Fingbox – Network Security & Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Fingbox – Network Security & Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Now we can manage to shield the home WiFi (and control the access) with Fingbox

Have you ever hacked the WiFi home network? To me yes, and I can guarantee you that it is not only a very unpleasant experience, but it can get you into real problems if the one who steals the signal acts illicitly. In this sense, one can adopt all kinds of measures around the router (change the password frequently, control access from the control panel, update the firmware …) or install a product that manages all this for you.

Personally, I have been a user of Fingbox – one of the best Wi-Fi troubleshooting tools, that peculiar mobile app that scanned the wireless network to which I was connected and told you which devices were also connected. Well, this one of the best Wi-Fi troubleshooting tools used information as a security barrier: if you knew who was connected you could detect the intruder soon, and that’s how I discovered my private hacker (who was expelled, of course). Well, Fing has gone further and presented at Indiegogo Fingbox,

Fingbox: Knowledge of the own network

The idea of having a hardware that supervises the connection seemed to me, from the start, very attractive: the theory was that it was enough to plug in the device and the whole process would be automatic, was that really the case? When opening the case of the Fingbox – one of the best Wi-Fi troubleshooting tools, I came across the extreme simplicity of the matter: there was no instruction book or complicated adapters; everything was arranged to plug the equipment into the electrical network and through cable to the router. This done, the brief pictographic outline invited you to install the app and follow its instructions.

And the truth is that it was that simple. The Fingbox – one of the best Wi-Fi troubleshooting tools was connected immediately and after registering on your system (user and password), the team was updated to its latest version of the firmware and from there start monitoring the network. The first surprise that Fingbox offers is to discover the number of devices that are connected to the server: printer, thermostat … and then the whole series of more recognizable devices, such as computers, mobile phones and so on.

Fingbox: Parental control and security

Knowing which computers are connected to the network is already a big step in establishing the security area of the network, and this data is given to us for free, Fing Why invest in Fingbox? Because it is consider by people as one of the best Wi-Fi troubleshooting tools. This small cylindrical box offers us, in addition to a much richer information than the app itself, the possibility of ‘throwing’ the network to possible intruders, and what I find particularly interesting, parental control.

Fingbox – one of the best Wi-Fi troubleshooting tools sends a push notification, if you configure it, every time that a specific user connects or disconnects you will receive a notification to the mobile. This function is extremely interesting to know when one of your children has arrived or left home, and what is also interesting, until what time has been with the mobile at night.

In that regard, I soon saw myself using this small device to ‘send the children’ to bed, pausing their access to the Internet after dinner and for six hours, while adults, we could surf without problems.

Since it is a product just out of the oven, it has a lot of improvement field and a good part will come through updates: the next week the product will incorporate the automatic programming of the disconnections (that is, you can program such a user , from Monday to Friday and from 10pm to 7am do not have internet access).

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