Files Go App: Google to Launch an Airdrop Competitor

Files Go App: Google to Launch an Airdrop Competitor

Google’s Version of Air Drop: Files Go

So we’ve all heard of Air Drop and many of us have used it as well, now Google introduces File Go, an app to better manage and share files. Files Go is pretty much the Google version of Apple’s Air Drop. While with Air Drop you can share files from an Iphone to a non-Apple phone via Bluetooth, The Go App allows you to do the same using NFC.

Reason for Files Go:

Google is introducing the Files Go app as a part of its android Go initiative whereby phones having a lower grade of hardware or for those users who wish to use less data, was mainly created for them.

The Go app allows you to store and manage files for up to 10 MB. It shows you the amount of space you have left and also indicates those big files that can be deleted to free up space.

Users need to have the File Go app:

File Go app works by not only users having their NFCs on and tapping their phones together. But what is also required is that both users have the Files Go app. This is not the trend for Apple’s Air Drop, where users can share files to a phone that does not have Air Drop.

Availability of Files Go:

The Files Go app is not yet available to users. It was recently spotted on the Google Play store as a closed beta version but after that it has been removed from the store.

As the name suggests it must be a part of Google’s Android Go initiative but there is no confirmation as to that yet.

More about Files Go:

The Files Go app has a bar that shows you how much space is left, which files can be deleted to free up cache space and it also shows the users files that are large enough to be deleted to free up space. The app also comes with a File manager that allows you to manage your photos, music, video files and more. The go app also indicates those apps that are not being used frequently by a person and that can be deleted.

At present there are many apps in the play store that allow users to free up space, organize their files and also share files, but what is most interesting about File Go is the ease with which the app allows you to do all this while at the same time being properly organized for users.

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