5 services you need to be using whilst travelling the world

5 services you need to be using whilst travelling the world


Even if you want to get off the grid for a while, people back home are going to want to keep in touch with you during your travels. Consider Whatsapp as an alternative to traditional phone calls and SMS messaging – it uses data/wifi instead of your actual network, so when you find a hotspot, be sure to make those calls.

Whatsapp is used by 12% of people worldwide as a sole way of staying connected, as reported by Ding, which is a sizeable number considering the sheer amount of potential alternatives. It’s a reliable, easy and trustworthy platform to use for communication – and, with encryption, your conversations will always remain private.

Translation service is important to establish convey our thoughts exactly. It is absolutely necessary for business and travel.  Apart from  Google and Microsoft  there are so many best translation service available online. Most of them provide  uncomplicated, affordable and high-quality translation service for both commercial and personal.

Google Maps

Don’t go anywhere without a map. And, as technology advances, Google Maps is probably the best choice –with coverage of nearly every area in the entire world, you’ll find your way through even the most remote locations, perfect for if you get lost or simply curious about your surroundings.

Best of all, Google Maps is able to tell you what’s nearby. Looking for the best restaurant around? Need some fuel? Simply looking for something fun to do? Google Maps has it all at your fingertips. With navigation and street view thrown in, there’s really no excuse for getting lost when you’re wandering.


When you’re travelling, you have bragging rights by default. And what better way to show off the sights you’re seeing, things you’re doing and even the food you’re eating than via Instagram? This photo sharing app is already used by almost everyone, so make sure you’re taking snaps wherever you go.

Taking pictures is also a good way to remedy those inevitable post-holiday blues you’re bound to feel once you’re home – especially framing and hanging them around the house – and Instagram provides a single hub for you to keep all the best photographs you take on your travels. Best of all – everyone back home can see just how much fun you’re having.

A fitness tracker

You may not even realise it, but when you’re travelling you’ll likely be burning a lot more fat than you may think – so long as you keep your diet regulated, of course. A fitness tracker will help you monitor the effects travelling is having, especially if you’re exerting yourself every day.

Many smartphones have health apps built in, but there are others you can download that offer more precise measures of diet, steps taken, calories burned and so on. If you’re looking to stay fit while you travel, a tracker will help you do just that – it’s the perfect opportunity to feel healthy and have fun at the same time.

A blogging site

Whenever you find a spot of free time during your travels, consider writing a blog post or two. Travel blogging has transcended from a mere hobby to a full-time role for many around the world, funding many people’s trips and allowing them to continue their journey. Why not hop on board and try your hand at it? If you’ve caught the inevitable wanderlust, this could be the best thing for you.

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