Best Gun Cabinet and Storage

Best Gun Cabinet and Storage

Do you have guns in your house? If yes, then you need to have the best gun cabinet where you can store them. This storage facility prevents the guns from theft, misuse, and unauthorized access. Usually, for handguns, dust, water, and wind are detrimental. If there occurs, any excessive exposure can diminish the lifespan and outlook of the guns.

Moreover, due to this storage facility, children don’t get in touch with these dangerous weapons. But make sure that you are not treating these weapons as toys. Those who are adrift enough to use these weapons should use only.

These cabinets are available in multiple varieties. Therefore, as a buyer, you may get overwhelmed while choosing them. Don’t worry. We have given here the best seven gun cabinets based on the price, size, design, and security level. We hope that after checking the list of these products, you will pick your required model.

What is a Gun Cabinet?

The primary purpose of designing this storage option is to display the pistol safely. Glass or strong plastic is used to consist of the door of these products so that the inside of the cabinet can be visible. However, if you are confident that nobody will open the cabinet when you are not present, you can make it yourself and add a simple lock to it.


These products come with various features and usage. Wood, glass, metal, or acrylic are mainly used to make these models.

The glass-made door of the cabinets helps to exhibit the gun collection inside it.

These are budget-friendly and can be handmade. But these don’t offer too much security to store weapons. The materials used to construct these models can’t endure fire or heavy water.

Where should you put a Gun Cabinet?

You can not keep the guns in the cupboard at home,  since it is not safe to do so.  These are very insecure. Anyone can steal them easily. That’s why you need to keep these in such a place that is highly secured. These cannot protect weapons from extreme conditions like a strong wind, heavy rain, or fire. That’s why you need to ensure that you have placed them in an isolated area inside your house.

Difference between Gun Safe vs. Gun Cabinet

It would be best to always keep your firearms in such a safe place and out of reach of children or visitors. That’s why it is better to have a gun safe that helps you to store your weapons securely instead of worrying that someone will steal your firearm. If you have decided to buy a Gun Safe, you need to think about which type of safe you require. You can get different kinds of safes in the market. For example, pistol safes, gun safes, gun cabinets, and many more. Here, we have given an elaborate difference between gun safe and cabinet. It will let you know which one you should use and which one not.

The main difference between these two depends on the locking mechanism and thickness of the steel. Usually, most gun safes come with thicker steel and a trustworthy lock. On the other hand, cabinets need to be unlocked by a key and come with thinner steel.

What is a Gun Safe?

Most people prefer to use these for storing their muskets. These are generally made of high-quality components that make them extremely impressive. However, before choosing a suitable model, there are a few aspects that you need to keep in mind.

Steel Thickness

While buying any of these two, you need first to determine the factor. Most of the safes offer 14 gauge of steel or better than that. A few Safes are there that come with 12 gauge. Fourteen gauge models belong to the actual industry standard.

Locking Mechanism

When you are going to buy a safe, you will find a firm lock on the outside. These locks are available from low-end non-name brand ranges to high-end biometric ones. High-end locks can send tamper alerts or notifications to your Smartphone.

Compared to the cabinets, these models offer better security.

Locking Bolts

Safes come with bolt work on the interior of the door. As soon as you unlock the safe, the bolt work will retract into its door. After locking it, the bolt will go back out. The bolts used in the safes are usually original. Sometimes, these are made of steel plates.

Fire Rating

Most of the safes come with a fire rating function. However, a few hybrid safes are there that don’t come with a fire rating function. However, a few models like Pendleton Safes are not equipped with a fire rating. A few low-end models have 30 minutes of fire rating. At the same time, a few of these have more than 200 minutes of fire rating.

What is a Gun Cabinet?

Compared to the safe, these are generally less secure. However, these models offer basic security for smashing and grab break-ins.

Key Lock:

In most cases, these models don’t come with a substantial locking mechanism. Usually, these are equipped with any of these two types of locks— standard key lock or barrel key locking mechanism. But these are very affordable. However, these can’t offer the protection that can be gotten from firearm safes.

Slider Locking Mechanisms:

These come with only a single sliding bar, whereas a safe comes with locking bolts. The bar is retractable from the top portion and bottom of the door and into the cabinet’s frame.

 Fire Rating

These don’t offer any fire rating. It is because a fire rating generally costs a considerable amount of money.

Lower Steel Thickness

In most cases, these come with 18 gauges. Along with cutting into them, people can even smash through the side of it.

Advantages of Gun Safes over Gun Cabinets

Here, we have given the benefits that you can get using a cabinet and a safe.

Gun Safes: These provide the ultimate level of security. Safes come with thicker steel, better locks, better fire rating, and so on. Whether you want to choose any of them to keep the weapons protected, it is the best option. It helps to keep children out of these dangerous weapons. Besides, it provides excellent protection against any smash and grabs. It ensures that even the determined criminals will be unable to break them.

Gun Cabinets: This weapon storage is available at a low price. Moreover, these are easily portable. However, many people like to use these models due to the ease of purchase and availability in big box stores. These are mainly used in homes.

Drawbacks of Gun Safes and Gun Cabinets

Here, we have given some reasons why you should not buy a gun safe or a gun cabinet.

Gun Safes:  These are very heavyweight and come in a complicated design. If you want to move a safe from one place to another, you need to take assistance from others. It is because you will not be able to move it on your own. However, these are pretty expensive.

Gun Cabinets: The primary drawback of this weapon storage is its security. As these models offer only basic protection, criminals or thieves can easily cut these using minimal knowledge and tools. However, it is better to use these cabinets instead of keeping the firearms outside.

Final Thoughts: It is recommended to use a high-quality gun safe. However, if you cannot buy such a high-quality safe, go for the $500 models. If you cannot buy that one also, then a cabinet is an ideal option for you.

Top 7 Best Gun Cabinets in 2020

1.Sentry Safe

Sentry SafeDescription: Are you searching for compact storage where you can keep your pistol or firearms? If yes, then you go for this one. It comes with a few outstanding features that offer the ultimate protection in a single space-saving unit. Moreover, it comes with a spacious capacity that enables the user to keep two weapons comfortably. When you look into these from outside, you can leave a sigh of relief.

This product features a user-friendly backup entry system and digital keypad. It allows you to get complete access to your weapon. The product also comes with a highly secure fingerprint scanner that makes it innovative. Its unique biometric system offers optimum protection. It provides convenient single-hand access that allows you to keep it on your bedside safely.


Biometric lock and pistol capacity: The updated locking system of the model permits the users to get access to the safe just by swiping their fingers. Besides, the product comes with additional storage space. You can keep your weapons there comfortably.

Interior Lighting and single-handed access: This feature offers enhanced visibility even in dimly lit locations. Therefore, you will be able to get access to your weapons without extra light. You can get quick and reliable access due to the single-handed access function.

Compression Gas Strut: The door will open automatically while you unlock it.

Design: It is made of solid steel that makes the product durable. Moreover, it offers reliable protection.

High Compression Foam: It prevents the product from scratches. Besides, it also helps to keep the valuables safe and prevent them from getting damaged. The product is certified by the Department of Justice California DOJ.

Bolt Down Hardware: It makes you sure that thieves will not remove the storage from your office or home easily.


  • Solid steel design
  • High compression foam
  • Door opens automatically


  • Easily breakable

2.Liberty Fatboy 

Liberty FatboyDescription: It is one of the famous gun accessory brands. Since 1988, it has been manufacturing firearms storages. The innovative design of the products has made Liberty one of the most demanding brands. If you have many firearms, then you should choose one. These are available in two different sizes and are spacious. It can store up to forty-eight weapons. The other one is capable of storing sixty-four firearms.

It allows the user to customize it quickly, which makes it very special. Besides, it will enable the user to choose lock type and color as they want. Furthermore, it comes with a variety of accessories such as alert and monitoring systems. Moreover, it ensures that the weapons inside it will remain safe. The firearm storage comes with level 4 security and 12 Locking Bars. It weighs 976 lbs. The dimension of the product is 60.5″ x 42″ x 27.5″.


Fire protection: It can keep the guns inside it at 1200º F for about ninety minutes. The Palusol heat-activated door seal keeps the weapons protected from smoke and heat.

Security: The product comes with UL listed safe body, Sargent, and Greenleaf mechanical lock. However, you can get an electronic lock also. Three hardened steel plates protect the lock from any drilling attack. It features a Relocker that makes the product safe during brute force entry. It has some exclusive, ultra-strong locking bars that offer protection against pry attacks. Besides, it follows a Slip-clutch mechanism that prevents all kinds of forced entry. It is a California DOJ-approved firearm safety device.

Style & Function: It is equipped with a Deluxe door storage panel. It comes in textured and marble colors. Besides, the product contains a 3-spoke Suretight handle. It comes with a 4-in-1 Flex™ adjustable interior.

Included accessories: The accessories that come along with the product are:- factory-installed deluxe door storage panel, deluxe electrical outlet kit, and installed Brightview light kit.


  • High-activated door
  • Electric outlet kit is available
  • Deluxe door storage panel


  • Compared to others, it is a little bit light
  1. Hornady Best Gun Cabinet

Hornady Best Gun CabinetDescription: People can use this to store their firearms safely. This well-constructed firearm storage is tamperproof. The interior side of the cabinet contains a foam pad that offers a cushion to your weapons. This cushion will protect the product from scratches. Besides, there is a three-foot steel cable that weighs 1500 lbs.


 Lock Box: What makes this model unique is its best-in-class security technology. Using the technology, the product can protect pistols and other valuables at home. The lockbox is equipped with a heavy-duty 1500 lb. There exists a steel lock-down cable. Its primary function is to attach this portable product to any stationary object.

Top-Notch Security: The product comes with a high-security level— 16-gauge steel housing with pry-resistant security band, barrel key lock, dual crossbar latch mechanism. Besides, it consists of a tamperproof construction that boosts the security level of the lock.

Perfect for traveling: The lockbox offers excellent pistol storage and security for concealed carry permit holders. You can keep the product quickly in a suitcase or under a car seat. It follows all the CA DOJ standards and TSA airline firearm guidelines.

Specifications: The large elite lockbox comes in 10.25 x 8 x 2.75 inches dimension. It is the exterior size of the box. The product is capable of carrying 1911 size pistols and 3-inch revolvers. Besides, it comes in a Space-saving design that allows you to store more items.

Don’t need any Installation tool: As soon as you attach the product to a secure structure, you can keep the valuable items inside it. When you want to close the storage unit, you need to press the lid down. Then, you have to turn the key available against the clock direction to close it. While opening the product, turn it towards the clock direction and then lift the lid. The tool got child-resistant and hinge attack resistance certifications.


  • Three-foot steel cable
  • Don’t need any tool for installation
  • Space-saving design is available


  • A better lock is required

4.Stack-On 18 Best Gun Cabinet

Stack-OnDescription: It is the most famous name in the gun storage landscape. If you want to get a portable storage option to store your firearms, then choose this model. It is capable of storing eighteen long guns and other smaller accessories of different types. For multiple shooters (who like to hunt or train together), it is an affordable option. The interior part of the storage can hold gun barrels. It helps to offer enough protection to your firearms from scratches and other types of damage.

The product comes with adjustable shelving. If you want, you can add or remove its center partition and shelves. You can convert the inside areas to shelving to store Ammo, pistols, or other items. Besides, it features a 3-point locking system along with key coded cylinder lock. It is also equipped with adjustable barrel rests. When you extend this, it will offer additional storage. If you want to get a secure and affordable option for storing multiple weapons, you must choose this one.


Construction: It consists of welded steel box construction. The locking system of the product comes with a double-bitted, key-coded lock. It contains a full-length welded and staked steel piano hinge. These are beneficial for greater security.

Design: The firearm storage contains patented, contoured non-marring barrel rest along with barrel standoffs. It comes in a baked epoxy finish.

Flush mount bottom: It comes with a flush mount bottom that quickly fastens to the floor. The Pre-drilled mounting holes of the product enable you to attach it with ease to the floor or wall. It comes with fastening and finishing hardware.

Locking plates: There exists a locking plate behind the steel cabinet frame. Besides, it comes with a large steel locking plate. The plate is secured behind the steel door frame, and the frame is available in the center section of the door panel. The barrel rests come with a contour that allows you to place rifles as well as shotguns. It contains patented barrel rest standoffs that help keep the rifles away from the back part of the cabinet. You can attach this standoff to any Stack-On barrel rest. Moreover, it allows the user to remove it as per their need.


  • Robust locks which are hard to break
  • 3-point locking system
  • Available in baked epoxy finish


  • It doesn’t come with an automated feature
  1. American Furniture Classic Gun Cabinet 75 10

American Furniture Classic Gun Cabinet 75 10There is no better cabinet compared to this one when it comes to old-school classy appearance. Those who don’t need to worry about stealing their guns go for this one. What makes this model exceptional is its outstanding appearance.

It has convenient barrel rests and multiple adjustable shelves. This weapon storage is capable of holding rifles, shotguns, and a few handguns.


Arrange your collection: You can arrange your rifle collection in classic elegance using the product. It is a 10-gun storage cabinet that comes with locking storage. You can store rifles of sizes up to 52 inches in them.

Design: The product consists of solid wood and wood veneers. It comes in a cherry finish. The product comes with an old-world appeal as well as pioneering functionality. It also stores double barrel shotguns that you can see through tempered glass doors. Moreover, it has floor levelers and a side inset that enables the user to see the gun collections from the outside.


  • Handy barrel rests
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Solid wood design


  • Metal is a little flimsy
  1. Barska Biometric Safe Quick Access

Barska Biometric Safe Quick AccessIt is a California-based company that offers different types of cabinets across the world. This product is ideal for those people who are looking for an affordable gun cabinet. It is one of the most stylish products that you can get in 2021. The biometric technology of this product is unique. Its fingerprint scanning function can recognize more than a hundred identifications.

This product allows you to store three to four rifles. You can get three deadbolts. If you have limited space, then choose this option. The product consists of solid wood and wood veneers. It enables you to store up to 10 guns. You can keep 52″ rifles inside it. The product comes with a Tempered glass door, Lockable storage, Floor levelers, etc. It contains a curio storage device that is available on the right-hand side. The weight of the product is 97 lbs. It comes in 33.5″W x 10.75″D x 60.75″H dimension.


Biometric Fingerprint Scanner:

This top-quality Biometric Module can store up to 120 fingerprint data. It is very much reliable as well as consistent. The product allows the users to get access in 2.5 seconds. Besides, it has an optional silent mode.

Easy Backup:

The Battery-efficient biometric technology allows the product to consume a low amount of power. It comes with 4 AA batteries that help to power the product for up to 1 year. If you want to get the extra unlocking method, use the included keys. Powering the backup battery pack can make your job done.

Secure Storage:

It comes with 100% steel walls as well as tamper-resistant inner edges. This product contains five built-in steel deadbolts that allow you to make a 5 point locking system. The system helps to resist prying.

Silent Mode:

You can get this product available at a budget-friendly rate. It doesn’t offer any luxury to find the key in high-stress situations. As soon as you press a button, the biometric module can scan and store fingerprints in its central database. It offers you foolproof, along with high-level biometric security. With the help of this security, the product surpasses the outdated keypad with ease. It even allows you to enjoy up to a 100% unlocking rate at the time of stress or home invasions.

You only need to scan a finger many times at various angles. Here, you have to place your finger and then scan it towards the sensor side. You need to place it on the right side of the sensor. While putting the finger on the sensor, ensure that you have entered at least 2/3rd of the finger. Then, you need to scan it at the left side of the sensor. You can keep your finger on the sensor horizontally.


  • Unique biometric technology
  • Secure storage function


  • Small in size

7.Golval Best Gun Cabinet 

Golval Best Gun CabinetDescription: The product consists of light metal. It comes with an intelligent locking system that offers security. You can keep up to 8 rifles inside it. Along with this product, you will get hardware that will help you to mount it on the wall. In addition, you can access the weapons quickly and keep these away from the children. The advanced Biometric Fingerprint Technology makes the product exceptional. It can store about 100 Fingerprints. Besides, it features a 5-Point Steel Deadbolt Locking System. It comes with mounting holes that help to attach to Wall or Floor. The product includes a removable Accessory Shelf, 4 AA Batteries, Mounting Hardware, 2 Backup Keys, etc.


Advanced biometrics: This advanced technology allows you to secure weapons from children.

Defense system: It enables you to access your firearm quickly during emergencies. Besides, it comes with a reliable 2.5-second biometric scan.

Design: The product is made up of solid steel, five steel deadbolts, and protective edges. It helps to resist tampering and prying. The package dimension of the product is 18 x 16 x 57, whereas the interior dimension of the product is 16.5 x 14.2 x 55.1.

Mountable: The Biometric Fingerprint Safe allows you to store handguns as well as up to 8 rifles. It comes in an innovative design that makes the product durable and long-term usable.


  • Biometric fingerprint function
  • Innovative design
  • Protective edges


  • It doesn’t come with any user manual

How to Choose Best Gun Cabinets- Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are a gun hobbyist, then firearm storage and protection always have to be your priority. When you invest money, you need to choose the best quality gun cabinet or safe. However, when it comes to purchasing, you may be confused by pondering which one to choose. It is because there are multiple options available on the market. To deal with this problem, we have come here with a list of criteria. Before buying the best gun cabinet for your firearms, you need to consider these aspects.


This aspect is essential when you are going to choose a gun cabinet or safe. It depends on the number of firearms you have in your house. Sizable safes usually are more lucrative. It is because these contain customizable storage systems like compartments and shelving. Besides, before buying a much larger cabinet, you need to ensure that you have enough space available in your home. If you purchase large gun cabinets, you can keep other items inside them along with your weapons. For example, you can keep jewelry, papers, documents, and other valuable personal belongings.

Thick Door:

The thickness of the door is a dependable factor in the strength and resiliency of the gun cabinet. Always try to buy those models which come with much thicker doors. These don’t allow the theft and burglary or tendencies to drill or blast them. If you want, you can buy a door that comes with bendable steel construction. It offers more strength and helps to boost the fire protection rating.

Locking System:

You should always buy such a model that uses a top-of-the-line locking mechanism. Try to choose those models which come with a quick access function and offer maximum security.

If you want to get access quickly, you don’t need to use a safe with key locks or combination locks. Safes that feature biometric or fingerprint scanning are the ideal options in this case. These allow you to get access rapidly without sacrificing protection or security.


When you purchase these firearm storages, you need to keep in mind the cost or pricing. These are available in different ranges of prices. It relies on the brand and specifications of the unit you want to have. People who are looking for more innovations or multiple designs should choose upscale or high-end units. Sometimes basic features come in cheaper and budget-friendly price tags. But keep in mind that all cabinets that are available at low price tags are not fragile. It is because a few high-quality cabinets are available that are available at discounted pricing.

Steel Gauging:

People who want the maximum protection for their firearms should consider this point first. The security especially relies on the steel gauge. Always try to buy higher steel gauging as it will offer more resistance compared to the other models. Try to go for at least eight gauges one. It makes the metal powerful enough so that it can resist prying or drilling.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a gun enthusiast or a protective homeowner. Plenty of social reasons are there that let you know why you need to buy a reliable and sturdy cabinet. Along with offering enough protection to your firearms, it helps to keep your valuables safe and secured.  In this list, we have listed the top 7 best gun cabinets. Choose your required model as per your preference. It doesn’t matter how many guns, pistols you have. You need to make the right decision comparing the features of all of these products.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. Should you keep a gun cabinet in a garage?

You should not keep these in a garage, shed, or any other place that is outside of your building. Before buying the large or heavy ones, it is vital to consider the load-bearing strength of your floors. You can fix it to concrete blocks or the floor or the wall made of bricks.

  1. Can I move my gun cabinet?

You have to clamp your firearm storage securely at four points to a wall. However, you don’t need to take permission from the police if you relocate it to your property.

  1. What size bolts are ideal for a gun cabinet?

The 10mm Dia x 75mm long Sleeve Anchor bolts are suitable for these. You need four of these bolts to attach to a Brick or concrete wall.

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