Best Massage Gun- An Expert Review

Best Massage Gun- An Expert Review

Nowadays a lot of people use home exercise equipment to keep themselves fit. If you want to release the tight muscles, the massage gun come to your favour. Whether you are an athlete or just prone to a sore back, you can benefit from using this device.

It is known as the percussive gun also. These products help to vibrate your muscle tissue and offer rapid bursts of pressure on the tissues. Thus, it can relieve tension as well as soreness quickly. Besides, it enables you to use it in specific pain points.

You can use it on your leg, back, top of the neck, and so on. The pain-pummelling devices enable you to deal with the aches. People can use it before going to any workout session. Besides, it assists in improving the range of motion. Moreover, you can use it for relaxation.

If you use it properly in the pre-workout, you will get effective results. This optimal tool helps to manipulate soft tissue. In this case, it uses the force of percussive therapy. Professional athletes, recreational gym-goers, and those who have chronic pain should use this device.

What is a Massage Gun?

Percussive therapy can quickly recover your muscle pain. For example, it helps to decrease muscle pain, lactic acid build-up, and muscle fatigue. If you want to get relief of pain instantly, then use a percussion gun. It improves the flexibility of muscle and encourages blood flow in the body.

Besides, it can help you to get recovery from the muscle stiffness issues. People who have stress and sleeping issues will get benefits using the therapy. But remember that if you have any injury in your muscle, don’t use this device.

A lot of options are available in the market. That’s why it may be difficult for you to choose the best one. In this article, we have included the top 7 massage guns. Let’s figure it out.

It is a handheld device that comes in small sizes. This tool helps to sore muscles and joints. When you turn it on, the head part of the tool pulses over a specific body part. It helps to relieve tension, break up scar tissue and ease knots.

How Long Should You Use a Massage Gun for?

You need to use this tool from fifteen seconds to a maximum of two minutes, on each muscle group. In a total of your full-body session, you must not use it more than 15 minutes. This device ensures that you will feel better after using it on the pains and aches.

Can Massage Guns Get Rid of Knots?

These tools help to enhance the blood flow of any particular body part. When you use the tool, it will reduce inflammation and tension of your muscle. Thus, it helps to break the knots. Moreover, people use it as a warm-up tool before the workout. It decreases the risk of injury.

Can Massage Guns Help You to Lose Weight?

It is the versatility that makes the massage guns exceptional. Besides reducing body pain and making your body feel relaxed, this device helps the users lose weight.

In this case, all these credits go to ‘percussion therapy’. But make sure that you are following a proper diet plan. Otherwise, only relying upon the massage gun will not give you the best results.

Now, you don’t need to experience aching body muscles and pain anymore. The massage guns can offer you all possible relaxation.

Weight Loss and Percussion Therapy 

Whenever it comes to say about massage guns, the term ‘Percussion therapy’ comes. It doesn’t matter the device you are using belongs to which brand. Percussion therapy helps in rapid pressure bursting on the body cells. Thus, it helps to ease out your body muscle tissues. That is why the message guns are manufactured so that it can offer rapid pressure bursts automatically.

When the device vibrates, it offers a metabolism boost. Thus, it helps to burn more calories. The process becomes more effective if you perform physical activities.

But you need to keep in mind that you can’t lose weight following any shortcut methods. It doesn’t matter in which way you are using the device. You need to follow a proper diet plan and do exercises regularly. Otherwise, all your job will go in vain. Remember that these devices can help you only in weight loss. You can use this device as a weight loss aid. But if you want to reduce fats totally, it is not a permanent solution. Therefore, you should always carry these gadgets in the gym.

Massage Guns and Workouts

People who want to have a healthy and active lifestyle can use these. Here, we will let you know the method of using this device in workout sessions.

  1. Before workout sessions

After the completion of your warming up, you need to grab the device. Then, you have to rub the device in your muscle groups slowly. It will increase blood circulation in the body muscles. As a result, your workout becomes more efficient and fulfilling. For instance, when you want to use it on legs, then you need to use this device for three to five minutes on your legs.

  1. During workout sessions

An intense workout can be the reason for stiff muscles. So, if you don’t want to make your muscles stiff, you should use these devices. Apply them on the muscles after each set. This process will prevent muscle spasms during the workout session. Therefore, you can spend more time in your gym. You need to follow the procedure for one to two minutes. Do it before lifting weights again.

  1. After workout sessions

Normally, you will feel extreme intensity after sessions. If you want to get relaxation, then you can use these devices. Run the device slowly in your body muscles. It can help you to get relief from muscles spasms.

How do Massage Guns Work?

These work quite similar to the foam rollers. This handheld device features a myofascial release therapy. If you have soreness in your muscles, you can use it to relieve this issue. We know it as myofascial pain syndrome also. Usually, the therapy stimulates a specific spot in myofascial fibres, mainly the tissues that support the body muscles.

Most of the cases, you will feel the myofascial fibres soft and stretchy. But the most important thing is to pinpoint the exact location. In this case, you should follow the broad-strokes method that will help to release myofascial.

Rollers sometimes depend on body weight and gravity so that it can apply the exact amount of pressure. In this case, a massage gun is the best option. These are self-sufficient and handheld. This tool comes with a small electric motor.

By improving the blood flow, this device helps to soften the knots. Compared to foam rollers, these are much beneficial. This tool is more powerful and precise than the foam rollers. As a result, this tool can give you relief from pain within just a few minutes, whereas a regular old foam roller takes a much longer time.

Usually, people use these for post-workout recovery. But these are advantageous for pre-workout applications also. For example, you can use it to reduce stress and tissue tension, improve the range of motion, and so on.

Best Ways to Use the Massage Gun

Usually, you need to use these for about 1-2 minutes on big muscle groups. However, people should not use it excessively. If you use it for a more extended period, it may cause fluid in your muscles. Keep in mind that you always need to keep this tool in a low setting.

Whereas if you are a heavyweight person, you can use the higher settings. Rusin said that novelty is one of the parts of a tool’s effectiveness. According to him, if you use the device frequently, the effect may be diminished.

Therefore, you should stop using the massager regularly. You need to build up a rotational routine. For example, you can use a foam roller on the first day. In the second day, you can use the massage gun,

How NOT to use a Massage Gun

  • You should not use this device for more extended periods. Otherwise, it can cause neuropathy, numbness in your hands, etc.
  • If you are suffering from bleeding disorders, we will suggest you not to use this device.
  • Those who are pregnant or have high-risk pregnancy are advised to avoid this product.
  • If you have done surgery recently, then consult with your surgeon first before using this device.
  • Those who have nerve disorders are recommended not to use this device.
  • If you are suffering from skin disorders should not use this device.

Tips for Using a Massage Gun

Here are a few tips that you can follow for using the device safely:

  • Don’t use the device over the bone areas. You should use it on over muscles.
  • Try to apply moderate pressure. Ensure that you are not pushing down the device.
  • Never use this device over the bursa. To confirm whether you have bursa in your body or not, consult with a doctor first.
  • You should not use this device in one place for an extended period.

Every massager gun comes with different speeds. So, you are required to consult with a doctor before purchasing any model. A doctor can guide you to choose the right device as per the needs of your body.

What do Massage Guns Do?

The therapy offered by this device, known as percussion or vibration therapy. It helps to oscillate your body muscles. In terms of getting rapid bursts of pressure into the muscle tissue, this tool is useful. Moreover, these are beneficial for athletes, similar to ordinary people. They can use it in their home. However, a few people are there who don’t want to use myofascial massaging tools. In this case, the massage gun is the best choice.

Percussive therapy is unable to remove the muscle soreness. This vibration massage device can boost the blood flow only to any specific place. Thus, it helps to decrease inflammation, muscle tension. Before intense workouts, using these devices can help you to warm up the muscles.

The Benefits of Massage Guns

Here, we have outlined seven advantages of this tool. Let’s have a look.

  1. Injury Prevention and Recovery

If you want to improve your muscle contraction, you will get benefit from Percussive massage. When you apply this device, it will lengthen and strengthen your facial tissues and muscles. It helps the user to get relief from stress. The primary purpose of manufacturing this device is to offer relaxation to your muscles and relieve your muscles’ tension. These will help you to reduce the muscle recovery time during workouts. During this time, toxic debris gets eliminated continuously. It enables the muscles to bounce back as soon as possible.

When you take a deep tissue therapy using this tool, it will improve circulation. In this case, fluids and tension got released within deep muscles. The therapy allows the blood and tissue cells to exchange substances that can assist in increasing tissue metabolism. Besides, it also increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients. It further helps to boost blood circulation. The tool allows you to prevent overtraining.

Moreover, the therapy helps to prevent injuries. It is because the improved circulation assists in breaking down adhesions. By increasing the production of nutrients and fluids, it helps to repair the tissues quickly.

Most importantly, the device improves sports performance. With the help of it, you can make your muscles flexible.

  1. Pain Relief

Vibrational healing is a process that relies on subtle energies and vibrations. The process doesn’t depend on the healing of other systems. In this case, the main dependable factor is the energy field of every person. You can get similar advantages from this tool. Because this device offers vibrations into your muscles using the “percussive therapy” technique. This massage vibration improves lymph circulation around your entire body. As a result, it produces more nutrients and oxygen into your muscles. Thus, with the advanced vibrating effect’s help, this device helps you to relieve pain, soreness, and fatigue mainly in the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

  1. Rehabilitation

Massage is considered as an effective form of injury rehabilitation therapy. Along with boosting the speed of the recovery process, it also prevents re-injury. People use it as a supplement. Besides, it helps to heal and recover the atrophied muscles. The tool can improve circulation into the fascial tissues. As a result, the injured areas become more flexible. It helps to heal the pain areas quickly.

  1. Release Lactic Acid

When the oxygen level in your body gets low, your body will form lactic acid. During this time, your body will convert the recently formed lactate into energy. You can face this issue while exercising. The speed of building up of lactic acid is quicker than its burning speed. Due to this, you may feel nauseous and exhausted. Sometimes, you can feel like you have cramps in the muscles.

This tool is advantageous in this case. It helps to release lactic acid and other toxins from the muscles. Moreover, these devices help to decrease the risk of muscle soreness.

  1. Increases Blood and Lymphatic Flow

These devices offer deep tissue massage and boost the blood flow rate. Moreover, the tool helps to stimulate the nerve receptors which dilate blood vessels. Here, the lymph eliminates toxins and wastes from body tissues. Less active people are not able to stimulate enough lymph circulation. On the other hand, very active people can accumulate it too much. If it is not controlled, then it can cause lymphedema. In this case, massage gun is useful as it can improve circulation throughout the lymphatic system.

  1. Activates the Nervous System and Muscles

The function of the nervous system is stimulating and regulating the activity of the muscles. Besides, it helps to maintain the body’s homeostasis. It is the nervous system that gets notified for all of the muscles activities. This tool stimulates the receptors of the sympathetic nervous system. As soon as you apply this device, it will cause vasodilation in the muscles. Thus, it helps to release tension and offers relaxation to your muscles. Along with these, the tool helps to improve mobility also.

  1. Relieves Muscle Spasms and Stiffness

These can help you to relieve muscle stiffness. This spasm and stiffness may arise when you do any intense workout. Sometimes, it can cause ischemia in our body muscles. It indicates that the muscle doesn’t have the exact blood flow.

In this case, this tool applies pressure to tendons, muscle, and ligaments. By doing to so, it helps your tendons and muscles to become relaxed.

Disadvantages of  Massage Guns:

However, these devices don’t come with so many disadvantages. Here we have elaborated a few cons of this tool. Let’s figure it out.

Message guns help the user to get relief from pain. But you are not a professional physical therapist. So, there remains a huge possibility of injuring yourself. However, most of the massage guns come with proper guidelines and instructions. You should go through the guidelines before using the device.

Many users think that if they use the gun for an extended period, they will get effective results. But it’s not true at all. According to the experts, if you use the device at the same spot for an extended period, the spot will become redundant.

Most of the massage guns are heavy. Therefore, the users face difficulties to hold the tool for a long time.

There is no doubt that these devices are handy. Every product comes with cons. So, there is no exception in this tool. Before buying, make sure that you have checked the disadvantages of the product appropriately.

If you mistakenly use this tool on broken bones or injuries, it can make your injuries worse by damaging the injured tissue or increasing the swelling rate. Moreover, you need to maintain high caution if you have chronic pain. For example, suppose you are suffering from high blood pressure, lupus, arthritis, gout, scleroderma, or osteoarthritis. In that case, you need to make sure that you have consulted with your doctor before using the device.

Nowadays cordless message guns are reigning the market. However, these devices come with chargeable batteries. But these are not man-powered like the foam roller or handheld massage tool.

Need of a Massage Gun: 

Perform Better in Your Workouts:

Everyone wants to take care of their health. Especially those who want to speed up their performance during workout sessions, for them maintaining health is a vital factor. In this case, devices that offer Percussive therapy device is helpful. With the help of this, you can prepare your body ready for exercise. As a pre-workout device, this tool helps to activate the muscles.

Therefore, you will get a chance for increasing the motion range. You should always warm-up your body before going to start training. You can use the tool even on your feet and calves to prepare yourself for dance classes. If you want a product that can help you relax in your back, shoulders, and hips, this device is an excellent option.

Remove Stress and Enhance Your Sleep

The main advantage of the tool is that people can use it whenever they want. You can carry these devices easily. People who are looking for such devices that can minimize tension and stress should definitely use the tool.

Intensity Beyond that of Massage Therapy

If it comes to talk about the workout recovery, then the Percussive therapy devices are usually compared to the therapy devices. But it depends on choosing the device ability. If you select the right device, it enables you to send up to 60 pounds of force for massaging the areas. In this case, it produces heat in the muscle, which creates pressure. It is the actual muscle recovery advantage of the tool. When the force is applied to the muscles, it generates heat in the muscles and speeds up the blood flow in that specific area.

Best Features of a Massage Gun: 

Noise Reduction: Along with the manual counterparts, these devices feature not-unnoticeable caveat: excessive sound. It doesn’t matter Whether you are using it in any gym or using it in public places, it should not make any noise. These look quite similar to power tools. But it doesn’t mean that it will sound like these.

Battery Life: Try to choose those which don’t need a frequent recharge. Select the one that can run for longer periods without a recharge.

Percussion Speed: It is an essential feature that one massage gun must-have. An excellent performing massage gun should come with percussion speed. You just need to adjust the percussion speed range. Fix this speed in such a rate so that it can make contact the muscles easily. This speed is measured in strokes per minute. However, sometimes it is measured in HZ.

Usually, these decide to come with one or two-speed settings. However, a few models are there which have three, or four or more intensity levels. People who have sensitive muscles need to use those models which have slower speeds. On the other hand, in case someone wants to pound out pesky knots can choose higher speed products.

Max Power: Always choose such models that can offer maximum power. Tools having maximum power can offer full force. Always try to select the models that come with higher ratings. It is because these help you to penetrate the muscles more deeply compared to those meager figures. The device can easily reach the pain area and give you relief from the pain.

7 Best Massage Guns Reviews- Exclusively for You

Addsfit Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Addsfit Deep Tissue Best Massage GunDescription: This product comes with nine different adjustable speed function. The speed range varies from 1,700 to 3,300 percussions per minute. Besides, it comes with silicone massage heads.

This tool creates less noise compared to Theragun alternatives. Above all, you can say that the design and durability make the product exceptional.

Awesome Features:

Powerful: The robust design of this product makes it durable enough. You can use the product on the exact trigger point. Thus, it helps you to decrease chronic pain, remove tension, and release muscle soreness. Whe you are looking for a tool to speed up muscle recovery, you have chosen the right one.

Design: This tool consists of silicone which is an antibacterial material. Besides, there are five different heads along with customized hardness. This outstanding design of this product allows you to reach 90% of your body effortlessly.

Battery: The life span of the battery is very long. It can last for around six hours after one recharge. Therefore, you can use this tool even when you are in the office. This product comes with a carrying case. Therefore, you can carry the device with you with ease.

100% Satisfaction: You can make sure that it will give you 100% satisfaction. However, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee on the product. If you face any issue with this product, you can replace the item within 30 days.


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Reduces chronic pain


  • Not long-term usable

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage GunDescription: It is the best massage gun on Amazon. People who want to buy a massage gun under $200 should go for it. This tool comes with five-speed settings along with different attachments. This device offers deep massage along with around thousands of percussion in every sixty seconds.

The range of the tool starts from 1,200 to 2,800 strokes in each minute. Besides, it is equipped with a quiet motor. This device offers the user a comfortable grip. As a result, you can hold the product for an extended period. The longer life span of the battery makes the product incredible.

Awesome Features:

Strong Message: The powerful motor of this tool offers deep high-penetration. It is designed in such a way so that you can get relief from pain and relaxation. For pre-workout warm-ups as well as post-workout recovery, this product is beneficial. This gun helps to increase mobility and flexibility with the help of trigger massage therapy. This therapy helps to get relief from joint pain and soreness of muscles.

Portable: For the athletes, this product is incredible. You can use this device in the gym or sports club. The tool is very easy to use. It offers the user a comfortable grip. Besides, this product is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Changing the batteries for one time allows you to use the device for 3 to 6 hours. The super quiet brushless motor makes the product superior performance.

Multiple Massage Heads: It comes with different intensity levels. Now, you can select the speed range as per your needs. There exist five different head shapes that allow you to massage your body part precisely. Using this device, you can incorporate five different pressures in your fast recovery routine — low-pressure 20Hz, moderate 30Hz, strong 35Hz, intense 40Hz or powerful 45Hz. The heavy-duty construction of the device makes it stable at different speeds.

Easy to Use: It comes with a user guide that helps you to use the device effortlessly. You will find a front LED panel that comes with an on/off switch. It comes with a 16.8 V charging port.


  • Easy to use
  • Five different head shapes
  • Easy to carry


  • Poor battery life

TimTam Massager: Handheld Deep Tissue Massage gun

TimTam MassagerDescription: The model features an adjustable massage head. It means that you can adjust the massage head on a 90-degree angle. As a result, you can use the tool even in the hard to reach areas of your body.

The tool includes a carrying case, a lithium-ion battery charger, and a swappable battery pack. Although, if you want, you can buy extra batteries. The product is a fantastic addition for athletes and sports therapists. What makes the device mind-grabbing is its ergonomic design. With the help of this, you can get immediate relief from sore muscles.

Awesome Features:

Battery: The lithium-ion battery of this tool lasts for a long time. You can use the device for more than forty minutes continuously. The sound level of the tool is only 25dB.

Quick Recover: Using this tool, you can get recovery within just thirty seconds. Moreover, you can get the benefit of this percussion therapy whenever you want.

Robustness: It comes with an Industrial-grade motor. This motor offers 2500 strong strokes in every sixty seconds.

Weight: The tool weighs only 2.2lbs. This cord-free product comes with a carrying case.


  • Includes a carrying case
  • Powerful Industrial-grade motor
  • Comes with a lithium-ion battery


  • A few users reported that the battery doesn’t get charged properly.

Fusion FX Heated Percussion Massage

Fusion FX Heated Percussion MassageDescription: Combining the therapeutic power of heat, and massage, this device helps the user get quick muscle recovery. Most importantly, the tool is equipped with a heated attachment.

The five different intensity levels, along with five different heads, make the product exceptional. Besides, it comes with three bonus pre-programmed modes. These three modes help to speed up the recovery. You can get the heated option, varying speeds, and a continuous speed in these three modes. Besides, the tool features a pause button.

Awesome Features: 

Instant Relief:  This Percussion Massage Gun is an ideal option for those who want to get relief of pain instantly. It helps you to get relief from aching joints and sore muscles. Besides, the device offers intensely deep tissue massage with the help of built-in heated function. You only need to use the heated attachment. Thus, you can quickly minimize the tension of the muscles.

Helpful for Long-Term Injuries: The combination of heat and massage speeds up the blood flow at the pain areas. Use them on the pain area, and you can get relief from stress and inflammation. The tool helps the user to get relief from chronic pain, old damage, etc.

Minimize Recovery Time: This tool offers intense vibrations and triggers the myofascial release. Besides, it also helps to increase your body’s regenerating cells ability. The five intensity levels allow you to manage speed as per your needs.

Multiple Features: Five different speeds, five heads and three bonus modes make the product a complete package. You can choose from heated, variating, continuous, and increasing speeds for hitting the pain spot.

100% Lifetime Guarantee: This superior construction makes the heavy-duty therapeutic tool long-lasting. The manufacturers offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on the product.


  • Five different speeds
  • 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Used for long term uses


  • A few users got a broken product.


kraftgun Best Massage GunDescription:  The product is famous as one of the best noise-free model. It makes noise around 65 DB. Besides, this tool comes with a 16 mm amplitude and 66-pound stall force with a 24V brushless motor. It allows you to operate this at three different speeds— 30 Hz, 35 Hz, and 40 Hz. The speed range starts from 1,800 to 2,400 percussion per minute.

The weight of the product is 2.2 pounds. This tool comes with an adjustable arm. It enables you to adjust the arm to three different angles. As a result, you can use the device in even tough to reach areas of your body.

Awesome Features: 

Multi-Speed Device: This multi-speed device comes in three speeds setting. The last speed of this device is 2400 percussions per minute. At the same time, the lowest speed is 1800 percussions per minute. Just like the Theragun G3Pro, this product comes with 16 millimetres amplitude.

Attachments: The device comes with four different attachments. You can get this product available with a carrying case. There exist two types of attachments— flat and round.

Adjustability: You can set the tool at 90 degrees. Moreover, you can adjust the device in two other angles. There are three different angles— little one, i.e. less than 45°, 45 degrees, and up high.

Battery: The product contains a non-removable battery of 2000 milliamp 24 volts. On a low speed, you can last use this product up to six to seven hours. But in high speed, the battery can last merely three to four hours.

Noise: If it comes to say about noise, then we can say that at the low end, you will get 60 decibels. Whereas at the high end, you will get 70 decibels. However, anybody around you will not feel disturbed due to this sound level. But if you are in need of a quietest model, then you should avoid this model.

Additional Features: The device has equipped the battery in its front part. Moreover, this product comes with exists a zippered case and a charger.


  • Zippered case is available
  • Adjustable
  • Four different attachments


  • Batteries are non-removable

Theragun G2Pro

Theragun g2pro best massage gunDescription: The tool is an upgraded model in neuromuscular percussive therapy’s field. You can use the tool for treating different muscle group. This device makes you sure that it activates the muscles in your body. Therefore, you can get relief from pain quickly.

People who are looking for a device that can be used for both smaller and larger muscle groups; for them, it is an excellent option. This product offers quick recovery on bones, joints and other sensitive areas.

Awesome Features: 

Percussion: The tool offers 40 percussions per second. Thus it allows the muscles to remain activated. The rotation speed of the tool is 2400 per minute. It provides 36 kg pressure with 16 mm amplitude.

Noise: Compared to G3PRO, the model is 50% louder. Although, it comes with longer battery life. It is a single-speed powerful tool that offers deep muscle treatment. The tool comes with an amplitude of 16mm, whereas the percussion speed is 2,400 per minute. This product is made of superior quality components that make the tool long-lasting.

Portable: You can carry this tool from one place to another. You can use the tool to get relief from muscle pain, soreness, and tightness. The tool combine amplitude, frequency, and torque. The combination of three features makes the product comfortable and easy to use.

Design: It comes with a handle that has an ergonomic design. This incredibly designed handle allows the users to use the tool to neck, back, foot, and other parts. The tool can give you relief from complete muscle activation, muscle pain, soreness, and tightness.

Battery: This device is equipped with 12V lithium batteries. The battery of the product can last near about forty to forty-five minutes.

Additional features: The model comes with Luxury protective bag, carrying bag for AmpBITS, two rechargeable lithium batteries, and charger. The dimension of the device is 21,6 x 14 x 5,1 cm. Besides, it weighs 1,25 kg.


  • 12V lithium batteries
  • Protective bag
  • Easy to recharge


  • Noise creating

Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion Massager 

Hyperice Hypervolt Percussion MassagerDescription: Compared to other products, the tool is relatively smoother and quieter. In addition, the product comes with five head attachments. This feature makes the product versatile. There is a ball attachment among the five attachments that makes the tool perfect for runner-prone pain points. For example, you can use it in tender glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscles. You can also connect the device with Bluetooth. It allows you to build custom programs. Moreover, by doing so, you can take benefits of pre-programmed settings.

The tool comes with a super quality motor and three-speed settings. This model can run at 3,200 strokes per minute. The superior build quality, intensity and brand reliability make the product exceptional.

Awesome Features: 

Bluetooth enabled: You can use the Hyperice App to get proper guidance about the pre-built, or custom recovery programs. It is a wireless state-of-the-art percussion massage tool. With the help of this device, you can get relaxation from sore and stiff muscles.

Quiet Glide Technology: The product comes with quiet glide technology that makes it an excellent percussion device.

Speed Settings: It comes with three-speed settings that can offer up to 3200 percussions per minute.

Battery: The model comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. One time charge allows you to use this device maximum of three hours.


  • Three-speed settings
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Allows you to use the Hyperice App
  • Quiet glide technology


  • Cheaply made

What to Look for in a Percussive Massage Gun

Before purchasing, you need to determine which purpose you are going to use the tool. If you are an athlete, you may need a message gun to recover from the pain and improve your performance. In this case, a higher-end option will be ideal for you. On the other hand, if you just want to get relief from soreness occasionally, then using a costly model will be just a waste of money. In this case, you should choose a versatile product that comes with multiple settings. Here, we have mentioned a few key factors that you need to consider before buying. Let’s check them out.

Preferred Best Features:

Speed and Power:

Everyone has different massage preferences and pain tolerance. Models that offer less intensity allows you to use it on sore muscles, and on those areas of your body where you are getting muscle pain.


These are usually available in a traditional ‘axe’ shape. However, nowadays, manufacturers are designing this model in several shapes and sizes. Always try to choose such a tool which you can hold with ease. Make sure that the device you have chosen can hard to reach portions of your body.

Type of Motion:

You should know that both percussion and vibration are entirely different. That’s why when you are going to buy the best one, you have to consider the mechanism first.


These devices are very easy to carry. The tool enables you to carry it in your bag or suitcase. Usually, the devices come with handheld systems. However, a few devices are there, which are bulky.

Attachments and Accessories:

You need to consider which body part you will use the tool. Do you want to buy the device for your large muscles only? If you’re going to buy it for your back and legs, don’t buy too many attachments or accessories. But those who want to use the tool on specific areas and trigger points can buy smaller accessories.

Battery life: 

Always choose such a model that comes with a longer battery life. In this case, don’t forget to check the customer reviews.


Most of the expensive models come with more adjustable speed, power and motion settings. In contrast, the less expensive products come with only a few basic features.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which is the best massage gun to buy?

The name of the best massage guns are as follows:-

  1.  Therabody Theragun Pro-Best Overall
  2. Legiral Gun-Best for Athletes
  3. Lifepro Sonic LX Professional-Best for Everyday Use
  4. Sportneer Deep Tissue muscle massager gun-Best on Amazon
  5. Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager-Best Under $100
  6. Sonic Handheld Percussion Massager-Best Under $150
  7. Hyperice Hypervolt-Best for Runners
  8. Medcursor Heated-Best for Lower Back Pain
  9. ACHEDAWAY-Best for Sore Muscles
  • Is it worth buying a massage gun?

This device is beneficial for those who suffer from DOMS or general muscle soreness. When you will do tough workouts, it may cause you DOMS after three days. In this case, A consistent recovery routine can help you. This device can help you to become fit quickly and allow you to get relief from pain.

  • Which is the deep tissue massage gun?

The best deep tissue massage guns are as follows:-

  1. Reno Rechargeable Handheld Deep Tissue Massager.
  2. Vibrating Peanut Massage Ball.
  3. Pure wave Percussion Vibration Therapy Massager
  4. Theragun G3Pro.
  5. Viktor Jurgen Double Head Handheld Percussion Massager.
  6. TimTam Deep Tissue Massage Gun.
  • What is tapotement massage?

Tapotement is a unique massage technique that is used in Sweden. This one is a rhythmic percussion. This technique helps to stimulate nerve endings. Along with this, it helps to increase blood flow.

  • Is it good to massage sore muscles after a workout?

You can take a massage after vigorous exercise. It can decrease pain and helps to recover muscles. From athletes to health professionals – multiple people got benefits from this. It helps to improve blood flow, minimize the muscle tightness, and ease inflammation.

  • Why Are Massage Guns So Effective?

These handheld devices can help you in releasing tight muscles similar to the foam rollers. As soon as your muscles get loosen, you will feel less sore. The best model will come with different types of speed and strength settings. You can use this device on your shoulders, back, glutes, calves, etc. Even, you can use it at the bottom of the feet. Nowadays, the latest models come with a portable design that allows you to carry the device to the office, gym, etc.

  • What Are the Best Massage Guns?

The names of the best massage guns are as follows:-

  1. TheraGun G3PRO-Best Overall
  2. Exerscribe VYBE Percussion Gun-Best Budget
  3. Opove M3-Best Quiet
  4. Hyperice Hypervolt-Best Portable
  5. RecoverFun Mini Gun-Best Mini
  6. Sportneer Percussive Gun-Best Battery Life
  7. LifePro Sonic LX Professional Gun-Best Versatility
  8. TimTam Power Massager Pro-Best High-Intensity
  9. Theragun Elite-Best High-Tech
  • What does ice massage do?

Ice massage helps to reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation in your body. It can offer effective results helpful in the case of arthritis. With the help of this therapy, you can get quick benefits. To complete this process, you should use an ice cup. However, you can use an ice cube too.


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