Best Fire Blanket Reviewed in 2021

Best Fire Blanket Reviewed in 2021

When it comes to the most helpful pieces of safety equipment for the home, we must discuss fire blankets. It is one of the useful gadgets you can open quickly and use to put out a minor affray. As a user, there is no requirement to have any special skills or training to use this. You should keep the item in your drawer or cupboard. Wanna have a Best fire blanket? Go through our guide correctly to know about this and the top products available in the market recently.

What is a Fire Blanket? 

A fire blanket is actually a type of safety tool which is specifically designed to extinguish incipient melees. This gadget is made up of a sheet of conflagration retardant material. It is available over a melee to help to smooth that. Its function is to Smoothen the conflagration as well as deprive it of oxygen.

Generally it consists of woven fiberglass material. A few times, these were made up of a silicone-based melee retardant coating.

How does Fire Blanket Works?

While putting out the affray, you are required to remove the tool from the pouch. Then, throw the gadget on top of it. The tool suffocates the conflagration of its oxygen. Except for using oxygen, a melee can’t sustain itself. As a result, it gets burnt out easily.


Generally, these don’t come with plenty of features. The gadgets are usually made of fiberglass. But sometimes, these consist of Kevlar. The suitability of such a tool for any specific situation depends on the size of the product. It is always better to purchase the biggest one always to be ready for any situation, but it is not the best idea. No one prefers to lift a heavyweight model in an emergency.

Fire Blanket Sizes Available:

Here, we have given a few different sizes as recommendations.

Small size: These are generally available in roughly 1.0 square meters (about 10.75 square feet). The weight of such models has a pound. It is capable of reducing a small kitchen conflagration and can fight against a minor clothing affray.

Medium size: It measures approx 1.2 square meters, i.e., 15.45 square feet.  The weight of such sized tools is a pound and a half. You can use them to combat bigger kitchens as well as small clothing affrays.

Large size: The size of the Rectangular models is approximately 1.2 by 1.8 meters, i.e., 23.22 square feet. These usually weigh more than two pounds. People use these mainly in areas like kitchens or welding shops. As these are available in an oblong shape, you can wrap them easily around the body.

You can find a few models weighing over 3 pounds and measuring 1.8 square meters (about 34.8 square feet) at commercial kitchens or workshops. These are not available more than the sizes. If you use a larger & heavier one, it is hard to control. Using a wrongly placed model is ineffective at cutting off an oxygen supply.

Price of  Fire Extinguishing Blanket:

When it comes to price, it completely depends on the size. However, it can vary slightly that relies on unique treatments or extra heat barriers.

Small: These are available between $10 and $15.

Medium: This type of sized model comes between $15 and $20.

Large: The cost of these sized items is from $20 to $25.

How to use Fire Blanket:

Follow these steps to perform appropriately.

  • First, you should hang such a model in the kitchen or close to it. You need to access it quickly while a melee breaks out. Multiple people are there who prefer to hang them on the backside of their kitchen closet door to make it easier for you to access when you require it.
  • As soon as a little melee begins, your job is to pull the two black drawstrings. You can find these hanging from the bottom of many models.
  • Next, your task is to hold the top corners of the gadget. Then, your job is to keep the tool at chest height between the melee and you. You are required to stretch the thing out. It will help you to use the complete surface area against the source of affray.
  • When you drop the gadget over the melee, do this with safety. You should try covering the melee entirely with the tool. The objective is to reduce the intensity of the melee.
  • You have to leave the tool for several minutes on the conflagration to make sure that you should cover this entirely. Don’t pull the gadget back quickly, as it can enable conflagration to get in touch with oxygen. As a result, it can flare up. Therefore, it is best to leave the gadget as you prefer for more extended periods.
  • As soon as you place it over the affray, switch off the power supplies. Thus, you can prevent the spread of electrical affrays.
  • You should know that it is not always best to use water. It is because water may not suit the cooking affrays as this thing can splash flammable oils around. You should always use this tool or a kitchen-rated fire extinguisher instead of throwing water.
  • In case you find the gadget not working properly for you, you should use a fire extinguisher. It is one of the essential household items you should have in your home.
  • Finally, after using the gadget, you should dispose of it. Sometimes, it is advised to clean and re-use the tool. However, it is recommended to use this for one time only.

Where to Use Fire Blanket:

These are some places where you are capable of using these tools.

1) Kitchen: According to the report, you get to know that 40% of household melees begin in the kitchen. Most of the tools are especially for home kitchen use. You can hang these in places like a convenient wall, behind the kitchen cupboard door, etc.

2) Car: If you prefer, you can carry them in your car. These are less messy actually and can cause minor collateral damage compared to the extinguishers. It is why these are nice to have.

3) Boat: Sailboats with kitchens use these gadgets also. It becomes useful when you are alone, and there doesn’t exist any fire department. At that time, this tool can decide whether you will live or die on the high seas.

4) Garage Workshop: Usually, there always remains a chance of creating a spark that causes conflagration quickly in workshops. It is the reason why you should keep it hanging in an accessible location.

5) Camping: A lot of people prefer to carry these things while camping. Whether you are trained professionally, you can use these on small campfires or portable propane stoves. A lot of campers are there who like to use more oversized items.

Five Best Fire Blankets:

  1. Laberna Fire Suppression Blanket

Laberna Fire Suppression BlanketDescription: The product is simple to use. You merely have to cover the emergency tool over the spot. This gadget then cuts off the oxygen supply so that you can kill the melee. It allows you to use it in diminishing minor accidental melees. If you compare these with traditional extinguishers, you find these not leaving any mess.

It comes with a hanging hook along with a pair of gloves for every tool. You only need to keep it hung in your kitchen or any other place. For emergency times, pull down the strap and get the thing out of there after that.

Features of Laberna: 

Used In Survival Conditions: These retardant models enable you to cover melee without mess from fire extinguishers. It prevents melee by cutting off the supply of oxygen. You can use this for both the kitchen and electricity shortage. It allows you to use it as a heat or thermal shield. This model is a must-have household item you should have as a safety kit in your house. It can be used as a car survival kit for protection.

Quality: It consists of 100% quality flame-retardant material. The tool comprises an inner layer of the retardant film along with two outer layers of woven fiberglass fabric. It comes in EN-1869: 1997 standard for cooking conflagration suppression. Using the tool, you are capable of isolating high temperatures up to 1076℉ or 580℃.

Simple To Use: You merely have to pull down the blanket at the kitchen and then spread it wide. After that, you should cover the melee gradually. Leave the tool there for some moments to suffocate the melee. You should then power off the stove or any other heat source you are using.

Safety: Every kit contains a hook and glove. You should keep the tool hanging on the wall. If you want, you can keep it near the kitchen counters, fireplace, stove, oven, grill.

Used for House Fires: Don’t worry, as the tool is not toxic. It is pretty safe for covering clothes on adults, children, and your pets. You can keep it in your car, office, warehouse, camping trip, etc. What makes the tool special is that you can re-use it.


  • Non-toxic
  • Safety tool
  • Reusable
  • Easy to use
  • 100% quality flame retardant material


  • Sometimes, it comes in small size
  1. W FIREGEAR Fire Blanket

W FIREGEARDescription: This model consists of top-quality fiberglass material and comes in 39.3* 39.3-inch size. 1022°F (550°C) is the highest temperature resistance of the tool. The kit comes with two-pack tools. It is used as an emergency gadget for kitchen, fireplace, grill, car, camping, office, etc.

The high-quality fiberglass is lightweight, long-lasting, has good melee resistance, etc. These features make the tool perfect. It comes in a compact structure that allows it to tolerate high temperatures and helps to stop burning.

Features of W FireGear:

Excellent Quality: The fiberglass of the product makes it both fire-resistive and lightweight. It is capable of tolerating temperature up to 1022°F (550°C).

Simple To Port: You can store the tool easily. It is ideal for home or kitchen use. You are capable of using this tool without training. It comes with pull tapes that are used especially for urgent and emergency use. You merely have to pull the tapes down, spread the tool wide, and cover it to the melee.

Efficiency: It allows you to extinguish minor melees. Besides, if you want, you can wrap it around a person quickly. When the melee is in its initial stage, it can smoothen a conflagration by cutting off the oxygen supply. You can use the blanket again if there doesn’t exist any breakage.

Versatile: The gadget is perfect to use in different situations like kitchen, fireplace, grill, camping, etc. Along with this, you can use this as a protective item to be helpful in emergency times during a conflagration. Wrapping the entire body with this helps you to protect well and avoid injuries.


  • Multifunctional
  • Efficient enough
  • Easy to port
  • Top-quality, durable fiberglass


  • Don’t use water on the cooking fire
  1. JJ CARE Fire Blanket Fire Suppression Blanket

JJ CAREDescription: This Premium Silica Fiberglass Cloth model is an advanced tool available in the market. It consists of Silicon Dioxide that comes with an awesome heat and chemical resistance. People are capable of using the product in diminishing small accidental fires.

It depletes the flame of oxygen and helps to eradicate that. Users are capable of using the tool quite easily. If you are looking for something to invest your money in, then you can use this tool.

Features of JJ Care Suppression Blanket:

Emergency Kit: It enables you to use itself to extinguish small fires, unlike the essential fire extinguishers. With the help of this tool, you are capable of preventing liquid or grease conflagration instantly. To do this, you are required to cut off the oxygen supply only. It allows you to use it as a thermal or heat shield. Use the product as a car survival item for protection purposes.

Premium Quality: 100% flame retardant material of excellent quality is used to build up the product. The model consists of two layers of woven fiberglass fabric with an inner layer of conflagration retardant film. EN-1869: 1997 standard supports cooking conflagration suppression. These are capable of isolating high temperatures up to 1076℉ or 580℃.

Simple to Use: Pull the tool down and spread it wide. Then, you can throw the model gradually to cover the fire. Keep it for some seconds, and then you need to suffocate the fire. You should then power off the stove.

Non-Toxic And Safe: The tool is non-toxic and allows you to use it safely. It is perfect to use on adults, children, along with pets. The product is beneficial. To use in emergency times, you can store it on kitchen counters. People can use this nearby kitchen, fireplace, camping, office, grill, etc.

Accessories: The kit contains three packs to provide additional protection, gloves, and hook, etc. You can use hooks to hang them. It is ideal for keeping you secured and safe.


  • Safe
  • Perfect to use
  • 100% flame retardant material
  • Emergency kit


  • Hooks and gloves were unavailable
  1. TONYKO Emergency Fire Blankets

TONYKODescription: This model is one of the safety tools designed to extinguish fires. It is made up of a sheet of a conflagration retardant material (glass fiber). Besides, You are required to place it over a conflagration to smoother it. The tool helps to cut off the oxygen supply to the fire.

It is straightforward to use and capable of preventing affray with ease. You must not avoid affray hazards. Everyone in your family should know how they should act calmly in an emergency. The tool is used in enterprises, warehouses, ships, automobiles, civil buildings ( homes, hotels, entertainment venues, gas stations), etc.

Features of Tonyko:

Used In Different Places: The gadget is perfect for the kitchen, fireplace, grill, car, camping, etc.

Suffocate Melees: You can suffocate the fires with ease and extinguish them, including liquid and grease melee.

Used As A Heat Shield: You can use it as a heat shield. The tool is capable of isolating high temperatures up to 1076℉ or 580℃. Compared to the fire extinguishers, it is capable of keeping the place tidy.

Standard: The product is compatible with the EN-1869:1997 standard for cooking melee suppression.


  • Meets EN-1869:1997 standard
  • Used as a heat shield
  • Used in cars, camping, etc.


  • Not for adult
  1. DIBBATU Fire Blanket Emergency for Kitchen

DIBBATU Fire Blanket Emergency for KitchenDescription: Fiberglass cloth is the type of material used to make the product. It can isolate maximum temperatures 1076℉ or 580℃. The length of the model is M 39.3×39.3 Inches(1*1m), whereas the width is 47×47 Inches(1.2*1.2m).

You should keep the model gently in a convenient location. For example, keep it inside the bedside cabinet, kitchen wall, car trunk, etc. You must check the status of the product every twelve months. Whether you find the product damaged or contaminated, you should instantly replace it.

Features of Dibbatu:

Survival Kit: It is designed to be used as an essential home-safety device in emergency conditions. You should use this for the kitchen, fireplace, grill, car, office, camping, etc. You should not use water on a cooking fire.

Simple To Use: Just first, your job is to pull it down and cover the melee using this. However, you should not pull it away. After switching off the heat source, dispose of it. It is recommended to use the tool for one time only. You can use this simply without training.

Top-quality: It comes with an emergency Flame Retardant Shelter Safety Cover that is useful for isolating high temperatures, heat sources, and flame. It can meet the EN-1869:1997 standard.

Accessories: The kit comes with four-pack products along with free gloves. These gloves are not fire-fighting. You can use it to keep it clean after using it.


  • Free gloves
  • High-quality safety cover
  • Easy to use
  • Supports EN-1869:1997 standard


  • Gloves not heat resistant

How to Choose the Best Fire Blanket:

Some factors are there that you need to remember before purchasing the best model. It depends on the factors such as the right size of the tool, fiberglass material in the cloth, and EN-1869-1997 standard.

Selected Preferred Size:

These are available in different types of sizes in the market. However, if you are willing to have maximum flexibility while selecting a size, you can choose the Tonkyo blanket. It is available in different sizes so you can choose them as you prefer.

Whether you want to cover a stovetop, smaller-sized models are helpful. These are generally available in 39 square inches (1 meter by 1 meter) sizes. This size is perfect for leaving on a small stove fire. These become more useful to such people who are looking for products with

larger sizes are a little too much. It is recommended to use the tool of 39×39 inches as a standard size.

However, to get some extra advantages, you can use more oversized affray safety models. For instance, the more prominent models can wrap an entire person who has been caught affray in the clothing.  When it comes to drawbacks, the downside is that these may get a bit hard to handle for throwing over fires. Fortunately, these weigh light.

Select the Suitable Materials:

You have to make sure that the model you will buy is made up of fiberglass materials. These consist of fiberglass cloth that is both soft and flexible. The material is also conflagration and heat resistant. Here, we have given all the products made of fiberglass material.

However, it also comes with the disadvantage of the material getting all over clothing and skin when you don’t use it carefully. If you have susceptible skin then, you may find your skin itching. These may be difficult to clean out of carpets. If you want to avoid the contact of the material with your skin, choose the DIBBATU emergency blanket we have mentioned. It contains gloves that are useful for reducing contact with skin.

Check The Conflagration Safety Rating:

It can meet the EN-1869-1997 safety standard suitable for the home kitchen. The standard makes you sure that these are for cooking fires up to 1076 degrees Fahrenheit (580 celsius). All products given here can meet the standard.


These are generally very effective against clothing fires. As soon as you cover the item around you, you are required to begin to roll the thing back and forth to smother the flames. For grease or electric fires, you must use that. Then, you should leave the gadget atop the grease conflagration for ceasing re-ignition. After that, your task is to power off the lights in the room and then shut down the door. Then, your job is to contact the conflagration brigade.

Apart from all the reasons, these models come with plenty of other different advantages.

  • If you see a small fire, use these gadgets always.
  • You should know that these can be used again and cleaned also.
  • Anyone can use the tool. It doesn’t need any traditional training.
  • As these are cheap as well as reliable, you can find them at almost any hardware store.
  • You can store the tool with ease as it comes in a foldable and compact design.

Essential Factors to Consider While Buying Fire Blanket:

Before purchasing the tool, it is essential to think about where you are willing to use it and store it.

Pouch: Whether you are planning to keep such a tool under a sink, in a closet, or in an emergency kit, then packability is the one way to choose. You should find a tool that contains a small, brightly colored pouch. You can find this easily while you require it.

Grommets: Wanna buy for your kitchen, fireplace, or grilling area? If yes, then you have to purchase a tool that can be hung up in the area. You should search for those tools available in packages with grommets. Keep them hung at the top easily. Hence, your task is to mount the gadget near the heat source so that you are capable of accessing it with ease. But make sure that you are not mounting it too close to avoid the blockage of flames.

Signage: If you are looking for home usage, Grommets can make the job done. But for commercial operations, you must require additional signage or very conspicuous storage.

Where to Buy Best Fire Blanket:

Do you want to purchase your preferred item online? Then, ensure that you are checking BSI trusted websites selling these products. First Alert and Pac-Kit are a few examples of brands that are up to standards. These have got excellent consumer feedback for all of the products.

These remain in supply always about any DIY department store. Besides, these don’t cost too much. You only invest from $40 to $70. But it relies on the brand as well as the size you want to have. Hence, you can take advice from a knowledgeable person on the subject of fire blankets.

Anyone can buy these online, but there remains a risk always. If you have purchased a faulty one, it can potentially cause more harm than good.

These are very effective and simple to find. Therefore, there isn’t any reason to have such a gadget in your home. When you combine them with other conflagration prevention devices like affray alarms and extinguishers, it will boost the odds of you containing an affray.

Affrays are not as common as you think. But when it occurs, it destroys everything near it. Conflagration can ruin everything as fast as it began. Therefore, it is better to have every useful weapon that can help you to defend yourself. It may happen that you don’t need to use this in the future, but it can save your life in danger for sure.

Are There Any Kinds Of Affrays Where You Are Unable To Use A Fire Blanket?

 No, because the temperature rating of these gadgets is higher than the temperature of the affray. These deprive a Conflagration of oxygen instead of adding substances to the affray. As a result, there doesn’t exist any risk of unexpected chemical reactions. As the tool is unable to splash burning oil, it is very safe for grease affrays. The tool won’t generate pools of moisture that can conduct electricity. It is the prime cause due to which you must not use water on an electrical conflagration. While the conflagration has a low temperature, you can use the tool. Generally, these gadgets come with a temperature limit of around 1,000°F. However, the limit may vary as it relies on the manufacturer.

The Bottom Line:

A fire blanket is an essential household item that provides you protection for a Conflagration emergency. It is advisable to buy a fiberglass blanket with the EN-1869-1997 standard for cooking affrays. Each one of these has its purpose, like in the kitchen, garage, car, boat, camping kit used for reminders, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are Fire Blankets Worth It?

If you want to use these for kitchens and areas, then it is a good idea. It is better to use there as vessels and containers can catch affray. You should use these also if there are any elder or infirm people in the home or any business place.

  • Can a Fire Blanket Replace a Fire Extinguisher?

No, this type of gadget can’t replace a fire extinguisher. If possible, it is better to have both of these in your kitchen. These tools are adequate to squelch a minor affray. When the gadget is unable to work, you are required to use this tool.

  • Can You Re-Use A Melee Blanket?

No, you are unable to use this. Most of these gadgets are not reusable. Even you can’t use such a tool to smother a small melee as it may be exposed to flames. As a result, it can put you in danger. You should dispose of it as fast as you can after using it. If you can, it is better to soak it in water at first. It is because no one wants to use a hot gadget that risks starting another melee.


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