Gas-Sensing Smart Capsule: Atmo Gas Capsule

Gas-Sensing Smart Capsule: Atmo Gas Capsule

Atmo Gas Capsule could be used as a Gut Health Check

Atmo Gas Capsule is a small pill that measures various gases as it travels along the intestinal tract. Your complete gut health check can be done by just swallowing a small pill.

The Atmo Gas Capsule is an electronic capsule that has been developed by RMIT University. Various of the gut disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, colitis and bowel disease could be diagnosed by just swallowing the Atmo Gas Capsule. This could be a revolution as far as detecting gut diseases.

A Melbourne start-up company called Atmo Biosciences have been conducting clinical trials and the patented Atmo Gas Capsule could be out in the market within the next four years.

The RMIT University will get royalties from the sales ofAtmo Gas Capsule by Atmo Biosciences.

How does the Atmo Gas Capsule work?

The microbes in our gut break down the food and various gas byproducts are formed. If the gases are measured then they can provide the doctors a great way to understand the health of the gastrointestinal tract. These gases then provide a marker that show the presence of any of the gut disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis and inflammation in the bowels.

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When the patient swallows the electronic Atmo Gas Capsule and it moves along the intestinal tract, information is sent to the doctors via a handheld device and mobile app. The Atmo Gas Capsule measures the gases in the gut and helps speed up the diagnosis of the irritable gut conditions.

As the Atmo Gas Capsule travels along the intestinal tract, it measures the hydrogen, oxygen, methane and carbon dioxide gases. Information is sent every five minutes for the next 72 hours.

Advantages of the diagnosis via the  Gas Capsule

The doctors after receiving the information will be able to immediately analyse the problem and target treatment. This becomes useful, since the patients will get relief as soon as possible and even there will be reduction in healthcare costs. If there were any previous conditions that have gone undetected, then the Atmo Gas Capsule will be able to diagnose the problem and treatment can be done.

There are millions of patients who suffer daily and the Atmo Gas Capsule will provide the much- needed relief to them. The targeted treatment will help relieve the irritable gut problems. According to statistics, one in five people worldwide suffer from gastrointestinal disorder in their lifetime. There are almost one third of patients who suffer gastrointestinal disorders and their condition remains unresolved and untreated.

When they conducted trials on humans, the Gas Capsule was found to be 3000 times more accurate than the breath analysis used to detect gas levels.

The Atmo Gas Capsule treatment could be a replacement for more invasive methods. Diagnosis like colonoscopy, endoscopy is quite uncomfortable for the patient and they could also be time-consuming.

As of now, the only way to test the gases is the breath analysis or the invasive tube insertion. The results are not perfect and often inconsistent. The gas concentrations in the gut are about 10,000 times higher than that in the breath. Hence the Atmo Gas Capsule could bring about a great revolution as a gas measuring capsule.

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