Best Breast Pump- Comprehensive Buying Guide

Best Breast Pump- Comprehensive Buying Guide

What is a breast pump? What is its purpose?

The lactating women use the pump to extract milk from their breasts. It is a medical device.These pumps are usually manually operated or works by an electric motor. All the mechanical pumps imitate the newborn’s sucking action.

The suckling sucks the breasts around 60-90 times once the milk is released; the sucking rate will be reduced to the minimum depending upon the milk flow from the breast and baby’s need.

Most of the automatic breast pumps mimic the same process. The collected milk can immediately be fed to the baby or stored in the milk containers for later use.

Why is It Important to Breastfeed? 

Breastfeeding is crucial for the newborn as well as the new mother. Research reveals that you must feed a baby with breast milk for at least the first six months of birth. The mother’s milk contains all the necessary nutrition that the baby needs for its growth and strength. It contains vitamins, proteins, and fats that are very easy to digest than a formulated alternative.

In addition, the milk contains antibodies that help will help the child to fight against viruses, bacteria, or any kind of sickness. However, it is often recommended to visit the doctor once in a while during the feeding phase to ensure that the baby doesn’t develop asthma, allergies, diabetes, and obesity.

Not only for the baby; even nursing is beneficial for the new mother. During the feeding, a hormone named oxytocin is released that helps to move milk into the breasts. It can also help reduce postpartum bleeding and contract the uterus back to its normal size faster after delivery. Also, it can help in weight loss since breastfeeding can require the burning of 500 calories a day. It can also save more time and money than it would take in any other alternative.

Why is a Breast Pump Needed?

The pump is common among working mothers who get back to work after giving birth. These come in handy to them when they wish to feed the mother’s milk for the infant. The device is also serving several other uses, which include the following:


It is pretty common among new moms who have just delivered. It is caused due to the sudden increase in blood flow and milk supply in the breasts. They are generally painful. Here comes the pump for the mothers’ rescue. They can use the device to pump the excess milk and store it for future use. But you must be careful while using them. The tissues can easily be damaged when you are engorged. Don’t excessive pumping!

New-Born Cannot Nurse:

There are cases where the babies cannot nurse directly from the mother’s breasts. At that time, the mothers are recommended to use a pump. They can extract the milk and then feed the child with a feeding bottle or any other suitable alternatives.

Medications or Illness:

Direct Breastfeeding can be quite difficult if the mother is suffering from any kind of sickness or if she has gone through any surgery. It is always advised to breastfeed the child even during illness. The pump can store the milk and be used to feed the baby when the mother is ill.

In addition, even some medications can restrict the mother’s feeding process. Sometimes, the mother’s drugs can affect the milk; hence, Doctors may recommend a pump. The mother can postpone the medication and collect milk in these devices so that the baby will get its mother’s milk without any obstacles.

Lack of Enough Milk:

The new mother might lack enough amount of milk to feed her child. The pumping can help increase the supply of milk as it will stimulate more milk production.

Milk Donation:

Some women also use this device to pump milk and donate to mothers who do not have a healthy milk supply. They can also feed other babies.

Advantages of using a Breast Pump:

  • The use of these pumps can give new mothers’ a sense of freedom. They can carry on with their routine without being afraid to feed their babies in between work. They don’t have to compromise with any other alternative for nutrition-rich mother’s milk.
  • It will help you stimulate and maintain milk supply
  • Pupmp will also allow your partner to take part in taking care of the baby and help them create a bond with the infant.
  • It comes in handy when you have to stay away from the baby for some work during the feeding hours. All you need to do is pump the milk using the gadget and hand it over to your partner or caretaker. They can feed the child when he is hungry.
  • Pump will also increase your ability to pump milk after intervals.

How do Breast Pumps Work?

A pump mimics the natural sucking patterns of the babies. An average baby sucks about 45 to 90 times per minute and later slows down as the milk gets released. They don’t apply constant pressure on the breasts while feeding. The breast pump will mimic this suction pattern, and one pull per second will make the milk begin to flow. Later, the collected milk is collected in a storage container. The pumps also come with flanges that are funnel-shaped plastic parts that can be placed over the mother’s nipple and areola to create a seal. The nipple is gently pulled into the tunnel to release milk. You will have to pick the correct flange size for pumping success. Most of the breast pumps create a vacuum around the nipple to suck milk out of the breast. The pump mechanism creates the vacuum around the nipple for expressing milk continuously.

Parts of a Breast Pump:

All the breast pumps have common essential parts. They include

Flange/ Breast Shield:

The Flanges are funnel-shaped plastic parts that can be placed over the nipple and areola to create a seal.


The pump is usually attached to the flange or has a plastic tube to connect the pump to the breast shield. The pump will create a gentle vacuum to extract milk from the breasts.

Milk Container:

A detachable milk container is made to fit below the flange and collect milk as it gets pumped. It is a typical reusable bottle or a disposable bag that can collect and store milk. In some pumps, it can be attached to the nipple and can be used for feeding a baby.

Milk Storage:

The milk that is pumped out of the mother’s breasts is usually collected in the containers that come with the pump. The collected milk can be stored in the bottle and can later be fed to the baby. You can directly freeze the bottle in the freezer. Else, you can keep the breast milk in milk bags that are more compact than the bottle. You can store the extracted milk at room temperature for six hours; it can be stored up to one day if kept in an insulated cooler. When the milk is refrigerated, You can store it for up to 5 days, while if frozen in a deep freezer, you can store it for up to 12 months.

If you are using frozen milk, then the oldest milk must be thawed and used first. Thawing can be done by transferring the frozen milk from the freezer to the refrigerator the night before intended to use. It can also place the milk in a bowl of warm water. However, You should never microwave the mother’s milk. Microwaving the milk can kill the antibodies and nutrients present in the milk.

You can donate the expressed and stored milk to the milk banks. You can provide the milk to premature babies and to infants whose mothers cannot produce enough milk.

How to Start Using a Breast Pump?

Using a pump can be a very simple process, but it will require some practice.

You can start nursing your child right after your delivery. It can take about 1-6 hours to pump milk. If there are no latching issues, you can continue nursing, and later, after few weeks, you can start pumping.

  • Moms usually tend to have more milk in the mornings. So you can try pumping milk in the morning.
  • Start pumping only when you are ready to extract and store the supply of milk.
  • Stick to your pumping schedule to keep your milk supply consistent.
  • You can try pump between regular feeding intervals. You can pump 30-60 minutes after nursing and an hour before nursing. It will stimulate your hormones to increase milk production, and hence the child will get more milk.
  • You can start pumping a few weeks before returning to work. It can be quite stressful and frustrating to pump and practice a day before.

Does Breast Pumping Hurt?

Pumping can be hurt, but you will get used to it. First use can be quite uncomfortable since your nipples begin to stretch and the milk begins to flow. It can hurt you in the beginning, and later you will get used to it. But in case, if you continue to experience pain, you should check the following:

Flange Size: You must pick the correct flange size. If the flange is too small or too big, it can hurt the sides of your nipple and pull areola inside the tunnel.

Speed and Suction Settings: If the suction speed is too high or the strength is high, it hurts and causes discomfort. You have to change the settings according to your comfort and need.

Positions: You must place the nipples in the center of the flange. If it is misplaced, it can be pulled and pinched in the tunnel that can cause pain.

Don’t over Pump: Generally, the breasts can take about 15 to 30 minutes to empty. Therefore don’t pump for more than 30 minutes. You can try massaging your breasts before pumping in case if you face trouble getting your milk to flow.

Types of Breast Pumps:

The breast pumps that are available in the market generally fall under the three basic types. And they are:

  • Manual Pumps
  • Battery-Operated Pumps
  • Electric Pumps

Manual Pumps:

Manual pumps are hand-operated ones. It is operated by squeezing or pulling the handle provided repetitively, allowing the user to control the pressure and frequency of the milk extracted. The pumps are small and affordable. However, they require significant effort and can be tiring since you have to put all the power into the process. The pumps can be inefficient in emptying the breasts.  They are best suited for occasional users. These pump types help you relieve off from engorgement and leaking quickly while you are in travel or at work. It is significantly less priced and affordable. It is very lightweight, convenient, portable with minimum parts; in addition, it is less grease.

The bulb-shaped or bicycle-horn style manual pumps are highly not recommended. They can damage the tissue in the breasts and can be unhygienic since it is pretty challenging to clean.

Battery-Operated Pumps:

If you are going to use the pump very less frequently, then the battery-operated gadget is the best choice for you.  Battery-operated pumps are usually undersized but highly portable. Suppose you are in travel, you need to keep extra batteries on hand. Some of the battery-operated gadgets come with a breast pump bag for storing the milk. Since these products entirely rely on electricity, you need to have a backup plan in case of any issues with the gadget.

Most of the battery-operated pumps use batteries or a power cord plugged into a power outlet. A small suction motor inside the pump sucks and extracts the milk from the breasts, and the milk is let into the storing chamber via tubes connected with it. The user can regulate the degree of suction using the control on the top of the pump. Most of the latest model pumps come with different suction patterns to mimic the pattern of the nursing baby.  There are two types of single and double.  The single pump extracts milk from a single breast, whereas the double pump extracts milk from both breasts at a time.

The above said broad categories of gadgets are further divided into closed system pumps and open system pumps. Most of the closed system pumps are hospital-grade pumps, and they have overflow protection. Therefore it protects the motor from an accidental spill of milk. Though they are tending to be expensive, they are more hygienic.

The open system pumps do not have any overflow protector seals. Therefore the user needs to be very cautious to avoid any accidental spilling of milk on the motor while using.

Wearable Breast Pumps:

Instead of using a separate motor and milk collection system for each breast, these wearable machines connect the flanges to a single collection bottle. These pumps can be worn inside your bra, making the system hands-free. Most of them are wires and tubes free. Those are very silent.

You can express your milk while you do your daily routines or on the go, most importantly without knowing the others. Though they are costly, they are effortless to use. Most of the wearable pumps sense the let-down, and they automatically express the milk from the breasts. They automatically switch the phases from stimulation then to expression in variable modes.

Which Brands of Breast Pump Machines are Best?

There are plenty of brands and products available in the market we have selected very few based on their reputation and popularity among the users.

  • Ameda
  • Ardo
  • Elvie
  • Lansinoh
  • Motif
  • Medela
  • Spectra
  • Evenflo
  • Freemie
  • Philips
  • Haakaa
  • Aeroflow
  • Willow
  • Bella

And many more…

12 Best Breast Pumps Available in the Market:

Medela Freestyle Flex

Spectra S1 Plus

Bella Baby Double Electric

Freemie hands-free liberty pump

Philips Avent Comfort

Aeroflow Enflo Deluxe

Willow Wearable

Motif Duo

Elvie Pump

Lansinoh Signature Pro

Lansinoh Manual

Haakaa Silicone Manual Pump

Find Your Best Breast Pump- Reviews:

Medela Freestyle Flex

Medela Freestyle FlexMedela Freestyle Flex 2 phase double electric pump is small enough to fits perfectly into your palm. It is very lightweight, of elegant design. It has rechargeable batteries, and you can recharge them with a USB cable. Because of its excellent flexibility, you can express whenever you need. Medela Freestyle Flex is a closed system.

This gadget comes with an illuminated digital control panel to start or pause the pumping easily. You can change the expression mode; modify the vacuum level for more milk flow with the help of the control panel. For the convenience of the milking mums, ten seconds delay start function is available on the control panel.  It is very much helpful while doing double pumping.

It comes with two breast shield size 21 mm and two 24mm size breast shields. The breast shield of the Medela pump fits perfectly, even if your breast shape changes. You can easily fit the pump in a very convenient and more comfortable position to express. It is designed to encourage milk flow, and breastfeeding mums can find a comfortable position to express efficiently. It is personalized to fit everyone to have a good pumping experience.

You also get two connectors, one tube, four lids, a power adaptor, a carry case, and four 150ml breast milk bottles with the Medela Freestyle Flex machine. You will also get cooler and cooler elements. The mymedela app can save the preferred settings of your machine, record the quantity of expressed milk, and alert you when your pump’s battery is low. The freestyle Flex halves the expressing time and collects eighteen percent more milk on average with its double pumping. If you are eligible, you can get this gadget at a discounted price through your insurance company.


  • Medela Freestyle Flex is Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Built-in rechargeable battery, no need to carry spare batteries
  • It comes with a USB port for recharging
  • More features on the illuminated digital control panel
  • Delay start function is available on the control panel
  • My Medela app for tracking pump performance and progress
  • Personal fit flex Breast shields for stress-free increased milk flow
  • The cooler set helps to keep the milk cool and fresh
  • Made up of BPA-free materials
  • Comes with an overflow protector to prevent milk overflow to the tubing and motor
  • Easy to clean and handle
  • Weighing less than 207 Grams
  • The in-built rechargeable battery supports eight double pumping sessions for one single recharge.


  • Good performance
  • Portability
  • Illuminated dashboard helpful in night time expressing
  • Can adjust vacuum strength


  • Expensive
  • You cannot modify the suction speed setting
  • Not as fast as the other pumps that available in the same price tag
  • Little tough to Clean
  • Open system

Spectra S1 Plus

Best Breast Pump Spectra S1 PlusIt is a hospital-grade breast pump. Most lactating moms in the USA prefer spectra S1 Plus. Though it is too heavy to port, it adds comfort to the moms in their breastfeeding journey.

It has a rechargeable battery and has a very quiet motor. It has preset options like massage mode with simulates the natural suckling of a newborn.

S1 Plus has adjustable suction levels and backflow protection for health and hygienic. It has two modes- massage mode and expression mode.

The latest in-built LED display allows you to select any of the two lightings presets to express milk in the nighttime. You can adjust the vacuum level for faster and higher milk expression at your own convenience.

S1 plus is designed to work for 30 minutes continuously, and it will turn off automatically. The current setting will be stored for the next session.  And if you want to pump in a different setting, you need to adjust it to your preferred setting. The product comes with four breast flanges of two types, backflow protectors, two wide neck storage bottles, and other necessary accessories, including 12 Volt AC power adapters. It works on a closed system; therefore, you need not clean the narrow tubing since it prevents the airflow. For one complete recharge, the machine can work for 3 hours.


  • Single to Dual pump capability
  • Have Dual Mode- massage mode and expression mode
  • Spectra have adjustable suction levels- for maximum and convenient milk expressing
  • It have a backflow protector to avoid in contact with harmful bacteria
  • Have auto-timer and night light
  • Vacuum suction to a maximum of L12
  • Weighs More than 1200 grams (3lbs)
  • Night- light inbuilt
  • Protects against Bacteria
  • BPA free
  • LCD Display
  • 2 Years warranty on pump and three months for the accessories


  • Closed system, therefore protected against germs and bacteria
  • Noiseless motor


  • Heavy

BelleMa Plenitude Double Electric Breast Pump

BelleMa Plenitude Double ElectricBelleMa Plenitude Double Electric machine is a hospital-grade pump. It comes with dual-phase stimulation and expression modes to mimic the baby’s suckling behavior. It is made up of PP material; therefore, it is BPA-free. Backflow protection with the help of a silicone cylinder that ensures gas, liquid separation.

The closed system design prevents back follow of expressed milk to avoid any contamination and bacteria. It is a silent, comfortable, and painless breast pump available in the market.

It has an independent dual vacuum for the left and right breasts. There is no suction reduction even if both of the pumps work simultaneously. The 3D collection kit of the system closely mimics the pulling, squeezing, and sucking of the newborn. It is very light and comfortable. Its bottle adapter fits standard size bottles of any famous brand.


  • Cordless
  • Closed system
  • 4 Modes
  • 9 Levels of suction preset
  • Touch Screen
  • High definition display screen
  • Light Weight
  • 3 hours battery support after a full recharge
  • Comes with a unique IDC feature to control left and right pumps independently.
  • BPA free
  • Weight 4.0 pounds


  • Easy to operate
  • Ultra- Quiet


  • Heavy

Freemie Hands Free Liberty Pump:

Freemie Hands Free Liberty PumpFreemie hands free liberty pump is a high-powered breast pump exclusively for lactating women to express milk from their breasts. It is meant for a single user. Hands free Liberty is capable of single and double pumping. This gadget’s minimum operating life expectancy is one year with three pumping sessions of 20 minutes per day.

It comes with a customizable memory setting for perfect suction and perfect stimulation. You have the option for power pumping as well as for more relaxed pumping. You can alter or re-program at any point in time. It comes with an Easy Use Interface with a Backlit LCD Screen for easy reading.

A fully recharged battery can support 2.5 hours of milk expressing. Freemie hands free liberty may also be used while charging. It takes 3.5 hours for a full recharge. It can be worn in your bra, underneath clothing.

Freemie collects up to 8 ounces of milk inside each lightweight Freemie Cup. Freemie cups are safely and hygienically separated from the electronic pump motor. After each session, just remove the cups and transfer your milk to storage bottles or bags.


  • BPA, DEHP, or natural rubber latex is not used in manufacturing the components in contact with Expressing milk.
  • Have overflow protection
  • 3 Customizable Memory Settings
  • Backlit LCD Screen for easy user interface
  • Adjustable 40 Minutes auto shut off timer
  • Micro USB connecting Port
  • Over 100 pump settings
  • 280mmHg of suction power
  • Very lightweight (8 ounces)
  • Hospital power suction
  • Closed system


  • Cleaning is super easy
  • With Noise reduction technology
  • Portability


  • Cups are not dishwasher safe
  • Extra cups are pricy
  • No stimulation and expression modes preset

Philips Avent Comfort

Philips Avent ComfortPhilips Avent Comfort Double electric breast pump comes with a soft massage cushion. It has a unique design to deliver milk directly from the breast to the bottle. Avent helps you to stay more comfortable when you are pumping. It comes with three pumping settings with gentle stimulation mode. When you switched on the pump, it starts with the gentle mode to express milk.

In addition, it comes with a velvety, soft massage cushion to give you a warm feel for more comfortable milk stimulation. The pump’s unique, soft cushion with five massaging petals helps gently and stimulates milk flow.  Besides, it has easy visual matching parts for effortless, intuitive assembly. Because of those easy small parts, you can clean it in a very easy way.

It is of very compact lightweight design; therefore, it is very easy to hold in position on your breasts. It also comes with a handy travel bag. New purchase includes 20-day breast pads, 20-night breast pads, one travel pouch, and one breastfeeding reminder (bra clip).


  • Bottle made up of Polypropylene; therefore, it is BPA free
  • Three expression setting
  • Single stimulation mode
  • Compact design
  • Closed system
  • Two 4oz bottles and nipples
  • Weight only two Pounds
  • Travel bag
  • Two years warranty


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Moderate noise level

Aeroflow Evenflo Deluxe Advanced Double Breast Pump

Best Breast Pump Aeroflow Evenflo Deluxe AdvancedAeroflow Evenflo Deluxe advanced comes with an insurance upgrade option. Evenflow deluxe focuses on protecting your milk supply, and it is a Hospital Strength pump. It is a closed system pump; therefore, the milk won’t backing up into the tube. It permits multi-phase pumping with variable speed and suction setting.

It comes with a tote bag and cooler, but Insurance does not cover them. The cooler and tote bag offers you extra portability and milk storage. Evenflo provides you additional two bottles in the cooler. Its angled flanges with a slouch-free design that helps eliminate back and shoulder aches while expressing.

Evenflo controls are designed to get multiple milk letdowns; therefore, it ensures you collect most of the milk out of every pumping session. It pumps the milk directly into the milk storage bags with the help of advanced breast milk storage bag adapters.


  • Closed system
  • Power- AC adapter/AA batteries
  • Quiet Hush Motor
  • Multi flanges with different sizes
  • Independent speed and suction control
  • Single or double pumping mode
  • Have Four – 5 fl. oz. Milk Storage Bottles
  • Weight 3.15 Pounds
  • Three years warranty


  • Interchangeable parts
  • Gentle and comfortable on breasts


  • Less efficient suction

Willow Best Wearable Breast Pump

Willow Best wearableWillow Wearable is different from any other traditional model. It is spill-proof, and it is designed for your maximum comfort and more milk. Willow wearable is a more advanced pump with special features like self-sealing, spill-proof milk bags, and reusable containers. It works very silently. Cleaning it is very simple since it has only two parts to clean. Everything works inside the pump fitted inside your bra. No external cords, external wires, or external collecting jar dongle outside.

Willow App helps you to check the expressed milk volume in real-time. A Willow third-generation pump fits into your bra and can be used in any position. It offers seven levels of suction, and you can adjust the setting for comfort. Your suction preference can be remembered by the innovative suction technology to express more milk.

The parts are dishwasher safe, and the manufacturer offers one year warranty. Willow offers Flanges and Milk Container accessories in size different sizes. You can choose your preferred size by measuring your exact nipple size with their App.

The Willow pump can support any size of the breast. And even it can support larger breast sizes like G and H bra cups.


  • Battery support for 2.5 hours
  • Weight 5.74 Pounds
  • Wearable Technology
  • Spill-Proof
  • Lead-free materials used
  • Auto shut off option


  • Both hands free
  • You can pump more frequently
  • Very reliable app
  • Longer battery support


  • Expensive
  • They may not be easy to conceal
  • Not emptying the breasts fully
  • Noisy
  • Needs a full covering nursing bra

Motif Duo Double Electric Breast Pump

Motif Duo Double Electric Breast PumpMotif Duo Breast pump weighs less than half a pound and fits in a single hand. It is convenient for multi-tasking. Motif Duo comes with a rechargeable battery, and it lasts for 2.5 hours. It best suits working women and travel. Duo is available through Insurance and leading online stores like Amazon.

It is a closed system pump with backflow protection to keep your motor and tubes clean and prevent external contamination. Motif Duo comes with easy to read backlit LCD screen that won’t strain the eyes. It has a very powerful silent motor. It has ten pre-expression levels setting for efficient milk expression.

Ten preset massage levels help you to stimulate the quick let-down of milk, imitating the newborn’s suckling pattern. Auto shut-off option automatically shut down the system after 30 minutes. Its memory allows you to customize your pumping setting for future preference. You can get it through Insurance.


  • It weighs less than 1 lb
  • Closed system
  • LED Backlight
  • Quiet Motor
  • 3 Settings- Expression, Massage, and Memory
  • 10 Expression modes
  • 10 Massage level
  • Light Weight
  • BPA Free


  • Easy to use
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Good suction strength
  • Memory Option
  • Inexpensive
  • Covered by most of the insurance plans


  • Long tubes

Elvie Hands-Free Breast Pump 

Best Breast Pump Elvie Hands-freeElvie Pump is a wearable gadget to pump on your own terms.  It can wear inside your standard nursing bra. It is truly hands-free; you need not tie it down. Elvie Pump uses revolutionary noise reduction technology to work silently. It automatically switches from stimulation to express mode once it detects the let-down.  It will automatically come to Pause mode once the bottle is full.

You can change the suction preference according to your wish using its seven suction intensity pre-set. The insurance plan partially covers Elvie Pump. It comes with two 5 oz bottles, two breast shields of varying sizes, two valves, two shields, two storage lids, and a USB Cable. Elvie has only five parts to clean. It takes two hours for a complete recharge.


  • Hands free
  • Variable suction
  • Two Modes- Stimulation and Expression Mode
  • Have App tracking and Remote controlled
  • BPA Free
  • Smartphone tracking through App
  • Weighs 420 Grams
  • Suction Strength- 220 mmHg
  • Can be sterilized using boiling water, microwave steam bag, or dishwasher
  • Warranty- 2 Year on Pump Mechanism


  • Reusable pump bottles
  • Easy to clean


  • More parts to clean
  • Expensive

Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Pump

Lansinoh Signature Pro Double ElectricLansinoh Signature Pro is comfortable for every nursing mom. Its flanges have a soft and flexible rim that acts soft on the skin and maintains good sealing for suction. Signature Pro maintains hospital-grade suction levels. It has eight easy-to-adjust pumping levels.

Lansinoh Signature Pro mimics the baby’s sucking pattern with three pumping styles.


  • LCD- Display
  • Timer
  • Three power option
  • Portable design
  • Powered by AC adapter or Batteries
  • Closed system
  • BPA and BPS free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Tote Bag for storage and transportation


  • Inexpensive
  • Soft Comfort-fit flanges
  • Not very loud


  • Cannot drain completely

Lansinoh Manual Breastfeeding Pump

Lansinoh Manual Breastfeeding PumpLansinoh Manual Breastfeeding pump is more comfortable, convenient, and portable. It best suits for occasional use at home or on the go. You can easily switch between stimulation and expression modes.

The ergonomic design of the handle minimizes hand fatigue, and the comfort-fit flanges ensure perfect suction and comfortable pumping.  This manual pump allows you to express your milk directly into their pre-sterilized storage bags to save precious breast milk.  It is a lightweight manual pump; therefore, it is highly portable.


  • Hygienic
  • Two-mode pumping
  • BPA and BPS Free
  • Easy to clean because of fewer parts
  • It weighs around 340 grams
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher
  • Maximum suction strength 250mmHg
  • No split milk issue


  • No Noise
  • Easy to clean


  • Suction is not great as expected

Haakaa Generation 2 Silicone Pump

Haakaa Generation 2 Silicone PumpHaakaa Generation 2 Silicone is a Cheap Breast Pump designed in New Zealand and manufactured in China, and it is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. No small parts; therefore, no assembly is required.

It is very soft and comfortable. Generation 2 Silicone is cord-free and easy to handle.  It rightly fits into any size of the breast. Generation 2 Silicone is made up of high-quality food-grade silicone and fits perfectly into your tote bag.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA and Phthalate free
  • Lead-free
  • Made up of soft silicone


  • Easy to clean
  • No Small parts
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Not strong enough
  • Lacks the power of an electric pump

Best Breast Pump Buying Guide:

There are several things you need to consider before buying a personal breast pump. You can buy most of the pumps in Amazon or any other online store such as Walmart etc.

Your need and your lifestyle:

If you are a working woman, then you need a different type of gadget. What is your pumping purpose- To increase the milk supply? What is your working hour, and more?

Type of breast pump covered by Insurance:

Insurance agencies cover not all breast pumps. Most of these gadgets fall under the Affordable Care Act, but you need to confirm your chosen product is covered by the insurance company. Most of the double electric, single electric, and manual pumps are covered by the insurance agencies; therefore, you need to decide whether you need to buy them or rent them.


Try to get a better balance between your budget and the pump, which will serve you better.


You need to select the product, which has easy portability.

Variation in Suction:

If your pump has variable suction control, then it is more convenient to use.


Most of the hospital-grade pumps are highly durable with strong suction when compared with hospital-strength breast pumps.


If you are a regular traveler or commuting for work, then the weight is a crucial factor for your choice.  The less is the weight, the more comfortable to handle; therefore, you need to choose a lightweight one.


The gadget with lesser noise is much preferred by every one


Comfort of usage must be the prime factor for your selection. It must be very comfortable to use. It should fit well with your body and neatly align to offer maximum comfort while you use it.


some of the pumps are available with hands-free options. They are easy gadgets without messy wires and tubes. And you can wear some latest models gadgets within your garments.

BPA -Free  Bottle:

While buying your gadget, opt for a No BPA bottle to avoid adverse side effects on the health of your newborn. It is safer to store the breast milk in a No BPA bottle than a regular plastic bottle.

Suction Setting:

The best pump should mimic the rhythm of the baby’s closure to nature.  Therefore it must have an option for adjusting the suction setting.

Milk Volume:

If you have more milk flow, you need better pumping management. Therefore you need to go for a pump designed to handle many pumping sessions. You need to avoid gadgets designed for occasional usage. If you have a high milk supply, then using a manual pump may be tedious and cumbersome.

Single or the Double:

If you are working women or consistently busy and engaged, then using a double pump is a better option to save time. Pumping breast milk with a single pump is more time-consuming and uncomfortable when compared to using a double pump.

Ease of Cleaning:

Cleaning your pump is very much crucial for keeping your breast milk hygienic. Most of the pumps have many parts like a flange, a milk container, tubes, and others; therefore, it is vital to clean and wash them regularly. You have to opt for a machine that it can easily clean.

Carrying Case:

Some of the manufacturers offer a carrying case or a tote bag for easy transportation.


The warranty depends on the product you select. It usually varies from one year to three years with terms and conditions applied.


Parenting is an excellent journey enjoy it to the core. In addition, Nursing your baby and breastfeeding is a most intimate part of yourself and your baby. Therefore selecting the right pump to nurse your baby is more important. We have elaborated more about each of the best products available in the market. Please go through it and select the best one for your convenience and budget. If you come across any of the best breast pumps not mentioned here, kindly share your experience in the comment section so that we will update the list.

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