Best Apple Watch Bands and Straps for 2021

Best Apple Watch Bands and Straps for 2021

While there are so many outstanding options in the market, the best Apple Watch bands can be tricky to find. Apple has its own batch of options, but with a dizzying range of options, there is a thriving third-party Apple Watch strap market.

You should go for a sweat-friendly sports band while you’re working out. Or perhaps put on a high-end metal band to absolutely alter the look and sound of the watch as you go out to a crucial meeting or a job interview.

However, not all the bands and straps are amazing, and that’s where we come in. Since the first one in 2015, we’ve seen all the Apple Watch models and know a thing or two when it comes to spotting which bands would be better to purchase.

Apple also revised the design of the Apple Watch for the Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 5, but the bands would suit these versions even though they are made for an older edition since they can be interchanged between small and large sizes. You only have to make sure that you buy the right model-40 mm (small) and 44 mm (large) sizes for Apple Watch 4 and 5, while 38 mm (small) and 42 mm (large) are for older watches.

List Best Apple Watch Bands and Straps for 2020

  1. Marge Plus Compatible
  2. Chok Idea Innovative Buckle
  3. Nomad Modern Straps
  4. IYOU Sport Band
  5. Clockwork Synergy Classic NATO Band
  6. Wiplabs Link Band
  7. Secbolt Bling Band
  8. Casetify Printed Apple Watch Band
  9. Meridio Suede Band
  10. Nike Sport Band
  11. Hoco Original Stainless Steel Strap Bracelet for Apple Watch
  12. Dassari Carbon Fiber Strap
  13. Nomad Sport Strap
  14. UAG Active Watch Band
  15. Burkley Holo Strap
  16. Next Hybrid Leather Sport Band
  17. Apple Sport Band
  18. Nyloon Watch Band
  19. Apple Leather with Modern Buckle
  20. Apple Braided Solo Loop

Best Apple Watch Bands

Style and price are the primary factors for straps. Some bands are understated while some are extravagant accessories. It’s hard to say that one is more costly than another, too. Here are 20 of the best Apple Watch bands in 2020:

Marge Plus Compatible

Best Apple Watch Bands Marge Plus Compatible

The first watch band that comes in our list of the best Apple Watch bands is Marge Plus Compatible. Different leather watch Straps pledge to make you look more trendy. But one of the finest Apple Watch band is the Marge Plus Compliant, and it’s built to do so without emptying your pockets.

Crafted from authentic leather, this band is appropriate for a wide segment of the population and can handle wrist measurements between 160 mm and 200 mm. Plus, it comes in 13 distinct shades, including black, red, and teal. The Marge Plus Compatible is a good place to continue if you’re looking for a professional and affordable look.

Chok Idea Innovative Buckle

Best Apple Watch Bands Chok Idea Innovative Buckle

If you like the look of the leather strap but don’t want to fork out for the official leather bands of Apple, then look no further than this strangely called alternative. Chok Idea Innovative Buckle is one of the best Apple Watch bands due to its high quality. For a real blending of ideas at a fine price, Chok Idea’s basic leather strap simulates the fastening of the Apple Sport Loop.

The leather may be a tad rigid and require a few wears to break in, but it should age splendidly after that. It is available in both the size of a watch and a wide range of shades.

Nomad Modern Strap

Nomad Modern Strap

On this page, and for good cause, there are a few Nomad straps. They’re incredibly high quality and even trendy. A slimmer version of its Modern Brace in a stunning camel color geared at women is the latest from the brand. This vegetable-tanned leather brace comes from Horween, a respectable Chicago tannery, and the longer it is in service, it produces a beautiful patina. On the buckles and the connector that attaches to the Apple Watch, Nomad uses stainless steel.

Speaking of the watch, the brace fits for the 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 sequence. On the forearm, it’s delightfully lightweight and convenient, and the buckle style means throwing on in a jiffy is dead fast. About the catch? It’s only available for smaller Apple Watch sizes of 40 mm or 38 mm.

IYOU Sport Band

IYOU Sport Band

IYOU is one of the best Apple Watch bands if you’re looking for a new sports band for your Apple Watch. On both sides, the watchband comes with lugs that will easily lock into the Apple Watch. There’s also a template for pin-and-tuck closures that will make the design of your Apple Watch look cleaner.

The band itself is made of silicone, making it durable and easy to wear in all weather types even when exercising. Best of all, it’s inexpensive and comes in over 30 different colors.

Clockwork Synergy Classic NATO Band

Clockwork Synergy Classic NATO Band

Next up in our list of the best Apple Watch bands is the Clockwork Synergy NATO band. Pedants would say that these are not NATO bands because, these are two-part Apple Watch band, this represents a very special form of brace that runs under the watch itself.

These NATO-alikes look pretty much like the real deal and come with a variety of styles specifically built to cover all bases, so right next to a vividly colored Pride rainbow there’s a good old-fashioned US flag (although there’s no charity gaining here unlike Apple’s Pride band), and several other choices as well.

Wiplabs Link Band

Best Apple Watch Bands Wiplabs Link

Metal connexion bracelets offer a watch a certain look, but they can also be prohibitively pricey. Not so with Wiplabs’ Connect, which is a fair $70, but does not cut back on results. Crafted from stainless steel 316L, it is hard-wearing and should also be long-lasting. Plus it comes to match your watch option in either matte black or silver, making it one of the best Apple Watch bands.

It can be a pain to modify metal bracelets, but the Wiplabs Connect uses spring-loaded pins that remain within each link, so it’s easy to change the scale. With the use of a simple watch strap adjustment tool, we did it in five minutes. It looks superb until it’s on. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and neither does it trap the fur. The flexibility of the nature of the connexion with the secret butterfly closure means it is not too masculine and should suit tiny wrists as well.

Secbolt Bling Band

Best Apple Watch Bands Secbolt Bling

The Apple Watch bands at Secbolt are all about bringing you high fashion and making the gadget on your wrist feel like a typical luxury watch and are some of the best Apple Watch bands. With a rose gold finish and diamond rhinestones on a stainless-steel shell, the company’s Bling Band aims to achieve so.

A clasp on the bottom makes it convenient for your wrist to put the band on, take it off, and have a snug fit. It’s one of the better bands on your Apple Watch if you want something a little showy.

Casetify Printed Apple Watch Band

Casetify Printed Best Apple Watch Bands

Printed bands by Casetify are lots of fun, and hopefully cheaper than you would think. Made of cruelty-free fake fur, the bands come from animal prints and bold florals to abstract shapes, emoji, and flags in a dizzying selection of styles and colors.

There should be something to suit all tastes and all sorts of looks: there’s a stunning black strap with dark red and grey florals, for example, that will go well with a pretty frock. Or you might relive the neon smiley faces of the 1990s. Straps come in all types of watches and you can choose between fixings and buckles in gold, black, or silver. Ultimately, these are surely some of the beautiful bands.

Meridio Suede Band

Meridio Suede Band

Tired of your Apple Watch’s regular old leather bands and rubber straps? Take a look at the suede bands of Meridio, which are suitably distinct from other bands out there, but can match neatly with relaxed and smart outfits. The Suede band is easy to touch, supple, and convenient to wear, as you might imagine. The texture is good to the touch, and a nap on the band is adequate to capture the light, and the thickness tapers towards the tip, making it more wearable. Meridio is an Italian brand that has 10 years of luxury and leather goods experience.

Nike Sport Band

Nike Sport Best Apple Watch Bands

How can we forget to mention Nike in our list of the best Apple Watch bands? For those who want to work out with their watches, Nike is one of the most famous watch band manufacturers. The Nike Sport Band is made of fluoroelastomer, which is designed to stand up during intensive exercise and comes with a distinctly sports-focused look.

This band is water-resistant as well. Plus, it’s seamless enough that when it’s on your hand, it won’t be a hassle, which makes it one of the better Apple Watch bands for those who work out using their wearables.

Hoco Original Stainless Steel Strap Bracelet for Apple Watch

Hoco Original Stainless Steel Strap Bracelet for Apple Watch

If you like the look of the Stainless steel bands from Apple but would like an affordable version, the bands from Hoco are an appealing and inexpensive alternative. This is around 1/10th of the price of the connexion bracelet from Apple. This obviously makes these Hoco Stainless Steel Straps the best Apple Watch bands.

The dark ones do have edges where the original metal peeks through and their finish is vulnerable to rubbing, and while there is a link removing method to get the right match, the operation is really quite fiddly. As you might imagine, it’s not quite up to Apple standards.

But it’s good and it both looks and sounds nicer than rivals who look identical but cheaper.

Dassari Carbon Fiber Strap

Best Apple Watch Bands Dassari Carbon Fiber Strap

Who wants their Apple Watch to have the same old strap? Oh, no one. We want to be distinctive, and if you prefer a sporty style, check out the really cool carbon fiber-look brace from Dassari. With less glare and reflection than you would expect, the carbon weave effect is slight, making it more wearable on a daily basis. It fits and is extremely compatible with soft leather. Seeing the brace combined with bar-style hardware from Apple is also refreshing. The band is only available in black, but both the 38mm/42 mm and the 40mm/44 mm Apple Watch are available. The design and dark color slim down the Apple Watch a lot, but this does the reverse if you find several straps that make the watch look too heavy.

Nomad Sport Strap

Best Apple Watch Bands Nomad Sport Strap

A $40 silicone watchband, the Nomad Sport Strap is designed to be worn when you’re busy and sweating. Nomad says the material is both robust and cool, and some quality flair you would not find anywhere is provided by the slate-gray finish over the black. It’s one of the better sports band for the Apple Watch that sticks out more than the average alternatives for silicone.

UAG Active Watch Band

UAG Active Watch Band

If you’re the outdoor kind, then this strap is definitely for you. It is the ultimate watch band for the active lifestyle, available in orange, black, and camo and made of a high-strength nylon weave. The UAG Active Watch Band is one of the best Apple Watch Straps for outdoors as well as indoors.

The look is rounded off with a large stainless steel buckle, consistent with all Apple Watch series of all sizes. It’s not the most discreet of straps, but it’ll make a perfect wrist addition if you dig the style.

Burkley Holo Strap

Burkley Holo Strap

For those weekends in your sports car, Burkley’s Holo Strap is great, with the top off, heading towards the coast. Or, at least, those seconds where you imagine you are doing it. The traditional form of the strap makes it stunning, while the smooth, padded leather makes it both light and comfortable. We really enjoy the tiny style touches, including the Burkley mark, which is directly stamped on the strap string. It comes in one of the shades as well.

Next Hybrid Leather Sport Band

The Hybrid Leather Sport Band from Next is meant to be used in both exercise and casual conditions. It has an underneath of silicone that is intended for use during activity, and a top layer of brown leather that provides a bit more warmth and good looks. And it doesn’t feel cheap, due to the metal hardware added to the watch strap.

Apple Sport Band

Apple Sport Band

The initial Sport band remains an outstanding all-rounder if you’d rather not get a band full of holes. It’s costly since it’s from Apple, but it’s also made of finer materials than the knock-offs you’ll see on some auction sites. And this ensures that after a couple hours of wear, you’re not going to end up with weird stuff happening to your skin. To complement most outfits, it’s available in fifteen colours and there is also a charity-helping Product Red edition. You don’t have to think about choosing the correct size, either: in the same package, you get S/M/ L straps.

Nyloon Watch Band

Nyloon Watch Band

Nyloon’s nylon watch band looks like it’s going to last a while and survive some harsh treatment from this famous model, which is just what you need. We wore the Napier style, which is available in navy blue and red, and we found it comfortable and fashionable. The polished hardware is attractive, and there are spring-loaded bars on the Apple Watch connector parts, so you can change the band for another 20 mm or 22 m version of your own choosing.

Apple Leather with Modern Buckle

Best Apple Watch Bands Leather with Modern Buckle

If you’re looking for a slightly more elegant watch band that looks nice in different environments, the Modern Buckle Apple Leather is a good place to start. The band comes in a number of colours and is made from milled and tumbled leather, including black, green and blue. And since a magnetic closure comes with the band, it is easy to put it on and take it off.

Apple Braided Solo Loop

Best Apple Watch Bands and Straps

Released alongside the Solo Loop rubber, this is the other one-piece strap from Apple. It’s made from a soft silicone stretchable material that is threaded to feel soft. The gain here is that it looks much more formal than most bands, but it is also immune to sweat and water.

Since there are nine different models to pick from, you’ll only have to make sure you buy the correct one (use Apple’s size guide). However, there are only five colours to choose from, so elsewhere, you may find a better option.


So these were some of the best Apple Watch Straps. Although there are a variety of options available in the market, most of them are not pleasing enough and it’s hard to find the best fit for your watch. This article listed the best Apple watch bands for everyone, whether you’re a sports person, an office person, or a fun person! With the best Apple Watch band, you can match your personality with your Apple Watch and look and feel gorgeous.

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