Crib Bumpers

Crib Bumpers

Have you become parents for the first time? Then you must be careful and concerned regarding anything that may harm your little one. Have you done anything in your home to keep your baby safe? Crib bumpers are an excellent choice in this case. So, what are Crib Bumpers for?

As a protective parent, you must keep your child safe enough. But what if your kids hit their heads or get a limb stuck through one of the slats? Then, you might want to know whether these are safe or not. This article lets you know about baby crib bumpers.

What are Crib Bumpers?

A crib bumper is called a crib liner. It is a fabric pad designed to surround a cradle’s interior sides. As a result, it keeps infants safe by not allowing them to slip their limbs accidentally through the slats. Besides, it prevents babies from banging their heads on its side.

A few parents use these mesh baby crib bumpers to provide a protective bubble for their kids in their cradles. Although they are for the protection of babies, these can have the opposite effect. However, in recent times, you can see regulations on crib slat width, meaning genuine intent is not required anymore.

These were marketed as stylish additions to a nursery. Even people sold them in a set with baby bedding to complete the look of the baby’s room.


  • These don’t allow the baby’s arms and legs to get stuck in the slats.
  • The liners prevent headbanging cradle parties during blissful nap times.
  • As these corral the pacifiers, the baby could find them more easily.
  • While using gentle sleep coaching techniques, they block your baby’s view.


Why are crib bumpers dangerous? Let’s know its drawbacks.

  • Suffocation is a reason for injury or death for infants.
  • A new study in Pediatrics said suffocation is a reason for infant injury death.
  • Besides, 69% of tragic deaths are involved soft bedding.
  • According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, these had caused deaths of 282 injuries and 107 babies.
  • The American Association of Pediatrics said these are not products to use.

Are Crib Bumpers Safe for a Newborn?

Generally, newborn doesn’t need these. Newborn babies can not roll, shift or move. So if you put your kid down, he will be there until you pick him up again. Besides, buying these liners will not make a big difference if they struggle to sleep.

Find Your Newborn’s Daily Rhythm: You should try to figure out your baby’s natural daily rhythms. Thus, you can learn the cues and messages your baby might need.

Get a Good Swaddle: Getting this is the next best thing you may try to do. Babies remain tightly compressed for months. Therefore, the wide open space can make your baby happy.

Are Crib Bumpers Safe for Babies?

Once babies grow out of the newborn stage (usually around 20-24 weeks), you can see your baby having a tremendous growth spurt, destroying everyone’s happy sleeping. It is the 4-month sleep regression.

Without these things, you can help your child through this regression. However, according to science, the traditional ones are very risky to use in the cradle.

So you should allow your kid to practice lifting the binky to his mouth during the day. After that, they try to leave their farm scattered around the cradle at night.

Sometimes, your child can be stimulated by your presence while using a gentle Sleep Shuffle. In such cases, try to attach a few command strips on the ceiling to a cheap shower curtain. Thus, you can be out of sight without leaving the room.

Are Crib Bumpers Safe for Toddlers?

Regarding toddlers, the major problem is usually not rebreathing or suffocation. But, of course, if your kid is one year old, he is powerful enough to move around in the cradle, making that a moot point.

The major problem is the climbing of toddlers. Smarty-pants toddlers come with additional fabric as a stepping stool to escape the cradle entirely. As a result, your toddler might fall from that and have a head injury.

Top Five Crib Bumpers:

Linenaffairs Breathable Baby Classic Mesh Crib Liner:


This baby cradle liner helps to prevent your baby from bumping the head and getting feet stuck. Besides, it is breathable and safe. You can use it for your baby all year round, as it is one of the safe crib bumpers.

You should use a small amount of salt in the water to wash it. Then, allow it to soak for two minutes. Thus, it can lead a significant role in fixing colour after the normal wash.


Dimensions: This one is a Four-Sided Slatted model which has a short panel of 82″X 11″(208 X 28 cm) and a Long panel of 111″ X 11″(282 X 28 cm).

Easily fit: These liners can fit the four-sided slatted and back cradles. You can use both panels of the liner as instructed. If you want, buy these for End cradles and mini or portable cradles.

Breathable 3D mesh: It is upgraded with ACT air channel technology. In addition, this Exclusive single-layer mesh can promote maximum airflow making it one of the best crib bumpers.

Design: It weighs light and comes with breathe-through polyester mesh. But, it does not offer any padding to restrict airflow.


  • Lightweight
  • Fits easily


  • Sufficient tie-ups to secure


Baby Crib Tent by Pro Baby Safety

Baby Crib Tent by Pro Baby Safety Crib BumpersDescription:

You need not check your monitor or peek into the room to ensure your kid hasn’t gotten out of their cradle. It is suitable for you. You can keep your kid safe and sound inside.

It comes with a cover to keep infants from climbing out. You can see many small holes which allow air to circulate. Thus, your baby remains cool and calm inside. In addition, it will keep bugs & insects from sneaking their way inside.


Fit easily: The model can measure 52.5 x 29 x 55 inches. It consists of a thinner but strong mesh enabling you to see what is happening inside the cradle while looking through a monitor.

Easy Set up: It focuses on all small necessary details that small ones usually miss. Therefore, it is a good item if you want quality and safety. Besides, these baby-safe crib bumpers are simple to install. You only need to unbox them, and you can install them within minutes.

Guarantee with warranty: It has excellent quality, design, and safety. The whole satisfaction is the main motive of the brand. This product offers a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 2-year replacement warranty.


  • Two-year replacement warranty
  • Sixty days money back guarantee
  • Simple to install


  • Problem while folding it.

BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner

BreathableBaby BreathableDescription:

The model has been sold since 2002. It is a genuine patented breathable mesh liner designed for cradle styles sold in the North American marketplace. Besides, a third-party CPSC-accepted accredited lab tested the product to meet or exceed ASTM F1917 Standard Consumer Safety.

In addition, the model has all the necessary accessories for infant bedding. Ensure that you must not use a mesh liner that does not support ASTM F1917. Non-compliant products may present safety hazards.


Prevent entrapment: Unlike padded crib bumpers, these can keep little limbs safely inside without the risk of restricted airflow. In addition, the product can offer a visual shield to give a more peaceful night’s sleep. Besides, these can keep the pacifiers inside.

Classic mesh: It is made of a single-layer Classic Mesh with ACT Air Channel Technology, enabling it to stay better to the sides. It’s rating of light blocking is over 85%. Besides, the product consists of 100% polyester mesh exclusive of decoration. There exists a 1″ polyester trim on top and bottom. In addition, it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, flame retardants, or formaldehyde.

Design: It has a long panel of 11″ H x 111″ L (28 cm x 282 cm) and a short panel of 11″ H x 82″ L (28 cm x 208 cm). The No-Gap-Wrap is used to make sure maximum coverage. But it doesn’t fit cradles with attached changing tables, solid-end cribs, and portable/mini cradles.

Simple to install: You can adjust it to fit easily. You should install its bottom edge 1″ below the mattress top and secure all fastenings. Whether the liner is not feeling taut or sagging, try to review the instruction manual, and watch the installation video, or directly contact customer care for assistance.


  • Easy to install
  • Maximum coverage


  • Messy packaging

Bacati – Classic Damask White/Black 10 Pc Crib Set with 2 Crib Sheets

Bacati - Classic DamaskDescription:

It consists of 100% Cotton Percale Fabrics with 100% Polyester Filling. In addition, it comes with almost all which can convert a standard room into a beautiful & appealing Nursery.


Design: 200 Thread Count 100 percent Cotton percale fabrics are used. These are excellent for newborn kids. Besides, these mesh crib bumpers don’t give skin rashes like other polycotton or polyester fabrics. Moreover, you can wash it in machines also.

Labeling: You must follow the labeling on every model. Ensure to go through JPMA Nap to Night time flyer before using it.


  • Machine washable
  • 100% Cotton percale fabrics are used.


  • Sheets aren’t soft

Magnolia Honey Baby Crib Tent

Magnolia Honey Baby Crib TentDescription:

You can let your kid enjoy an entire night of sleep without worrying about any small escape. It allows users to upgrade their lifestyles and get their sleep back. The model is useful if you get exhausted from not sleeping through the night due to a climbing toddler.

You can buy it for your child and give yourself time before the bed transition has to be made. Therefore, you can enjoy your sleep, ensuring your kid is safe every night and at naptime in the breathable crib bumpers.


Child Proof: Never stress if your kid sneaks out of their cradle, opens doors, or does something awkward. It prevents kids from hurting themselves. In addition, it prevents kids from chewing on the sides of their cradles.

Protect Children: You must want your kids safe from mosquitos and bugs. The breathable, strong mesh netting helps you to do so. Besides, the product comes in an upgraded zipper system that locks from the outside. In addition, it is possible to carry while traveling. Therefore, you can keep your child protected from outdoor creatures.

Simple to install: You don’t need any tools. In this case, you only need to open, pop up, insert inside, and tie the silk ties to the side. Thus, it allows you to enjoy a peaceful night and deep sleep.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy to install
  • Keeps your kid protected


  • Need converter

Why should you choose crib bumpers?

  • These have a precise weight on the front.
  • It can fool the babies who don’t prefer sleeping on their backs. Thus, your babies will feel that they are in your arms instead.
  • As it comes with removable arms, you can stop swaddling when the baby starts to roll.


In most cases, parents are confused about whether they need to use the liners. However, it can change. In 2021, the Safe Cribs Act passed the House of Representatives. Besides, many towns have banned its sale, including Ohio, Maryland, New York, the city of Chicago, and Watchung, NJ.

Whether you depend on these to improve your baby’s sleep, you should now use some tricks. But if you don’t want to use these, go ahead with the crib bumper alternatives. Ensure to follow the AAP’s safe sleeping guidelines.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • Are bumpers safe for cribs?

These can cause suffocation, strangulation, and entrapment. Besides, a statistic says about a heartbreaking case also.

  • At what age are crib bumpers safe?

You must not use these for kids younger than two years old (between 2 and 5 is optimal).

  • Why do cribs need bumpers?

These help to prevent kids‘ heads from falling between crib slats.


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