Best Crib Bumper Pads

Best Crib Bumper Pads

Do you know what Crib Bumper pads are? This article will let you know about this. Hence, you should know that these are available in crib bedding sets.

These are one type of pads made of cotton. You need to use them around the crib’s edge. Manufacturers innovated it so that people could keep the head of their babies secured. Thus, it can help to prevent kids from falling through the crib slats.

What Are Crib Bumper pads?

Crib bumper pads refer to a padding material like a roll of stuffed fabric. Designers make it in such a way that you can place this within a crib. Thus, it is possible to cushion one or more inner sides of the crib near the crib mattress. There is a mesh crib liner that you can place between a crib mattress and its inner sides.

Best Crib Bumper Pads:

  • CALANDIS Crib Bumper Cushion Pillow Bumper 6 Cushions Cot Bed Pads Grey Zoo

CALANDISDescription: If you are searching for a cushion to make your kid comfortable, choose this. It is one of the best crib bumper pads and best sleep care items for children. When you use the model, it can provide sufficient space for your kid. Therefore, your baby can play easily. It can protect your babies by keeping their heads away from its fence.

Make sure that the head, legs or hands of your kid doesn’t get bumped. You need to confirm that your kid is getting safe sleep at night. Now you may think about how to wash these pads? The best thing about the model is you can wash them in the machine. It means that you can clean these in the machine on a gentle cycle. Do you think that your baby can fall down from this? The model can ensure that these little hands remain safe. So you can stay worry free as their feet and hands will not get stuck on the sidebar.


Soft: As it is very soft, it can provide superb comfort.

Space to play: Your kid can get enough space to play. Therefore, if you want to keep your baby‘s head secured, it is an appropriate option.


  • Enough space to play for kids
  • Soft padding


  • Mod Arrow Grey And White Collection Crib Bumper Pad

Mod Arrow Crib Bumper PadDescription:  If you want to decorate the little area for your kid, this one is a good option. It is designed with an arrow print. You can get this model in different colours, such as grey, white, etc., to set up this.


Design: What makes this model impressive is that you can get it available in Sweet Jojo Designs.

Dimensions: 52in. x 10in.each is the long side, whereas 27in. x 10in.each is the short side.

Machine washable: You can clean this in your machine.


  • You can wash this in a machine.
  • Excellent design.


  • Crib Bumper Pad – Turk

Description: Use this model to protect your baby’s head from the cot’s hard spindles. It is so soft that your baby will surely be secured from the crib’s bars and hard surfaces. Therefore, you do not need to take tension. You can place it in a cot whereas the fasteners ensure that it will not move.


Organic: The model is completely organic. Besides, it has default folds. So, you can manage it to the crib size as per you needs.

Supports most nurseries: It is an ideal backdrop for pattern and colour because of which it is compatible with almost all nurseries. Its new look and excellent design can amaze you.

Simple to care: You can use it easily. Its excellent cushion work can make your baby feel comfortable quickly. It assures you that your baby’s body parts won’t get stuck between cot slots.

Dimensions: It is 360 cm long and 25 cm wide.


  • Machine washable
  • Easy to clean
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry


  • ChildLike Crib Bumper Crib Bumpers Pads

ChildLike Crib Bumper Crib Bumpers PadsDescription: It is made of polyester. Hence, you should know that it weighs very light and contains no harmful chemicals. In addition, you don’t find any flame retardants, formaldehyde, or anything else.

It is designed in such a way so that kids can breathe through it easily. Thus, it assures that your kid will get a safe sleep. Moreover, these crib bumper pads ensure that your kid’s arms & legs won’t get stuck between the slates. As a result, your baby can not easily climb on it.


Simple care: The model can secure all fabric fasteners before laundering so that you can avoid snagging. Ensure that you are cleaning it separately or using colours. In this case, you need to use non-chlorine bleach.

Simple to install: These gray crib bumper pads can easily manage to fit slatted cribs with four sides.

Dimensions: It has an 11.8″ x 134″ long panel and a short panel of 11.8″ x 63″. In addition, the user should try to attach this with 8″ ties.


  • More reliable than other models
  • Never slides or falls


  • Linenaffairs 4-Sided Slatted and Solid-Back Breathable Mesh Detachable Sandwich Crib Liner

linenaffairs 4-Sided Slatted and Solid-Back Breathable MeshDescription: With the help of the liner, it is possible to prevent your child from bumping the head. So there is no need to be getting worried about thinking whether your child’s feet will get stuck. What is vital is that your baby can breathe easily. Therefore, ensure that it is safe for your kid. People throughout the world prefer to use the product.


Accessories: These baby boy crib bumper pads come with one short panel of 82″X 11″, 208 X 28 in cm, and a long panel of 111″ X 11″, 282 X 28 in cm.

Slatted Crib: This product enables you to manage it easily so that it can fit four-sided cribs. It is possible to use liner panels. If you are looking for liners for End cribs and portable ones, you need to buy them from the market separately.

3D Mesh: The most fantastic feature of this model is its A.C.T. air channel technology. It can provide maximum airflow.


  • Lightweight
  • Polyester mesh


Risks of Crib Bumper Pads:

Should you use crib bumper pads? These are a few things which you have to know about crib bumper pads. Remember that if you use these, your baby can face problems. For instance, they can feel suffocation, SIDS, strangulation, and falls. These can decrease airflow, which can result in rebreathing of stale air. Besides, it can cause overheating.

In this regard, you should know that the U.S. CPSC or Consumer Product Safety Commission is the agency responsible for product safety laws and bans.

Moreover, child safety organizations don’t advise us to use these as they have a huge suffocation risk. The pads may stop your baby’s breathing, similar to a pillow or thick blanket, mainly when it is near the mouth or nose of your baby.


Remember that suffocation is the biggest risk if your kid is young and can’t move away from potential hazards. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) say that a few infants can’t arouse themselves enough to prevent death when they don’t get sufficient oxygen during sleep.


Your kid can become entangled in this or may get between the bumper and the crib. There are a few models which have been recalled because the trim may become loose. As a result, it can cause injuries.


Sometimes, parents don’t remove these when their kids can stand up in the crib. Hence, the bumper may offer a foothold leading your kid to climb out of the crib and fall.

Remove Crib Bumper Pads:

According to a few big children’s safety organizations, guardians should remove these from baby cribs. Again, Elliot Kaye, CPSC Commissioner, called these products ‘deadly clutter.’ His statement was released with a report of 107 fatal and 282 non-fatal incidents of these pads. All incidents happened between 1990 and 2016.

CPSC said in March 2020 that it was suggesting a federal Ban on them. But Maryland, Ohio and some other states have banned its sale already. In addition, a few states are yet to ban their sale.


These crib bumper pads often come with crib bedding sets. These pads can go around the edge of the crib. The main motive of designing these pads is protecting your kid’s head. Several parents prefer using these as they like the appearance of these pads, mainly when it matches with the crib bedding set. However, several parents prefer these as they want their kids to avoid hitting their heads. Also, they don’t want their kids extending their legs or arms through the slats.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are bumper pads safe for cribs?

These may cause suffocation, strangulation and entrapment.

  • Do babies need bumper pads?

Your kid can face suffocation, SIDS, strangulation, and so on.

  • What can you use instead of a crib bumper?

Health organizations don’t recommend to use these because of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which can occur due to suffocation.


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