Sony LinkBuds S – Gadget Reviewed

Sony LinkBuds S – Gadget Reviewed

Sony released the LinkBuds at the early stage of this year. This model is the lightest active noise cancellation (ANC) earbuds yet. Online sources predicts that the new earbud LinkBuds S weighs only 4.8 grams each. The earlier one is for a radical ring-shaped driver with a hole in the centre. Thus, you stay in touch with the outside world while listening to music.

After the images leaked, the company has offered its next version, which will come in a more traditional design. In the upcoming weeks, you will get more details about these wireless earbuds online regarding their potential launch.

When will the LinkBuds S be released?

Till now, no expected release date is there for the new version. It may happen that the company will announce them alongside the flagship over-ear WH-1000XM5. After that, they will launch it in August this year.

In case not, these can appear at any moment because these will not warrant some kind of physical launch event. You will know the earbud as LinkBuds S WF-LS900. According to WinFuture, the company claims that they are the lightest earbuds with Hi-Res Audio support. ANC’s addition is a useful upgrade over the real model featured adaptive volume control. The latter option is available in the upcoming model also.

Design of LinkBuds S:

Its unique design trait in the renders is the outward-facing grate on every earbud. Google previously implemented the same features on the Pixel Buds series, dubbed “spatial vent.” Although it is unclear what is hidden beneath this vent, it will help you with ambient noise passthrough. Thus, it can provide an improved experience than other earphones.

The earbud can provide a total runtime of 20 hours. The earphone is compatible with Bluetooth 5.2 for connectivity. It comes with a 5mm driver enclosed in an IPX4-certified body which can tolerate splashes of water and sweat. Its Speak-to-Chat feature can pause music playback automatically while the earbuds recognize that someone has begun a conversation with you.

It will debut in the coming weeks in black, white, and beige colours at 199 Euros price. The original one are slightly lighter and weigh only 4 grams per bud.

But the new version features ANC. Other earbuds featured ANC, including the AirPods Pro (5.4 grams each), Beats Studio Buds (5.1 grams each), and Galaxy Buds Live (5.6 grams), heavier than the new model.

Besides, WinFuture predicts that the new version will have high-resolution audio and 5mm drivers. But it is much smaller compared to the 12mm drivers available in standard model released already early this year.

The new earbud can support noise cancellation based on your environment, and it is why you need to have prominent vents on both the interior and exterior parts. In addition, while the new version offers up to 20 hours of listening with the charging case or up to six hours without, on the flip side, it can offer 17.5 hours of battery life with the case and 5.5 hours without. You can get the ambient mode available on multiple other TWS buds and pipes which sound from the buds’ microphones to your ears. However, you will never get the same as the real one.

How much will the LinkBuds S cost?

You can estimate the price of the new model considering the original model cost £149/US$179 and the WF-1000XM4 cost £250/US$280.

The model has a closer design to the XM4 look & shape. You can expect the price closer to the LinkBuds than XM4. Besides, the Sony WF-C500 looks the same and has a price of £65/US$99. If the company is willing to sell the new model at a temptingly low cost with a smaller margin, then the model may be available at this price.

But you can know from leaked news that it is available at $199 (about £160/$AU280) while its predecessors were available at $179 / £149 / AU$299 price. According to the news from WinFuture, the new version will be available for €199 (about $209.85) very soon.

Testers have tested the Vision-S model on public roads. Airpeak S1, the professional drone of the company, is the smallest drone in the world and comes with a full-size mirrorless Alpha camera. These releases help to fill the whole world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology. Sony is also trying to bring new values which can inspire people’s emotions by being close to the people.

What did Kenichiro Yoshida say about  It?

Kenichiro Yoshida who is the Chairman, President, and CEO of Sony Group Corporation said in a press conference held on January 4, 2022, that they have reaffirmed the importance in the past two years.

According to him, Sony targets to attach more deeply with those who share the same interests. Besides, the CEO has mentioned his work with artists including Adele on her new album “30”. In addition, he also said about the recent technologies and initiatives to support creators.


While the new Sony LinkBuds S is on sale and will arrive shortly, you must not forget to use a fine pair of truly wireless earbuds. You must remember that the same company will release the WF-1000XM4, one of its latest models. Manufacturers know that these will hit the market, and people will rush after them to buy. Hence, Apple has played a major role, and you can expect to get the long-awaited AirPods Pro 2 before the year-end.

Google has the Pixel Buds A-Series that you can get recently. Besides, a rumour says that you can get the pair of Pixel Buds Pro shortly. If the leaked news is accurate, it becomes more expensive and high-end.

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