Best Fire Poker Buying Guide

Best Fire Poker Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best fire poker for camping trips? If yes, then go through our complete guide. The products discussed here are of superior quality and can last long. Besides, these are always reliable.

You may find it as a random stick that can do the job. But we advise you to have this tool for extra safety. Ensure that you must not damage the ingle. In this article, we have given some products you can use.

What is Fire Poker?

Fireplace poker is also called a fire iron. It is a rigid rod consisting of fireproof material. You can use it to manage coal and wood fuel burning in a furnace. Besides, you can use it to stir up the ingle, allowing you to reposition the wood for more efficient burning.

In addition, the irons come with metal prongs or hooks on the end. Moreover, a handle can help to keep your hand protected from the heat. Finally, you should choose well-built models so that these can last many years.

How do you use Fire Poker?

You can use Fireplace Poker with one hand, mainly your dominant hand. However, ensure that you should use it to control the ingle. Hence, you need to move the burning logs to decrease the risks of Logs falling or the heat not being distributed evenly.

Using the tool, you can poke the burning logs to allow moving a little into a more desirable location. But people use it to move burning logs, which can be harmful sometimes. You should know what you are doing and never try to move more than one log at a time.

Where can you store Fire Poker?

It depends on where you use the tool. If you want to use it in your home mainly, store it left of the opening of your furnace with a single door. But if it comes with two doors, you can keep it easily whenever it makes more sense and allows you to access it.

If necessary, buy a tool stand to hold your essential tools for your furnace. While not in use, you should store it in this place. But if you don’t prefer the appearance of the tools, keep the stand in a less discreet place. For instance, you can store it behind a speaker.

Whether you use the Fire Poker for a campfire, storing it in a shed or up against a tree is essential. In this case, ensure that it must not touch anything flammable. The most interesting fact about using the tool is that it has a flat bottom. You can use the bottom part as a tray to catch any ashes or dirt. However, you can find them on your furnace tools while putting them away.

If you want to use Fireplace Poker outdoors? Ensure that the model is rust-resistant and weatherproof. Otherwise, you can use one for the outdoors and keep the other for an indoor furnace.

Why do you need to use Fire Poker?

These are not only an accessory for looks that people put beside the hearth. Every homeowner must have this tool in their home. You need to use them to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Besides, these allow you to control and move burning logs without getting burned. In addition, these enable you to manage flaming sparks and embers. Thus, these will not damage your floors or furnishings.

What are these used for?

You can use Fire Pokers to help move logs and coals around the furnace. Besides, you can use them to extract hot embers from ashes or coal. Above all, it has versatile uses for both wood-burning and gas grates. You can get various items available that are most suitable for you.

It is sold in sets with one or two items. But you will never get a stand in the set as an accessory. The head part must not touch coals or embers. In addition, ensure that the handle comes with an ergonomic grip for extra comfort and durability.

Types of Fireplace Poker:

Various types are available in the market. We have given here three types from which you can select your choice.

The English type:

English type Poker is quite large and made beautifully. This type is decorative and well-forged. Multiple high-end models are polished steel or Brass, which look stunningly beautiful. You can buy these separately or as part of a matching furnace set. A tool set generally comes with tongs, a poker, and a furnace shovel.

The Dutch type:

The Dutch types are not very large. Generally, these weigh light and are less elegant than the English version. Besides, this type of model has a more rustic and simpler appearance. These tools might come with a hook at the end to stir the ingle more easily. Besides, they enable you to pull wood towards you. Dutch types often consist of Wrought iron, Brass, or Wrought iron with Brass details. You can buy the Dutch types separately or as part of a toolset.

The French type:

There were no such models in France. Instead, a French fire poker tool set comprises furnace tongs and a shovel; these don’t come with any hinges. Besides, these are stiff and suitable for use as a model. In addition, these consist of wrought iron and offer a robust, rustic appearance. Usually, the length of these models varies, but these are often on the large side.


You can get these available in different lengths, including 36 inches, 48 inches, 60 inches, and 72 inches. So it can provide versatility for your specific situations.

The 60-inch model enables you to enjoy your fire pit outdoors while camping. Besides, you can use it in the backyard from the comfort of your chair. There is no need to get up every time the ingle needs tending.

If you find the 60-inch model a little bigger, you can choose a 36-inch and 48-inch option. These are perfect for small chimineas or indoor hearths. In addition, they can provide sufficient distance to keep the fire going on the deck or at the pool on the summer evenings.

If you want, go with the 72-inch model. It is large enough for your backyard. In addition, it has a sturdy design and can make you feel safer.

Why do you need a set of furnace Poker and Tongs?

Do you have a furnace? Then, you should keep the logs neat in front of it. Then, when you buy a set, you will get almost everything necessary to keep your ingle looking good.

It helps to clean out ashes falling on the floor around the stove. In addition, it removes debris by poking the logs and preventing them from getting inside your chimney flue. Moreover, the tool is lucrative for those who are not experts. In simple words, the tool helps to clean the furnace, and you don’t need to spend money also to hire someone.

You can use the tool as an ornament if you can store them after usage. Try to hang these near decorative rocks or pottery pieces. You will find them a part of the decoration.

Do you need a long or short set of Fire Tools?

It entirely depends on your requirements. If it is close to the wall, using a short set can help you. Otherwise, you should use a longer toolset, about two feet long handle. It is very beneficial when you want to adjust one’s body position to reach over an arm’s length distance. Thus, it can prevent risking spilling ashes onto oneself or breaking something nearby.

Best Five Fireplace Pokers:

  1. BenefitUSA Campfire Fireplace Poker:

BenefitUSA Campfire Fireplace PokerDescription: This model consists of durable black steel letting it withstand many ingles. Thus, it can last for a long time. You can use a hook handle that helps you to hang it while not using it. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, it is something you will need.


Size: It comes in 26.5 inches, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor furnaces.

Weight: The product weighs only 1.2 pounds making it simple to hold and use. There is a shaped head, and a hook handle that you can hang easily after using it.

Design: It can withstand high temperatures without getting damaged. You can quickly move around in the pit without worrying about burning your hands.


  • Withstand high temperatures
  • Perform for both indoor and outdoor furnaces
  • Affordable option


  • Loose connection between the bottom and top half.
  1. Walden Backyards Fire Pit Poker:

Walden Backyards Best Fire Poker Buying GuideDescription: This model is a massive stick and is available as a definitive improvement over the Wilcor model. Besides, it consists of high-impact carbon. Therefore, it is made mainly for outdoor camping. In addition, the dual design of stroking and poking makes it unique. The reason is that it is available in a specially patented air valve.


Construction: The 46 inches long shank consists of heavy impact carbon steel and can withstand any high impact.

Design: Its Patented design offers excellent control over everything in an ingle. As the product comes in dual design, you can use it as a poker stick and a stoker stick. You should know that a Stoker stick moves logs and dump some gasoline to light ingle.

Air valve and mouthpiece: With the help of the air valve, you can stoke the ingle further. The benefit is that it doesn’t cause any accidental smoke inhalation. On the other hand, the mouthpiece of the tip comes with a direct hook shape, and it can provide better control in poking and allow you to clean without hassle.


You can see a small metallic ring on the wooden handle. It can offer you a better grip and slip-free function. And can use the ring to hook it.


  • Patented and dual design
  • Wooden handle with small metallic ring
  • The Air valve is available


  • Metal cracked
  1. Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Poker

Pleasant Hearth Best Fire PokerDescription:

Along with being simple, it is also an affordable option. The pocket-friendly priced model has one of the best and sturdiest constructions.


Construction: It consists of highly durable steel that makes the model a sturdy constructed stick. Besides, the model comes with a black powder coating that offers a black finish and can prevent rustic formations from leading to corrosion.

Size: Its dimension is 40″ length, 4.23″ width and a 0.35″ tip height. These sizes make the product ideal for outdoor drum fire pits. You can use it for indoor usage also.

Design: With robust weight, the sleek design makes the model ideal for use and allows you to carry it. Its unique sharp tip makes poking simpler about the wood logs. In addition, it will enable you to push splinters.


  • Sleek design
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor uses
  • Durable


  • Not perfect for placing or moving logs.
  1. Sunnydaze Decor Fire Pit Poker Stick

Sunnydaze DecorDescription:

Sunnydaze has been famous for a long time for manufacturing the best furnace equipment. This Sunnydaze 26 inches long stick comes in a great design, and it is more than a small rod with the shape of a tool.


Size: You can use it indoors for its ideal size. Sometimes, you can use it even outdoors also. However, it is not perfect for firepits of deep drums. Also, you can not find separate parts for the shank, the handle, and the tip.

Simple to use: The product allows you to control and maneuver easily while moving longs or Smulders during BBQ.

Construction: It consists of top-quality heavy-duty steel metal used to make the product long-lasting.

Affordable: It comes at a budget-friendly price. You can use the tip for both a poking and dragging end to move small and minor Smulders and logs.

Warranty: The product can provide a 1-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.


  • High-quality steel
  • One-year manufacturer warranty
  • Reasonable price


  • Unable to move a lot of logs.
  1. Homebasix Fireplace Poker

HomebasixDescription: It is a uni-design model but an aesthetically pleasing black-handled small length stick. The product is a small 27-inch long shank stick coming in a slender design. This unique design allows you to use it for indoor furnaces.


Usage: You can use the tool for interior purposes of furnaces or wood stoves near the hearth etc.

Construction: It consists of top-quality wrought iron allowing you to use it for a long time. The shank, tip, and handle come in a black finish, and these can offer you both elegance. In addition, it is also rust-free and has corrosion protection.

Handle: The product contains an armful of material used to simplify handling. In addition, the material helps to move the timbers away.

Hook: A hook is available on the tip of the stick. It assists in the poking and moving Smulders and wood in the furnace.


  • Elegant
  • Rust-free


  • The bottom screw of the tip is unscrewed sometimes.

Best Fire Poker Buying guide:

Before buying the best fire poker, some things are there that you need to consider. You should first decide where you will use it— indoors or outdoors. These are more weather-resistant and durable compared to others.

Durable and Materials:

Primarily these tools consist of top-quality heavy-duty stainless steel. Besides, these withstand intense temperatures. However, you must consider the weight and thickness of the model. These factors help to determine the power and how it can hold up in extreme heat. If you want, get wrought iron rods. But these might get quite messy.


The length of the tool is a significant determining factor in how it can handle and control the ingle. When the model is very long, it becomes uncomfortable to manipulate around burning logs. But when it is very short, there exists a risk of burning your fingers, hand, clothes, etc. Therefore, remember the size of the furnace, and according to the size, you should choose the tool.

Measuring the depth of the furnace is another way to determine the size when not in use. You should check how much space you have for playing with. Ensure that you must keep your hand outside the furnace while measuring. As a result, you don’t need to worry about cutting yourself short in length. Thus, you can maintain the ingle easily.


It is a significant factor that you have to consider. Handles can affect your safety the most. Try to wear gloves whenever you use the tool.

If not possible, ensure that it remains cool to touch. Thus, you can be sure that it will not burn the hands of your dear ones while grabbing the model and using it in the ingle. Remember that the single-designed models get hotter than their opposites with three pieces, including a heat-resistant handle.

Type of Hook:

Various types of hooks are available while selecting the best fire poker for your home. However, when you use the model indoors, you need to choose the widely available hook style, which you can find in most homes.

But if you want to use it outdoors in a fire pit, you must look at the fishhook styles or the rake type. It enables you to lift logs and move them accordingly. Keeping everything in mind while buying the correct one does not cause any problems getting the perfect one for your home.

A single-piece Fire Poker Vs. multiple pieces:

These are available in a single piece or multiple pieces. A single piece means a single length of the stick.

It can mostly complete the job correctly and is a preferable model. However, you can assemble multiple pieces of sticks for throng-type sticks. These are ideal when you have multiple use cases like indoors, outdoor fire pits, etc.

You need to use multiple pieces in these cases. Otherwise, a single stick model is more than fine.

Length of the stick: You should also consider the stick’s length. Most sticks are available from about 15 inches to about 20 inches in size. But you may need a long stick whether you look at bigger pits. In these scenarios, you must choose a long stick between 30 inches and 40 inches. Again, these are lucrative to manage the furnace better.

What should you look for in an outdoor Fire Poker?


Outdoor models are exposed to the elements. Therefore, it becomes vital to withstand all types of weather. In addition, log heat and acidity can wear on the material over time, and you must use a stainless steel or brass construction model with a protective coating.


Long tools are always better than shorter ones when you need more to reach while tending your fireside hearth or barbecue grill. Remember that length depends on how close you position yourself. Besides, check if handles can benefit you as longer-held designs do. Remember to check the measurements, including the handle, when buying online.


Shape is also a determining factor. However, sometimes, it relies on your personal preference. You can use a U-shape model, which is perfect for stirring logs. But you should move away from the ingle. You can select a tool with three prongs for better visibility. Don’t allow your kids to play with candles or matches near an open flame.

Length Settings:

These are designed so they can support the type of hearth you’re tending to set things on top carelessly. If you want longer handles, then avoid the shorter ones.


The cost of the model depends on the material and design. You should choose a model that can last for a lifetime. You can go with Acrylic as it is inexpensive. But it can melt if left too close to an open flame. Therefore, you should always use Brass or stainless steel. These are durable and come at starting around USD 14 price. However, many brands provide lower-priced versions. As these don’t come with any handles, there is less chance of dropping them into your firebox. It can damage them over time.

What should be the weight of Fire Poker?

You should find the model with the following weight.

  • Models with less than one pound are very light and not so powerful to pry logs apart.
  • Models with over two pounds weights can harm more than good for their heaviness in your hand.


You should choose the best fire poker based on the design, the quality, and how it will also be used. Go through the entire article to know all the details and the best products available. You must consider the buying factors before purchasing your preferable one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why does the size of your furnace matter?

People usually don’t think about the size and purchase a too small or big model. Therefore, getting the correct size that can fit your furnace and avoid unnecessary injuries is vital. Using a small item can burn your fingers or hands from the flames of fire. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that the model is long ent to keep the hands out of harm’s way. But you must not use a very long model. Otherwise, you can not control it in the furnace and use it to move burning logs.

  • Are these childproof?

There is no such kind of tool which is childproof. Therefore, you must teach your kids how to leave an ingle alone and allow the adults to handle it. If you want, let your children know how hot these are; touching them can cause danger. But for young adults, you should teach them how to use the tool properly. You should let them know what the primary purpose is. Children should know that it is not a toy to play with. Therefore, they must not point at another human being.

  • How do you choose the style for it?

Hence, you need to talk about the hook type you will require. After that, you have to decide where and how you use it. Five common types are available: Fish Hook – Round – Fork Hook (prong style) – Sharp Point – Rake. Whether you are willing to use it for an indoor furnace, it is advised to use a fish hook, round, or sharp point style. The reason for that is these can move logs around in the ingle. You can find these in different styles and colors to accommodate your decorating style.

You can find different finishes that include character to the space like rustic, victorian, traditional, elegant, modern, and retro. Ensure that you select one with top-quality material, and try to use durable material that can last for many years.

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