Gadget Reviewed: Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges

Gadget Reviewed: Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges

Lenovo ‘Star Wars: Jedi Challenges’, we’ve tried it: every Star Wars fan is going to want this

During the Lenovo event that we were able to attend at the IFA we were able to test in person their Star Wars Jedi Challenges, a new product that will delight any Star Wars fan and that therefore points out ways to be one of the first toys of augmented reality in stepping on many houses. The set of devices offers you several game modes set in Star Wars: a training battle with the hologram of a Sith Lord, the galactic chess we see inside the Millennium Falcon in the movies and a small strategy game in the that you have to lead your troops to victory. We have been able to test the Jedi Challenges lightsaber battle, so we can offer you our first impressions of it.

Jedi Challenges: Three devices, three games

The set of Star Wars Jedi Challenges of Lenovo is composed of three devices: augmented reality glasses to which you have to place your smartphone, a positioning sensor that you place in front of you on the floor and a lightsaber full of sensors that detects all the movements you do when you take it.

For fights you need all Jedi Challenges three devices, but you can leave the saber aside if you prefer to play the other game modes. By the way, I must say that the saber is very well achieved: it gives me that some fans will use it even as a decorative element, and its weight is adequate so that playing does not become tiresome.

The feeling when wearing the augmented reality glasses is not bad either. They are light, and get that when you start your fight with Kylo Ren or Darh Vader you forget that you’re wearing them. There is no other way to describe it: it is as if you were really fighting with a Sith. Beware that I am not talking about perfection, only that the atmosphere in the game is well achieved by what we have been able to prove. There is no feeling of dizziness and you do not care how the screen image is projected: it is a game and you have fun with it.

The Jedi Challenges tells you how to place your saber to evade the attacks of your enemy, and you must take advantage when it recoils to attack with a good saber. The definition of the viewfinder is good, something that is surprising considering that the connection that the mobile phone makes with the glasses is through Bluetooth. There is no problem with that resolution or with the refresh rate.

The response of the saber, depending on the obstacles, may vary. In some moments (I attribute it to the amount of people passing through the playing area) the saber had a crooked orientation that disoriented. But overall, the effects of the fight and the gameplay were just what someone who wants to star in a lightsaber duel awaits.

Star Wars Jedi Challenges will be compatible with iOS and Android through a mobile application. It will cost 199 dollars and will be sold at the end of November. But stay alert, because reservations start this month.

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