Google Pixel Tablet — Gadget Reviewed

Google Pixel Tablet — Gadget Reviewed

Google Pixel Tablet is the first new Tablet that Google has released in five years. Available at $499, it is not here to convince you that it is more than a large screen that can be used to play games, browse the web, etc. While it doesn’t try to replace your laptop, it does not create any proclamations about the future of computing, and multitasking features of it. For this tablet, Google is neither making a keyboard nor a basic folio-style case. This model comes with a speaker dock where you can store the Tablet and charge it when it isn’t in your hand. Let’s have a look at this article to learn about the Google Pixel Tablet review like its features, pros & cons.

Google Pixel Tablet Review:


Comfy Design:

The model can give you a feel like an iPad. It comes with an 11-inch display & a smooth aluminum case. Although this one can offer enough comfort to users to hold, the Tablet can lean toward the heavier side with its case on. This Tablet has a 2,560×1,600 pixel screen resolution that gives crisp, and bright images.

As it doesn’t include a headphone jack, you must use USB-C headphones or an adapter or Bluetooth. In the power button, you can see a fast-acting fingerprint sensor. This button allows you to unlock the Pixel Tablet as fast as the Pixel phone. The whole device gives the feelings of a larger Google Nest Hub or a smart picture frame.

The expensive case of Google is quite good and comes with a soft finish & protective edges along with a metal, ringlike kickstand that can be adjusted to any angle. Although this one is not a keyboard case, you are able to add a Bluetooth keyboard for desk typing.

This tablet comes with an aluminum body. It is available in three colors: off-white, soft pink, and dark green. The two lighter colors feature a white bezel around the screen, whereas you can see a black bezel for the green model. Due to rounded sides, soft-touch finish, & generous bezels, users will be able to hold this tablet in portrait or landscape orientation. But you may be disappointed due to its 16:10 aspect ratio which is more rectangular compared to the 4:3 screen.

Great dock:

The company includes a dock with which the Pixel Tablet magnetically attaches. It is used to charge the device and work as a stand. Therefore, you can use the device as a home picture frame or smart home interface. The speaker-equipped dock includes a fabric covering, just like Google’s other home products. Whereas the speakers may sound boomy while playing music indoors.

You can easily snap the tablet on & off the dock. But sometimes, you can face trouble locating the magnetic pins. Sometimes, when you pull your Tablet off the dock, you can mistakenly pull the lightweight dock with it. This model includes a USB-C port which can be used to charge the model. However, you require the dock cable for plugging it into your home. Although the length of the wire is not long. While the model supports casting audio from another device to the Tablet, when it remains connected. But the speaker dock will not function if you don’t mount the Tablet and if there is no Bluetooth connection.

Speedy Performance and software:

You can get the Google-made Tensor G2 processor inside the Tablet which can be found in the mobiles of the Pixel 7 line. It comes with 8GB of RAM & the storage capacity is 128GB. If you pay $100 more, you can have 256GB of storage. Regarding the setup, you can find many similarities of this model with the Pixel 7A phone. Several people like to have more storage and microSD card expandability. However, it is great that Google is giving twice the base storage that Apple offers in similar iPads.  This tablet is equipped with the Google Tensor G2 chip that the recent Pixel models have. While the tablet usually runs well, it can seem to glitch in split-screen multitasking.

Nice camera:

It comes with a front-facing 8-megapixel camera which is excellent for selfies & video chat. Like the latest 10th-gen iPad of Apple, Google also placed its camera on the long edge. Therefore, people can use it for video chat when docked.


It is one of the extra benefits you can get while using Google tablets over iPads. Like a Chromebook, users are capable of including additional accounts and switching over to others easily.

Work a home hub:

People are able to connect Google Home devices & services as they do on a Nest Hub. It is one of the greatest successes achieved by the Pixel Tablet. This model can offer a quick voice response through its microphones. In addition, users can ask questions, play music & audiobooks, launch YouTube videos using voice commands, etc. While your kids love this tablet, it is a great kitchen option mainly because it hovers when in the dock.


Google provides updates for almost all applications like Chrome, Maps, Gmail, Google News, Photos, Files, Google Home, weather, and other apps that come with tablet-specific design. There are a lot of apps which are designed for phones, can run on the tablet as well, but with streched-out layouts that can have unused space loads rather than multiple column views that can be seen on an iPad. According to a few people, when they open instagram on their phones, the screen 2/3rd part is blacked out, which is quite disappointing. Fortunately, you may use another application to fill the dead space.

If the company released the Pixel Tablet as a laptop-replacing device, you may be disappointed due to the lack of well-formatted apps. However, when you use the Tablet mainly to play games or watch videos in full screen, the format of the app’s UI won’t be a serious factor.


  • Fast processor
  • The available speaker dock sounds great
  • Nice front video camera


  • Keyboard or stylus case options are unavailable


With the Pixel Tablet, the company has built a device which can be used mainly in your home. You can use this tablet to listen to music while cooking or washing dishes or to watch videos sitting on a couch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Google release a Pixel Tablet?

June 20 was the release date of Google Pixel Tablet.

What can a Google tablet do?

It can control smart home devices, play videos & music, set timers, etc.

Does Google pixel tablet have 5g?

As there are no SIM slots, you do not find any voice calling feature in this tablet. But the Tablet comes with other connectivity features such as Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth v5. 2, etc.

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