Gadget Review: Discover the New Cervelo P5X Machine, a Plane to Fly on the Road

Gadget Review: Discover the New Cervelo P5X Machine, a Plane to Fly on the Road

After a lot of rumors and false suspicions about this Cervelo P5X gadget, the Canadians do not dare to jump to the next step. And redefine the concept of the Cervelo P5 with this Cervelo P5X, where the Cervelo P5 serves to express their specificity for a triathlon. A project that began in January 2013 and has gone through several phases to conceive a picture that certainly leaves no one indifferent.

  • Cervelo P5X bike has customizable modular storage system makes cycling one of the most adaptable on the market in personal tastes.
  • This Cervelo P5X is designed to carry everything necessary for the structure of the bicycle. Thanks to its generous storage compartments, we can even carry the clothes for cold conditions.
  • All settings can be configured in macro and micro scales, which mean that the modification of the geometry is variable. Good evidence of this gadget is a mechanism at the base of the handlebar that allows its slip of 112mm forward and back.
  • Cervelo P5X bike is the best bike of the moment with total adaptation to disc brakes.
  • This gadget Cervelo P5X is very easy to transport. The designers promised to provide a special case for the easy transport.

Cervelo P5X: A very bike of this century

Cervelo P5X 2

The gadget review from the experts says that this is not a time trial bike (TT). With this, they have created a goat exclusively for the triathlete. Triathletes (professionals and non-professionals) demand a gadget adapted 100% to their specialty.

In the design of the painting is clear his presumption to disconnect from any idea preconceived in the P Series. Detail that makes it clear is the removal of the struts and the vertical tube.

The storage capacity of Cervelo P5X

The designers of this bike have designed a generous storage system. They even dare to give a list of all the things that you can take:

Cervelo P5X 1

  • 1 bar of soap
  • 2 packages of gummies
  • 6 tablets of salt
  • 3 bottles of 0.7 liters
  • 2 spare cameras
  • A Phone
  • Documents
  • Keys
  • Light winter clothing

And they argue that there is no difference in performance with and without these add-ons. We do not know the official weight of this gadget. It is not a bike precisely light, surpassing in more of 1Kg to the majority of current gadgets.

Geometry of Cervelo P5X

Brands like Specialized or Trek have formulated prototype gadget that comes close to the ideas that we see in this Cervelo P5X. Long distance bikes are going to undergo a remarkable evolution with the introduction of pre-conceived disc brakes and suppression of aerodynamics. We will be attentive to all the news to tell you.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Price: $ 15,000


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