Product Review : Tesla Model X will Hit the Street in 2016

Product Review : Tesla Model X will Hit the Street in 2016

The Tesla Model X is a kind of crossover, a great tourism with details of all road, completely electric. This is the third model of Tesla Motors after the Roadster and the famous Tesla Model S. This model will begin its commercialization in 2016. There is no conformity of the price,  but the experts’ tell us the price is similar to the Model S.  The Tesla Model X will also have a smaller brother, a more compact crossover that will arrive in 2019 under the name Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model X: The real premium electric car

As such, the Tesla Model X has no rival in the market, although its aim is to rival the supply of premium-focused all road vehicles. Soon there will be incorporated some electric cars that could rival it, such as the Jaguar I-PACE or the new Audi electric, which could be marketed as Audi Q6 e-tron.

The most peculiar feature of the Tesla Model X is in its self-described “falcon wings”. Essentially they are about doors of vertical opening, similar to the famous “wings of gull” popularized by Mercedes-Benz. With the subtle difference that this model is a large crossover, around 5 meters in length. The hawk-type doors give access only to the rear seats, its second row of seats. Above all, its third row of seats, which is the real excuse that has led Tesla Motors to design an atypical door system that facilitates access to its sixth and seventh place.

Tesla Model X: The Theory

In theory, the Tesla Model X hawk’s rear doors only make sense for their functional qualities. In practice, they will be one of the hallmarks of this model that will not go unnoticed. More information in our article 6 questions and answers about the Tesla Model X.

Since launching in 2012, Tesla Motors has delayed again and again the launch forecasts for the Tesla Model X. Although the brand has not given concrete explanations about this delay, presumably it has been due to the complexities that it has found Tesla to expand its business outside the United States, even to continue commercializing models under its peculiar format in the United States, as well as the technical problems of Model X peculiarities as its own doors.

Tesla Model X: High Performance

Rumors flared around the net that this model has a new generation of batteries with greater capacity than the own Tesla Model S. In its last appearances Elon Musk has ruled that it is going to enjoy greater autonomy than this one. It is having 60 kWh and 85 kWh power batteries. And a maximum autonomy that, according to European homologation, would be at most the 500 kilometers.

The Tesla Model X itself will enjoy a mechanics similar to the Tesla Model. It has a four-wheel drive system connected to the two electric motors, one per axle.

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