Pixel Launcher Update Brings New Features to Original Pixel Smartphones

Pixel Launcher Update Brings New Features to Original Pixel Smartphones

Pixel Launcher update makes it more better and efficient than before

Pixel 2 Smartphone from Google’s stable came with a new Pixel launcher, which left everyone wishing for it earnestly on their Smartphone. Google has finally thought of bringing this simply the best launcher to all the Android by launching the Pixel Launcher but they didn’t had the features which were boasted by the Pixel 2 devices. So like any other major tech firm Google is offering Pixel Launcher Update which will being a wider range of feature updates to the launcher ranging from the redesign of the home screen to much more.

All new features of Pixel Launcher for you

Pixel Launcher Update is bringing features like the bottom-located search bar which has astonished everyone when they first saw the Pixel 2 devices just a month ago. Now launcher will also feature a Glance widget along with a transparent app drawer, which has become a iconic feature of Pixel 2. The transparent app drawer will be making its way to the last year’s Pixel and Pixel XL devices with Android 8.1 update in near future.

But there are few interesting differences in the way last year’s Pixels works with the search functionality and the modern ones. Last year’s Pixel devices still works using the “Search Apps” functionality which allows it look through the list of installed apps.

Now with the latest update the UI on the last year’s Pixel devices will get the upgrade to match the Pixel 2 UI. Now the top of the app drawer will also feature a rounded Search bar with the new ‘G’ logo on the left side. Simply giving a tap on the search bar will bring a new interface connected the user right into the main Google app. Now users will be able to view their past search history along with the results from the apps such as Google Chrome, Music, Contact and much more.

Get the Pixel Launcher update right now

Google announced some other major changes to the Pixel Launcher while launching its range of Pixel 2 devices in the month of October. The changes were mainly centered round the placement of the search bar right at the bottom of the home screen rather than the top of the home-screen which has been norm for quite some time. Secondly the so called ‘glance’ section which showed users the upcoming events and other alerts like the traffic updates and flight status. The enhancement made with the Pixel Launcher Update aren’t much dramatic but it does help in using the modern era Android devices much smooth and responsive than earlier. Google is trying to offer the best of Android experience by improving on the Pixel launcher with each new update.

If you want to check whether the Pixel Launcher Update has reached your device or not then simply head to the Settings. In the ‘Settings’, go to the System then give a tap on the ‘System Update’ option. This update is quite huge at around 1GB therefore it is better to connect to the Wi-Fi rather than wasting your mobile data.

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