for acid reflux. A 12-degree incline prevents spit up and offers a peaceful sleep. These are perfect for those infants who weigh 15 lbs or lower than that. It can smoothly go under the mattress.

Easy maintenance: The premium bassinet sleep positioner comes with a luxuriously soft & breathable cover. You can remove and wash the cover in a machine effortlessly. Besides, it comes with a waterproof removable inner lining available under the outer cover. The inner lining is stain-free. It contains a travel bag that enables you to carry it while travelling.

Warranty: The product comes with a lifetime warranty. This universal bassinet product can fit with standard bassinets easily.


  • Free of BPA, lead, and so on.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to maintain
  • 12-degree incline


  • Infant can slide down.
  • Very thin

BaeBae Goods Crib Wedge

BaeBae Goods Crib WedgeDescription: It comes in 27 x 13 x 2.75 inches measurement. These are designed in such a way so that it can fit inside most of the standard size cribs.

It includes two pure cotton covers that are very soft. What makes this product exceptional is its 100% money-back guarantee. This sleep positioner of premium quality comes with a full refund policy.

Awesome Features: 

Perfect for reflux: It is made of supportive foam. Besides, this sleeping wedge for babies comes with a protective mesh, breathable liner and two pure cotton covers. You only need to open the cover of the product by unzipping it. Then, you can use it using your regular detergent. After that, you have to leave it to dry air. Now it is ready for the next use.

Improve sleeping: This product can support on top of the baby’s mattress. Thus, it assists in improving sleep by relieving congestion. Moreover, it helps in all conditions like colic, reflux, coughs, colds, etc. It helps to elevate the neck, head and chest area. Besides, it also helps to drain excess fluids or reflux. Thus, it offers better sleeping to your child and you.


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Pure cotton cover
  • Improve sleeping


  • A few users reported that the zipper falls off after one wash.

Hidetex for Baby Nursing Memory Foam

Hidetex for Baby Nursing Memory FoamDescription: The dimension of this product is 32*33*7 cm. It features 100% luxuriously soft cotton that allows your baby to breathe easily. Besides, the cotton is hypoallergenic.

It makes you sure that your baby will get a comfortable sleep through the night. Also, the product comes with an exceptional design. It can fit most US standard deluxe bassinets. The high-density foam can act as a pregnant wedge pillow.

Awesome Features: 

Waterproof: The cover is very easy to clean. The Waterproof cover gives protection to the product against infant spit-ups. Moreover, this cover helps to protect the sleeping positioner from baby’s drooling or diaper leaks.

Safety: This one doesn’t have any harsh odour. It follows all the guidelines of safety sleep positioners that offer you additional support and comfort. Non-skid bottom helps to keep it in the right place. Thus, it can prevent your kid from sliding down.

Available in various sizes: You can get this product in different sizes.


  • 100% luxuriously soft cotton
  • Waterproof
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Seems like a small baby pillow

Best Crib Wedge Buying guide

You may see that infants are suffering from congestion and reflux during the early months due to small nasal passages and immature digestive systems. If you want to get off the infant from your shoulder, then a crib wedge is the right choice. It offers a slight incline. Thus, it helps to elevate the upper body. Besides, these wedges help to battle against gastrointestinal discomfort, excessive spit-up, and respiratory issues. Usually, all of these models look similar. However, while purchasing, you need to look for a few factors such as size, height, support, cleaning ease, and so on.

Here, we have given a buying guide compiling a few tips. You can follow this guide to choose the best one.


While purchasing, always go for such a model that doesn’t have gaps. Usually, most of the products come with 26 inches width. However, a few models are there that come with 27 to 27.25 inches width. If you want to buy such one that can fit your crib mattress, select those with the same width as your mattress has. Before purchasing, you need to measure the width of the inside part of the crib.


Another main factor that you need to consider is elevation. The best one can give you relief from respiratory discomfort easily. But all models don’t come with the same size and style. Usually, medical experts recommend the users to use those models that have 12° incline. However, sometimes it is not always going to work. Go with those models that offer 13° to 14° gradient.


Most of these products consist of foam. Besides, these come with fabric covers. But the quality and firmness may differ.

Foam inner:

The cheap quality ones consist of low- or medium-density foam. These come with the right incline level and width. However, these are unable to offer proper support to your kid. A firm sleeping surface can provide the utmost support. Moreover, it is safe for infants. Always try to choose quality and high-density foam. These can give superior firmness that prevents the product from losing its shape.

Fabric cover:

Most people use cotton, Bamboo, polyester, and polycotton blends as crib wedge cover materials. Usually, the covers made of pure cotton are very soft. Besides, these are hypoallergenic and highly absorbent. But it can be an issue if you keep it directly under a crib sheet. On the other hand, both Bamboo and polyester are hypoallergenic. Also, these have moisture-wicking abilities. This feature helps them to pull wetness away from the skin.

Where Can You Purchase Cradle Bed Sleeping Wedges?

You can choose online stores such as Wayfair, Amazon, and Bed Bath & Beyond. Besides, you can get these sleep wedges in your local shops. But we will recommend you to go for online shopping because you will get a lot of offers and discounts while purchasing online. Along with this, you can compare the price of several products and read customer reviews.

Are crib wedges safe for babies?

You should not use a sleep positioner to hold your kids on their back as it can be dangerous to your baby. Don’t put pillows, wedges, comforters, or quilts below your baby in a bassinet. What you should do is to allow your baby to sleep on the back. It will decrease the risk of SIDS.

Is it safe to incline baby mattress?

According to an investigation, there is no inclined sleep surface which is safe for any baby for sleeping. An incline having more than 10 degrees can enhance the infant’s injury risk. You can choose flat and firm surfaces for your baby in this case.

How can I elevate the baby’s head in the crib?

If you want to elevate your baby’s head, then you should place a firm pillow below the mattress. You must not keep pillows or any soft items under your infant’s crib. Putting a firm pillow under the mattress allows both your child to breathe easier.

Is it safe to prop up a baby at night?

No, you should not prop up a baby at night. However, you need to remember that infants feel suffocating when blankets are used.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a crib wedge used for? 

It is specially designed to keep infants in a proper position while sleeping. This one is for those kids who are below six months of age. It is used to elevate your baby’s head.

  • When to stop the use of crib wedges in cribs? 

You should not use those which are very soft and come with feathers. Using it can cause allergies. Even, it can smoothen an infant. But it is when his or her head will sink during sleeping.

  • How do I stop my infant from rolling off the crib wedge?

You have to use the Anti-roll safe sleep Swaddlers. It helps you to stop your baby from rolling off. However, you can use a swaddle blanket. Use it on the back of your baby. This one is an excellent alternative. Sleeping wedges are very useful. But infants can slide down in case there will be no guards.

  • When should I stop using crib wedges?

Always remember that you must not use nursing pillows, cushions, rolled blankets, and so on. Don’t use any homemade bolsters for placing your baby in the right position. You also should not use these while your kid is on the couch or floor. Never use too soft and feathery wedges. These models can cause allergies.

  • Should I place my baby’s crib wedge under or on top of the mattress?

Usually, those which are under the top of the mattress don’t last long. According to AAP, you won’t get any benefits elevating your baby’s head. That’s why you should not keep these under or on top of the mattress. If you do this, your baby may face an unsafe breathing position.

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