Bose Noise masking Sleepbuds Designed to Help You Sleep

Bose Noise masking Sleepbuds Designed to Help You Sleep

Bose Sleepbuds designed to Mask Noise

Bose Sleepbuds have been released recently to enable the user to enjoy an uneventful and uninterrupted sleep. After a few years of research and prototype testing through the Indiegogo campaign, Bose has commercially released the noise masking Sleepbuds. It does not drown out the surrounding noise but only masks the noise around you. The Bose Sleepbuds are wireless earbuds and comes with the special noise masking technology. After the release of the Bose SoundSport Free earbuds, they have recently released the Bose Sleepbuds. The product is selling on Amazon, but for how long is anyone’s guess, as the demand could rise, considering the high number of people who are sleep deprived.

Features of the Bose Sleepbuds

The Bose Sleepbuds are wireless earbuds that come in white colour and weigh 1.4 grams. They are 1 centimeter in width and height. The light weight makes it easy and comfortable to use. It is the smallest product that Bose has designed. Since they do not protrude beyond the ears, it will not get jammed in when sleeping on a pillow. Bose has designed it in such a way so that it is as small as possible and also offers a snug fit. The Bose Sleepbuds have a wireless antenna on the exterior, a silver-zinc battery, transducer and flash memory within. With the tiny transducer, you cannot listen to music but only ‘sleep tracks’. The Bose Sleepbuds come with specially designed eartips to lessen the noise, though not to completely drown the noise. There is a flash storage built into the Bose Sleep buds that has 10 audio tracks that play through the night. All the soothing sounds like the sound of waves, the rain, the stream and other sounds from nature have been included.

The Bose Sleepbuds play the audio tracks as you go to bed. They drown out the street noise, loud sounds in the neighbourhood and even the loud snores of your sleeping mate. It also eliminates the noise from an air conditioner or a noisy airplane cabin. There is a disadvantage though, as it lets in voices and sudden sounds. Hence the Bose Sleep buds are engineered to only mask the noise that gets past. It does not cancel out the noise but blocks the sleep disturbing sounds with audio tracks to help give you a good sleep. The Bose Sleep buds are basically masking earbuds and not noise cancelling earbuds.

You can also adjust the volume to mask all the sounds that are causing a disturbance.

The Bose’s mobile app for the Sleepbuds will be adding a few more tracks. On the app you can set the alarm or can keep the Sleep buds on a timer.

The Bose Sleepbuds are charged in an aluminium case with a Micro USB connection and a rubber base for placing it securely. The case has an additional 16 hours of power, so you can have a total of 32 hours before the Bose Sleep buds and case needs recharging.

It comes at a cost of $250. For those who are sleep deprived and need a good, sound and uninterrupted sleep, then investing in the Bose Sleepbuds will surely be a good investment. After all health is wealth!

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