Patents Reveal Sony Developing New Controllers for Playstation VR

Patents Reveal Sony Developing New Controllers for Playstation VR

New Gaming Tools for PlayStation VR?

Sony is now raising the game with two new controllers for their PlayStation VR. The Korean giant’s first attempt at motion sensor related gaming has been ‘the move controller’ related to the Nintendo Wii. Now the company has filed patents for these two new controllers that hopefully will bring a new touch to the gaming world.

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Designs for the two new patents, seems to be promising and may even add to a more immersive experience while gaming on the PlayStation . Taking a look at the patents shows finger tracking tech and controllers that expand and contract depending on the object that is to be held.

Vertical controller for the PlayStationVR:

Sony has filed two new patents one in 2016 and the other in 2017 for two new controllers that are probably related to the Sony PlayStation headset.

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The first controller to be patented is a vertical grip. This controller for the PlayStation VR has a range of buttons on top and a hand strap for added steadiness while holding the controller. The PlayStation VR controller also comes with a trigger on the underside which the index finger can press down on.

But the most exciting part on the new PlayStation VR controller is the gears on the grip that seemingly expand or contract depending on the object that is to be held in the PlayStation  world.

This expanding or contracting works depending on what you are doing in the PlayStation VR world. Suppose you pick up a knife in the gaming world the controller contracts to mimic the hold on such a small object. According to Sony this will give gamers a more immersive experience while playing on the PlayStation VR.

At present, Sony has a controller that vibrates in response to a gamer’s touch.

Controller to track finger and hand placement on the PlayStation VR:

One of the other patents filed in 2017 has to do with a head- mounted display that can supposedly track finger movements and hand placements. Again this controller is supposed to be part of Sony’s PlayStation .

The current PlayStation VR detects a gamer’s position through a camera, so adding finger detection and hand placement is likely going to need a new PlayStation headset. The first Sony PlayStation headset came out in 2016 and since then there has not been a second version.

Needing new controllers for Sony’s PlayStation VR:

The first motion related control was launched in 2010, the Move controller for the Nintendo Wii. After that Sony released the PlayStation headset in 2016 and up until now there has not been another motion related device from the company.

These prototypes for controllers for the PlayStation VR will bring in not only added realism to the gaming world but will also add, new much needed features to the PlayStation  world.

“The Reaction Force Generator” or the expanding- contracting grip controller will add new dimensions to the PlayStation VR experience. It will also give gaming a more realistic touch.

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