BeoPlay H6 Limited Edition Dressed in Green to Give Envy to Its Competitors

BeoPlay H6 Limited Edition Dressed in Green to Give Envy to Its Competitors

The BeoPlay H6 gadget review has been done by the experts for B & O headphones and has released their opinions. Within its earthly series BeoPlay, has introduced two new headphones. Made of aluminum and are the work of the industrial designer Jakob Wagner.

The most complete is the Beoplay H6, an over-ear model with 40mm drivers and bass boost. This gadget weighs 230 grams only. On the exterior, the finish is in leather from New Zealand cattle. A special type of foam called viscoplastic covers the diadems of this gadget.

A good idea that adapts this BeoPlay H6 gadget is to have an audio input in each capsule. As for the BeoPlay H3, in this case, we talk about some in-ear also with aluminum finish, drivers of 10.8 mm and that release Micro Bass technology. It draws attention to the gadget design the 23 holes whose goal is basically ventilation.

BeoPlay H6 Limited

BeoPlay H6 is giving high performance

Perhaps many are unfamiliar with Bang & Olufsen headphones. This gadget price puts BeoPlay H6 within reach. BeoPlay H6 has some interesting models and they offer excellent audio quality, with the appropriate digital files.

You may also not know BeoPlay H6 but it is one of the lines that has worked best for us. So much that they ran out of units of these exclusive speakers. Now they return, in an even more limited edition.

In green agave, like the plant, we find a re-edition of the BeoPlay H6 with the same technical specifications: this gadget has high fidelity sound and a bass system that enhances sound but without noise.

This gadget has some small details that could well imitate other manufacturers: the possibility of changing handset the cable at any time is the most remarkable. Otherwise nothing new: physical controls on the cable, veal skin and ram for leather…

This gadget price makes them barely accessible, 399 euros. They offer us a leather case at a price of 129 euros to match the green color of the headphones.

BeoPlay H6

All about Design and manufacturing BeoPlay H6

BeoPlay H6 manufactured with an adjustable aluminum frame to the head arch. In addition, the leather lining in two finishes, natural and black. BeoPlay H6 is made of a special type of soft and durable sheep leather that fits the ear comfortably.

If the design signed by Jakob Wagner is based on circular shapes and has the premium finish that has always characterized B & O. Its weight of 230 grams and the control of control located in the cable allow managing the most common actions like increase / decreasing the volume, change of song, activate the control by voice and answer / hang up calls.

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