Best Biometric Gun Safe- Gun Storage

Best Biometric Gun Safe- Gun Storage

If it comes to all about security and safety to your firearms or valuables, you need to choose the best Biometric Gun Safe. These Safes are designed in such a way so that you can keep your weapon securely. Besides, this storage system helps to get access to the pistol quickly whenever you need it. However, a few manufacturers are producing innovative and upgraded models day by day. You may find numerous options in the market. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can pick your desired model.

In this article, we have elaborately discussed Biometric Gun Safe. Moreover, we have given here the top five best products along with their specifications. Let’s check it out.

What is a Biometric Gun Safe?

It is one type of Gun Safe that helps to scan and read fingerprints for accessing the content. Instead of using a physical key for unlocking the safe, it is better to use this modern technology. Here, you only need to put the fingers in the biometric scan grooves. As soon as you do this, you will get quick access. For a home defense situation, it is beneficial. It is straightforward to use. It can scan your fingerprints within a few seconds. Then, it saves the data into its memory.

For opening the Safe, it uses palm impression technology. It is beneficial for those who want to get quick access to their Gun Safe.  Multiple products are there that can save more than one fingerprint. This feature is handy during emergencies. If you want, you can use this product to store other personal or valuable items also.

Added Security:

Those who have children at home need additional security. In this case, these Safes are the best choice for them. However, a few models feature alarms. These alarms will sound off as soon as it identifies a mismatched fingerprint. Along with offering extra security, this specification also gives alerts when intruders attempt to enter the safe. When they attempt to steal, it will provide you with notifications. Try not to buy a combination Gun Safe as your kids can see passwords easily or find the keys.

Usually, these safes are the ideal solutions that offer advanced security to firearms. However, sometimes the products fail to scan the fingerprints, especially the older models. The reason for failing the scanner may be dead batteries or wet fingertips. That’s why while buying this product, you should make sure that you do not forget to change the battery for complete optimization. Some products are available in the market, containing backup keys that allow the user to access the pistol in emergencies.

How Does Biometric Technology Work?

Different people have different fingerprints, and each of them is unique. It is one of the remarkable features of human nature. This product takes the benefit of the user’s unique fingerprint signature, and with the help of a scanning procedure, it stores that signature in the memory. Therefore, only the person can get access to the firearm whose fingerprint is stored. A few products are available in the market that enables you to save multiple fingerprint scans. For instance, both your wife and you can get access to the safe.

Pros and Cons of Biometric Gun Safe:

The unique benefit of using the  Gun Safe is that you can get access to your pistol or firearm very quickly. The enhanced security of this firearm storage doesn’t allow anyone to access your storage. Even a designated trained person will also be unable to access it. To keep your guns safe at home, these products are best suited for you.

What makes this product unique is the override mechanism. It allows the users to enter keycodes and enable them to access the firearm when fingerprint scanning fails. To do this, you need to be trained enough.

The only disadvantage of this product is technology. Sometimes, the scanning mechanism fails. That’s why you need to be trained enough so that you can access the shade manually. However, a few products come with an additional setup on the front end. It is helpful for the initial scanning and encoding of fingerprints. In this case, you can use a traditional gun safe.

Assessing Individual Gun Safe Requirements:

While selecting the best model, you should determine first what you will need. For example, you need to decide whether or not you and your family are comfortable using the fingerprint scan safe? Or do you have kids in your home, how many firearms you need to store, where you will keep the product in your house, what is your budget, Do you need to store other valuables in it, where you will keep the gun safe, and so on.

Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe Options:

As these firearms storing systems come with advanced biometric technology, they are becoming more demanding day by day. Moreover, these are very reliable. You can have numerous options available in the market of different sizes. Nightstand, Mounted bedside, Closet, Under-bed safes are a few instances of it.

Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe Wrap Up:

With the help of this technology, you can get quick access to your pistols. Moreover, it offers enhanced security and safety. These features prevent any other person from gaining access to firearms without authorization. We all need to protect our families, property, and assets. In this case, a biometric fingerprint Gun Safe can be handy.

Biometric Safe vs. Combination Safe:

Both of these two Safes offer incredible security to keep your firearms. However, the features and the advantages of these two models are different. While purchasing a gun safe, don’t forget to check the advantages and disadvantages of each model. Thus, you can determine which one is appropriate for you based on price, quality, features, and requirements. We know that biometric models use advanced technology. However, the combination ones can be more suitable for you.

As the biometric models use advanced technology, these are expensive enough compared to others. However, the price also depends on the selected brand, construction, and quality of the product. If you are on a tight budget, you can go for combination models which are available at reasonable prices. Both of these offer a high level of security. Nowadays, most people consider biometric models more secure and safe compared to other models.

On the other hand, if it comes to say combination ones, you need to use a key or passcode to get access. Therefore, intruders can crack the codes or fidget with the lock. If you have kids in your home, they can see the codes too.

Whereas in the Biometric models, only those can access the firearms who have authorized fingerprints. In emergencies, you need to access the pistol quickly. In that case, this feature of the biometric models is beneficial. If the model cannot recognize a fingerprint or forget the passcode, you can use a backup key.


Both of these two are equally reliable and secure. These models allow the users to store valuable items like cash, jewelry, watches, etc. If you feel comfortable using a passcode and key, using the combination model is the right decision. A few people want to get more advanced technology that can store multiple fingerprints. To get this feature, they need to invest more money and buy a biometric Gun Safe.

5 Best Biometric Gun Safe- Gun Storage


THE GUNBOX 2.0Description: Just like superior quality firearm storage, this product features a fingerprint reader that allows the users to open just with one touch. The product can store up to 25 fingerprints. If you want, you can also open it using the keypad or an RFID ring. This feature is handy when you are in an emergency. In this case, you need to wave the RFID chip over the safe to open it. The Gunbox 2.0 is the best and quickest model available in the market. It is equipped with a loud alarm that will notify you when someone will try to steal or open it without permission. Moreover, at that point, it sends an alert to the smartphone also.

It comes in a sleek as well as attractive design. As it is an inconspicuous gun safe, you can use it as a decorative piece. Therefore, no one could understand that the storage is holding a gun. Unlike other firearm storages, it looks like it can have a pair of upscale headphones. As a result, thieves may think of it as a media player, Wi-Fi router, or something like that.


 Fast Access: It comes with a quick access 360-degree biometric fingerprint scanner and an RFID scanner. The fingerprint scanner helps the users to store multiple fingerprints. If you want to use the RFID scanner, use a key card or a fob to open it.

Alarm and Ports: The product features an audible motion along with a tamper alarm. These will notify you whenever the box is moved without authorization.

USB Ports: It contains 2 USB ports. You can use these to charge other devices or connect accessories. The product comes with 18-months battery life.

Home Usage: It is an FAA-approved product that can keep the firearm safely.

Additional Features:

Automatic Lid: It comes with hydraulic shocks that help you to lift the lid smoothly. The lid allows the user to get quick access to the firearms.

Design: Due to the exclusive sleek design, it does not look like a traditional product. This box is much more robust and heavier.  It consists of 4 mm die-cast aluminum. The weight of the product is just over 4.5 pounds. It enables the user to keep most duty-sized handguns with ease. You only need to touch your finger or use the wave of a key card, fob, or ring to open it. However, you can use the smartphone app to open the pneumatic-assisted lid smoothly.


  • Excellent design
  • It can be unlocked with RFID or a keypad
  • Tamper-resistant audible alarm
  • Die-cast aluminum shell


A few users reported that it takes a long time to open.


VAULTEK SLIDER SERIES Description: It comes with a compact design. This one is perfect for concealing the firearm in tight spaces. This model features a biometric scanner, illuminated keypad, and machined keys.

The latest improved design of this model can store such a firearm which is up to 8.875″ in overall length. Besides, it comes with a three-point precision rail system as well as rapid-deploy ball bearing guides. You can hide your firearm easily under a desk or in a car due to the slim, vertical design of this safe.


 Design: Along with a length of 8.875″ pistol, you can store one spare magazine here. It comes with a Mounting Plate that features multiple mounting configurations. It comes with standard VESA 75mm and 100mm hole patterns. This specification enables the user to remove the product from the mounting plate within seconds.

Steel Construction: It comes with a strong and rugged 16-gauge carbon steel construction that offers the product a durable finish. This excellent construction helps to prevent corrosion and makes the model durable. It comes with an exterior dimension of 11.25” x 9” x 2.6”.

Anti-Theft Protection: It comes with a single anti-impact latch. This latch enables you to keep the product securely locked under impact. Besides, the three-point precision rail system and ball bearing guides are more crucial in deploying help to open the safe quickly.

Quick Access: The high-resolution biometric scanner allows you to get access to your firearms quickly. It can store 20 unique fingerprints, 5-digit keypad with a built-in proximity sensor. Besides, it is compatible with your smartphone. Moreover, to open it, you can use a smart key sold separately in the market.

Smart Technology: What makes the product exceptional is that it supports Bluetooth. It means that you can open the firearm storage using Bluetooth from your smartphone. Therefore  you need to ensure that your Gun Safe is with in the Bluetooth range. If you want, you can activate and deactivate your Bluetooth with the help of the available hotkeys.

Additional Features:

Battery: The product comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It allows you to use the product for up to 4-6 months. You can charge the battery in 2.5 hours using the micro-USB charging kit.

LED lighting, Sensor, and Interior: The led lights allow you to see your contents at night. It comes with a built-in proximity sensor. This helps to illuminate the keypad whenever you touch the keypad. The refined interior of the model comes with high-density foam padding. It helps to protect a single firearm along with one spare magazine.


  • LED lights along with refined interior
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Smart Bluetooth technology
  • A micro-USB charging kit is included
  • 5-digit keypad and built-in proximity sensor


  • A little bit costly

Best Biometric Gun Safe GUNVAULT MICROVAULTDescription: If you need a budget-friendly model, then you can go for it. It can offer reliable housing for a single handgun. Besides, the firearm storage consists of high-quality heavy-gauge steel. Therefore, it can protect your pistol from prying hands.

This model comes with combination buttons that you can use as a backup method of entry. Here, the controls are placed into finger grooves. Thus, it enables the user to align hands/fingers even in the dark and press the buttons.


 Design: The exceptional design of these premium products has set the standard for the other models in the industry. The model has a biometric scanner that enables the user to access it quickly, even in the dark. The improved high-strength lock mechanism and precise fittings prevent anyone from opening it using hand tools.

Battery: A battery powers it. The product features fingerprint recognition that helps to access safe content. Besides, it uses a high-performance algorithm. With the help of this, it can identify enrolled fingerprints very quickly. Moreover, it has a meager False Reject rate (FRR).

Self-Learning Algorithm: Its self-learning algorithm offers new minutiae to all fingerprint templates. When you touch the scanner, it reduces the likelihood of FRR. It also helps to update slight changes and distinguish variations.

Security: The product is capable of handling a maximum of 120 fingerprint templates. It features a 4-foot security cable using which you can keep secured. This feature makes the product ideal for home and travel.


  • 120 fingerprint templates
  • Self-learning algorithm
  • 4-foot security cable
  • High strength lock mechanism


  • Problems in fingerprint sensor


  1. Barska Biometric Safe

Barska Biometric Gun SafeDescription: The metal thickness of the product is 14 Gauge. It comes in exterior dimensions of 14.5″ x 16.5″ x 7.75″ and interior dimensions of 12″ x 16.25″ x 7″. The weight of the product is 26.55 lbs. It comes with some included accessories like mounting hardware, two Backup Keys, one emergency Battery Pack, and four AA Batteries.

The advanced security of the product makes the product exceptional. It helps to keep the unwanted visitors away as no one is capable of getting access without authorization. It can store about 30 fingerprints. For the commercial setting purpose, it is an ideal choice. The lifespan of batteries is one year. It comes in an excellent design approved by the Department of Justice. This unique design ensures that the product is tamper-resistant. The model’s weight is 13 pounds merely which enables you to mount to the wall with ease. You can mount it to the wall or leave it on a shelf.


 High-Quality Construction: It allows you to access your firearm very quickly.

It is made of Solid Steel. The product comes with tamper-resistant inner edges, along with two built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts. These make sure that you can keep your valuable items secured.

Advanced Biometric Scanner: It features a top-quality biometric scanner with the help of which you can access your pistol in just 2.5 seconds.

Ultra-Compact Storage: The product is 0.8 ft in length. Therefore, you can keep ammo, medicine, jewelry, and private documents here securely. Besides, it comes with an optional silent mode. It includes one silent Access Mode feature, one protective floor mat, one mounting hardware, and a user manual.

Mounting: You can now mount it anywhere and register the fingerprints at various angles before using it.

Long-Lasting: It consists of robust steel. *The product can withstand both pryings and tamper easily.* The protective inner edges and a dual deadbolt locking system ensure that thieves can’t cut into it. You can get childproofing firearm security also.


  • Long-lasting
  • Ultra-Compact Storage
  • One silent Access Mode feature
  • 30 unique fingerprints


  • Not fire-resistant

5.SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

Best Biometric Gun Safe SentrySafe QAP2BELDescription: The firearm storage is made of steel. Along with having a button backup, it follows the latch mechanism.


Secured Storage: It doesn’t matter whether you have two standard handguns, one large pistol, ammunition, or something else. You can get the most secure storage to keep them using this product. It comes with a fingerprint scanner that is beneficial for advanced protection.

Easy to Access: It comes with a gas strut that helps to open the door of the gun storage immediately. If you want to buy a bedside gun safe, it is the ideal model.

Design: Along with solid steel construction, it also comes with a pry-resistant door. Both of these features increase the security level. This product is exceptional because it is equipped with a Digital keypad and override key—these two key features for the backup entry. The product is California DOJ certified.

Weight and Dimensions: The exterior dimension of the product is 16.4-inch Width x 9.8-inch Depth. X 3.2 -inch Height. Besides, it comes in 14 inches W x 6.5 inches D x 2.2 inch H for interior dimensions. The weight of the product is 16 pounds. You need 4 AA batteries to use the product.

Optimal Performance: It uses four top-quality, renowned branded and alkaline AA batteries that come with an expiration date of 8-10 years.  These batteries offer optimal performance to this product. If you want, you can use Generic and rechargeable batteries.

Fingerprint Recognition: It comes with one of the most advanced locking systems. As soon as you swipe your finger, it gives access to the pistol.

Additional Features:

Visibility: The product comes with Interior lighting that offers increased visibility. As a result, you can quickly get access to your firearms without any extra lighting.

Quick Access: The door of the firearm storage opens automatically when you unlock the safe for quick, quiet, and discreet entry.

Protection: The Solid steel construction of the model makes it durable. It features a soft interior lining that is beneficial in protecting the firearms from any damages. Thus, it ensures that your firearms will remain secured inside the storage.


  • Solid steel construction
  • Single-handed access
  • Digital Keypad
  • Backup access with interior lighting


  • Batteries not included

Best Biometric Gun Safe Buying Guide

It is challenging for you to choose the right biometric gun safe as multiple options are available in the market. Therefore, before purchasing, don’t forget to check the buying guide. Thus, you will be able to select the exact model as per your needs. Usually, these are available in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether it is a basic single gun vault or a heavy-duty biometric fingerprint safe, you can keep multiple pistols there. To guide you, here we have given some crucial factors that you need to keep in mind while buying.

Here, we have given a few parameters like capacity, weight, battery type, biometric system, etc. Most of the products are equipped with almost the same security features. However, different manufacturers use different technologies to configure their products. Let’s have a look at these factors.

  1. Reliability

Before buying, it’s essential to make sure that the product has accurate scanners. Always remember that a poorly-made scanner will not be able to read the owner’s fingerprints. Moreover,  the owner also could not access his firearms in time out of the storage. Besides, if you purchase faulty scanners, it will affect the level of security of the product. There are a few low-quality biometric models available in the market that allow unauthorized access. When these become unable to record fingerprints correctly, these enable unauthorized access. It is because these cheap models may be made of the lowest-grade parts.

  1. Bolted vs. unbolted

Multiple products are available in the market, which allows you to bolt them to the floor or wall. However, if you cannot install it yourself, you can take the assistance of professional installers.

Always try to choose the bolted ones as these prevent the intruders from picking the safe. The drawback of this model is users will not be able to remove the firearm storage from one place to another. For instance, if you want to move it to another location, you need to follow the unbolting process. If you have a bolter safe, it has to be there even in an emergency time like a house fire.

  1. Shape and size

Usually, you will not be able to determine the actual space of this storage system considering the external measurements. You should know that these models are available in different shapes and sizes. A few models offer a low amount of storage space for keeping your small valuables or smaller firearms. On the other hand, a few are there which come with large amounts of space.

It allows you to keep things such as larger pistols and holsters. That’s why, before buying, it is vital to focus on the size of items that you want to store inside it. You should check the dimensions of the products you need to keep in the safe to ensure whether the size of the product can be fitted in the safe.

Many people prefer to choose those models that can provide a little more storage space than their requirements. You can follow this similar principle before buying the product. Having extra space inside the storage allows you to access our items, especially in emergencies, easily.

  1. Alternative access

Sometimes, you may find that the product is not working or allows you to get access quickly. The scanner may malfunction, or the product is unable to scan damaged fingers. You can also experience that the scanners are not functioning due to the short lifespan of the batteries. It implies that the product must have an extra feature like alternative access.

While purchasing the product, ensure that it comes with backup keys. It helps the user to override the fingerprint scanner manually. A few models are available in the market that uses advanced technology such as Mobile apps. Therefore, if you face any of these previous problems and have alternative access to your firearm storage, you don’t need to call any professional safecracker.

  1. Certifications

There are a few products that got approval from many organizations in the United States. This approval indicates that you can keep your firearm in this storage without any issues.

California Department of Justice and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are the two most approved organizations. So, before buying, don’t forget to check whether the product got approval or not.

  1. Material

It is a crucial aspect that you need to check before buying. Because it is the factor on which durability, pry-resistance, and security depend. You may find that the best models are made of steel in most cases. However, the quality and thickness of the steel are also very significant factors. A few products are available, which consist of solid steel. On the other hand, a few models are available, consisting of cheaper alloys in some parts.

  1. Thick Gauge steel:

Always try to buy a model that is made of premium steel. It is because no one can cut into the product. The word ‘gauge’ refers to the thickness of the steel. The more the ‘gauge’ of steel it has, the thinner it will be. It implies that products having a lower gauge of steel come with a thicker sheet of steel. That’s why while purchasing the best one, you need to choose those which consist of low gauge steel.

Try to buy products made out of 11 gauge steel or 14 gauge steel. A product made with 20 gauge steel contains a thinner wall. Therefore, it offers less amount of security to the owner. The required number of gauge steel relies on the type of product you want. However, if you want to use these at home, you should go for those products between the 10-18 gauge steel range.

Before purchasing, you need to check the specifications of the locking system. You may find a few cheap brands which try to cut corners. Models consisting of low-grade steel can decrease the quality of elements such as deadbolts or locks. Don’t buy such products that consist of low-grade steel, as these offer less durability. Do you want to get a premium quality fireproof product with a pry-resistant door? Then, you need to buy those which are made of only high-grade materials. Try to purchase those modes which are scratch-proof also.

  1. Battery Type

It is one of the crucial factors that you have to consider before purchasing the product. To run the fingerprint scanner, power is needed. Therefore, the gun safe will require batteries. Different products need different types of batteries. That’s why you need to consider both the brand and the model. A few models are there which require 4 AA batteries.

On the other hand, some firearm storages need 9-volt lithium-ion batteries to be used. The battery life also depends on the type of battery. Some batteries drain the power very fast compared to others. It is always recommended to buy rechargeable batteries. As a result, you can easily replace them daily. Besides, this battery option is more economical for long-term usages.

Furthermore, you can check the battery life of the rechargeable batteries in-between replacing them.  Never buy cheap disposable batteries from your local discount store. Always try to purchase high-quality batteries that can offer long battery life.


In this article, we have given the top five best biometric safes. Which one you need to choose depends on the type of vault you want and the amount of money you want to invest. Each product is the best in its style. However, if you have kids in your home, the security function is an essential specification. This product helps to keep your firearm and other valuables securely locked up.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Are biometric gun safes reliable?

Most of the People think that these kind of product does not have the appropriate technology update. Besides, you should not buy the Economy biometric locks as these are not reliable. However, for the reliable ones, you need to invest more.

  • Why is biometrics safe?

These are known as fingerprint safes also. The prime purpose of its design is to offer quick access to your items in emergencies. Due to the fingerprint technology, users don’t need to remember the combination anymore. Moreover, they don’t need to carry any keys.

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