Best Baby Bassinet Buying Guide

Best Baby Bassinet Buying Guide

If you have become a parent very recently, you must want to keep your baby closer to you, mainly during sleep. In such cases, you can use a bassinet for safety and convenience. However, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ safe sleep guidelines; parents need to sleep with their babies in the same room for at least the first six months.

A bassinet is a bed used for babies (from birth to about four months). Usually, bassinets come with fixed legs or caster wheels, whereas cradles can offer a rocking or gliding motion. Both are different from Moses baskets and carry cots, designed especially to be carried and sit on the floor or furniture. However, after four months, babies can be shifted to cribs in North America or cots in the UK. However, in the US, people prefer to go with bedside sleepers because these come in larger sizes. We recommend using bassinets for up to 6 months for babies, even often used for up to a year.

What is a Baby Bassinet?

A baby bassinet is a sleeping gadget smaller than a crab. It is perfectly suitable for newborns and younger babies. Parents should place these beside them to access their babies easily throughout the night.

Uses of Baby Bassinet:

As per reports, the use of bassinets from 1992–2006 doubled to 20% in the US. More than 45% of babies of up to two months use it, but about 10% of babies of 5–6 months sleep in this. In addition, people use a sealed bassinet in any hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit.

Airlines and long-haul flights have a bassinet attached to a bulkhead. It is for adults who are traveling with infants, like kids who belong to the under-two age group. The weight and size of an infant completely restrict its use. So, you must request the airline in advance to get the service. In the USA and Canadian airlines, the Bassinet policies indicate that these can only be allocated at the airport gate. According to the research, the mattress can influence SIDS outcomes. But a firm mattress reduces SIDS risk. Whereas a few bassinets are designed in such a way so that you can swing these easily.

Stationary or Portable:

Although several variations exist, these fall mainly under two types:

  • Moses baskets— light and portable types
  • Cradles— sturdier but less portable

Both models help you carry your baby from place to place, allowing them to rest properly. In addition, you will find wheeled frames used to transfer a bassinet into a baby carriage or a pram.

Do You Need a Bassinet?

Although you can get many advantages using the bassinets, convenience and mental peace are the main benefits. You should keep your baby within your arm’s reach so that you can easily feed it in the middle of the night. Parents using a bottle can reach their babies easily when they want to feed them, and they don’t need to venture too far from the bed. In addition, it can offer a great benefit to new parents recovering from delivery.

Moreover, the new parents can have mental peace during the first few months of parenthood. Worrying is the only thing that comes naturally to you. In most cases, the position of the Bassinet is at the bed height. As a result, it becomes easier to see your baby, and thus you can make sure that everything is fine. In addition, you should keep them close to you so that you can hear if they get fussy or wake up. Thus, you will be able to know the right time for cuddling or feeding. Besides, it is perfect for parents who don’t want to share their bed but do want to keep their babies closer. But the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend it.

All parents don’t prefer to keep the baby so close. But do you become anxious when you hear every grunt and squeak? In such cases, you should place your baby in the crib.

How Long Can a Baby Sleep in a Bassinet?

You should use it for your baby during the newborn stage until they can move around, push up on their hands, or rollover. After that, it is ideal for babies between three months and five months old. There are a few bassinets that come with weight restrictions. These usually depend on the model which you buy.


These have been used for babies for a long time due to their several benefits. Bassinets are simple to move around. Besides, these do not occupy too much space. The best thing is that new parents can sleep with their babies in the same room. However, there are still many reasons which are more practical to choose this over other things. These are as follows:

  • Affordable:

These have less upfront cost than prices of other baby gear. However, parents who want baby gear at a reasonable price must choose it. Besides, it is an inexpensive option for babies up to the first few months before upgrading to a crib later on.

  • Don’t occupy much space:

We recommend parents sleep while keeping their babies with them in the same room to decrease the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It can fit into your room even if the bedroom is small. Thus, you can keep your baby in front of your eye instead of placing your baby on your bed.

  • Portable:

If you prefer to keep your baby always around you (it doesn’t matter where you are in your room), it is an ideal choice for you to carry around. A few models come with wheels that can move the Bassinet from one room to another.

Tips to Get a Baby to Sleep in a Bassinet:

You can give your baby training by letting them learn how to sleep comfortably in a bassinet. Hence, you need to follow these tips to make it comfortable for your baby.

  • Have a Steady Routine:

Maintaining a steady routine is a common advice that you generally receive. It can help your baby to sleep on time. The routine includes the following things like a warm bath, a light massage, or a breastfeeding session. First, if your baby feels sleepy or drowsy, you must swaddle and sing to him. After that, wait until your baby falls asleep. Then, place him in the Bassinet. Now, you can see your baby sleeping peacefully.

  • Make Your Presence Felt in the Bassinet:

Your baby can identify your scent, which makes him comfortable. Hence, you can make your baby feel comfortable by letting him feel your presence in the Bassinet. As you can’t sleep there with your baby, you need to make the smell of the sheet of the Bassinet like yours. But how could you do this? Have you thought about it previously? You can do so by sleeping with it. Place the sheet between your chain & neck for some days. You can do the same with sleeping clothes. Although it takes some days to smell like you, it will definitely work.

  • Place the Bassinet near the bed:

When you start training your baby to sleep in a bassinet, you must first place this near your bed to make your baby feel comfortable through your presence. Thus, your baby feels that you are around.

You need to keep it near your bed so that your baby remains within reach of your hand. It lets you reach your kid instantly when your baby starts crying. It is an excellent alternative to co-sleeping as there remains a risk of suffocation for the baby. Moreover, co-sleeping will lead to a disturbed sleep pattern for you.

  • Swaddle Him:

Swaddle your baby in your arms to make him sleep, and then place him in the Bassinet. When parents swaddle their babies in their arms, babies feel protected. In addition, it can give the comfort of a mother’s womb.

It decreases the startle reflex that can be activated due to sudden changes in sound, light, or temperature to improve sleeping. In addition, your baby will feel less anxious when you swaddle them.

  • Lay Him Down Awake:

Are you wondering how you could train your newborn baby successfully to sleep in the Bassinet? First, try to lay your baby down when he is still awake.

A baby will not feel comfortable sleeping in the Bassinet unless you give your baby proper training. First, you need to make your baby feel comfortable while lying in a bassinet. If you want to do this properly, find the correct time when your baby feels sleepy enough that he won’t protest but awake enough to know that you are placing him in the Bassinet.

  • Sing Lullaby or Read a Book:

As soon as you place your baby in the Bassinet, sing for your baby or read a book. Singing to your baby allows him to soothe. As a result, you can easily make your baby fall asleep. If necessary, you can read a book or a short story to calm him. It helps to sleep your baby comfortably in the model. When your baby dozes off, white noise machines help your baby to fall asleep.

  • Get an Inclined Bassinet:

All babies don’t feel comfortable sleeping flat on their backs at night. The problem with these babies is that they are facing issues like acid reflux. Suppose the model uses a wedge to raise the mattress to incline it, and you are uncomfortable with it. In such cases, your task is to find models which have incline or incline control. These inclined bassinets let you find the correct angle, and your little one can sleep easily without fuss.

  • Make the Sleeping Environment Comfortable:

If your baby gets a good sleeping environment, you can see him fall asleep quickly. Do you want to keep your baby near you in the same room? Then, ensure that you dim the lights for sixty minutes before putting him in them. Ensure that the sheets you use in the Bassinet are soft and comfortable. You need to choose sheets that consist of natural cotton or a mixture of a polyester blend. Hence, you should ensure that the cotton is warm to the touch. In addition, the temperature of the room should be optimal. Ensure that the temperature is neither too cold nor too hot. Otherwise, your baby may wake up. Sometimes, your baby may be irritable once you place him there. So, you should try to warm the sheets to ensure that your baby doesn’t feel any changes in the warmth that he feels when you place him in your arms.

  • Get a Bassinet That Rock:

There are a lot of models featuring rocking skids and wheels. A few babies prefer rocking when they sleep. Therefore, you should purchase a model that has a rocking skid. In addition, a few inclined bassinet models are equipped with motorized rockers and vibration features. In this regard, you should know that these features are beneficial for those babies who are facing reflux, causing them very hard to fall asleep. Remember that a product with more features can give your baby more benefits.

Precautionary Tips:

The safety of the Bassinet is essential, but to make this safer, you must not place cushions, pillows, or toys inside because these can create suffocation. Instead, just use a blanket to swaddle your baby. You don’t need to use anything extra for your baby to sleep comfortably. You may take the help of sleep positioners or wedges, which are helpful for babies suffering from acid reflux. In such cases, parents have to tuck their babies under the mattress so that they can get the desired incline angle. However, if you want to train your little ones to sleep in the Bassinet, you should know that it will require some time. Try different ways to check which is the most suitable angle for your baby, letting him fall asleep quickly.

Top Baby Bassinet products:

Halo Bassinest Premiere Swivel Sleeper— Best Bassinet Overall:


Both parents and nurses love this best and most award-winning product due to its incredible comfort and safety. The product features a 360º swivel, allowing you to keep your baby closer.


For mothers: It is specially designed to strengthen the bond between mothers and their little ones. The product has a patented lowering bedside wall which allows you to care for your baby from bed. It is advantageous for breastfeeding and C-section moms.

Gentle vibrations: Your baby can find a peaceful environment with soft vibrations and soothing sounds. As a result, your baby can rest comfortably. It features an amber nightlight, amber floor light, two levels of vibration, etc. Besides, the model comes in four soothing sounds: heartbeat, white noise, babbling brook, and rainforest.

Easy-to-store pockets: The product comes with two storage pockets used to keep the necessary things for your baby within your reach. It allows you to keep your baby resting comfortably. Along with the product, you will get a waterproof mattress and one fitted sheet you can wash in the machine.

4- point base: It comes with a sturdy four-point base which can offer maximum stability. In addition, it is adjustable from 22″ – 34″ according to your bed height. Due to its size, this Bassinet can fit perfectly, even in small spaces.


  • Storage pockets
  • Four soothing sounds
  • Perfect for breastfeeding moms


  • Hard to put together

Arm’s Reach Mini 2-In-1 Co-Sleeper Bassinet— Best Bedside Bassinet:

Arm's Reach Mini 2-In-1 Co-Sleeper BassinetDescription:

This best bedside baby bassinet and a safe sleep solution come with two modes, including — Co-Sleeper bassinet and a stand-alone bassinet. Users can assemble the model easily. In addition, it is simple to port. The model includes side pockets and a bottom compartment, which can be used for storage.

You can see a little footprint here. The outstanding design of the product makes it perfect for small spaces. Moreover, you can fold it very quickly into a nylon carrying case. As a result, it can be stored easily and carried while going somewhere. The model has almost everything which is necessary to use, including – a fitted sheet, a mattress, a carrying case, and a resistant plate/nylon strap set. These allow you to lock it against an adult mattress. Whether your bed’s length is more than 24″ tall, you need to buy a Leg Extension kit separately.

This model has several side pockets and a bottom compartment that offer sufficient space to store excess baby gear. It is equipped with fully ventilated sides enabling your kid to breathe easily. In addition, it ensures that the airflow will be maximum. The product is simple to set up, also. Compared to other models, this model is heavier.


Accessories: It includes Mattress Fitted Sheet, Carry Case, Nylon strap & plate.

Suitable for moms: The model is ideal for breastfeeding moms or Moms with C-Sections. In addition, it is perfect for diaper changing and nighttime feeding.

Easy to port: This one includes a carry case used for traveling. It has a lot of storage. Remember that the product is endorsed by the most influential pediatricians, OB/GYN, and childcare experts globally.


  • Portable
  • Best for breastfeeding moms
  • Portable


  • Hard to assemble

Graco My View 4-In-1 Bassinet— Best Value Bassinet:

Graco My View 4-In-1 BassinetDescription:

The product lets you use it in four various methods. First, you must choose the model if you want to keep your newborn baby in the perfect position ( your eye level ). Then, due to its innovative design, you can use the model anywhere. Finally, the product can give more space for a growing toddler.


Cool: The modern baby bassinet comes with a canopy used to protect your baby from light. Thus, you can keep your baby comfortable.

Wheels: With the help of integrated wheels, you can move this Bassinet around your home. Due to its compact and foldable design, you can carry this Bassinet easily. It does not matter if you are at home or outside of the house. The model can offer the perfect view to the mommies so that they can have a better sleep.


  • Mesh sides
  • Wheels to maneuver
  • Included travel bag
  • A playpen for sleep while traveling


  • It smells like solid plastic

Simmons Kids By the Bed City Sleeper Bassinet— Best Bassinet For Tall Beds:

Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper BassinetDescription:

This lovely product is the best option for you if you are willing to keep your baby as closely as possible but on another sleeping surface. With the help of the wheels and Z-shaped frame, it is possible to roll up the base over the couch and below the bed.

This Bassinet includes five adjustable height positions, which are beneficial for late-night feedings. The product has a few safety features, like a one-inch mattress and crib sheet, locking wheels, mesh sides, etc. In addition, it includes pockets to store diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and burp cloths. Besides, the product is JPMA certified, indicating that it has met all the standards of third-party testing by the industry group. According to the manufacturer, we advise you to use it for babies up to 15 pounds.


Keep baby bedside: You can easily keep your baby bedside. Additionally, the wheels enable you to slide under the bed, sofa, or chair. It can work as a perfect separate space for your baby.

Adjustable height: You can choose the height required from the five adjustable heights to get a clear view from your bed.

Ample storage: It includes big pockets on every end to offer space for burp clothes, small toys, or pacifiers.

Simple to clean:

The baby bassinet for the bed includes a sheet made of fabric and a 1-inch comfort mattress pad which are easy to clean.


  • Washable fabric fitted sheet
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for 0-5 months aged babies


  • The bottom bar is not connected to the Bassinet.

Dream On Me Traveler Portable Bassinet— Best Value Portable Bassinet:

Dream On Me TravelerDescription:

This product consists of a polyester foam fabric because it makes the item safe enough to use. Its sides come in a complete mesh design to ensure optimal ventilation. The model includes a zipper cover that you can clean with ease. It comes with a padded mattress which can be removed easily and make your baby comfortable. Users can easily fold it for compact storage.


Mobile & lightweight:

The snap-on legs and single-top structure enable you to set up the Bassinet easily. With the help of the aluminum frame, you can easily carry the model. It includes a travel bag where you can store it after folding it. As a result, the model becomes simple to port.

Convenient Mattress:

It includes an easily removable mattress. Hence, you do not have to think about your baby making a mess. Just remove this mattress and wash it after that.

Stylish Design:

The clean & contemporary design of this portable baby bassinet makes it eye-catching. This model comes in five colors: Berry, Cloud Grey, Starlight Blue, Twinkle Grey, and Fusion Coral.


  • Compact design
  • The removable mattress is available
  • Lightweight


  • Terrible chemical smell

Baby Bassinet Buying guide:


Although the size of a bassinet is smaller than a crib, a few models are more unwieldy compared to others. Before buying, you need to check whether the model fits in the remaining space of your room or not. So, before you buy this kind of thing, you need to check what can fit in your space, like the area between the wall and the bed. But what will you do if you have another child or you have pets which you want to keep out of their reach? Do you have any space to walk around to access the bathroom? Then, you need to check the dimensions of the Bassinet and buy as per the available space.

Weight Limit:

Remember that weight of the product is a crucial factor as it determines the safety of your baby, i.e., how long it can stay in it. If the weight limit is higher, then your little ones can use it for a long time rather than getting moved to a crib.

Height Adjust:

Do you want to keep your model near your bed? If yes, you should go with a product with an adjustable height so it can fit properly. However, the height does not become so vital if you keep the Bassinet in the room but not bedside. So, it is better to have some adjustment options as you may want to change its position or switch the accessibility to this based on how much you can bend down to it.

Side That Lowers:

You should purchase such a model, the sides of which can be lowered in a boon. This kind of design is perfect for mommies recovering from c-sections.


A few products are made and specially designed for travel purposes, while other models enable you to move these around the house. Besides, some models are mainly intended to keep right by your bed only. If you want to bring your little one into another room, like your siblings’ room or grandma’s room, you need to use a removable bassinet. This feature allows you to fold it quickly. In addition, you may go with a crib folding flat. You should buy such a product that has a carrying case.

Soothing Options:

It is hard to guess whether your little one enjoys a light vibration, melodies, or a slight rocking motion. However, if you attempt soothing a fussy newborn, it is better to have these options. That is why the best product always includes vibration options with excellent features of a manageable height. In addition, it should have a sidewall that you can lower easily.

Where Should You Place the Bassinet?

You must keep a bassinet in your room to decrease the risk of SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should share their room with their baby for at least the first six months or a year.

It is beneficial to keep it bedside because doing so allows you to respond quickly to your baby in case he wakes up and requires feeding.

Ensure that you must not keep it near windows and air conditioning or heating vents. Besides, dangling electric wires, curtain cords, or other fastenings must not be there.

How Safe Are Bassinets for Babies?

As a parent, you should know that your baby’s sleeping place is vital as you want to keep your baby secure from SIDS. But there are a few confusing conversations regarding its safety.

Safety Rules:

  • These weigh light usually and can topple over. So, you need to use a model that features a broad base. If it comes with folding legs, ensure that you lock these to let it stand on the surface without movement before placing the little one inside the model.
  • In most cases, these are especially for newborns weighing under 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms). Therefore, your little one may sleep there for one or two months before moving to a crib. However, a few models are rated for 20 pounds (9 kilograms) weight. So, you must follow the rating of the manufacturer.
  • Generally, a baby learns how to turn over any side at five months. However, suppose a model can carry the maximum weight, or a product’s maximum weight limit is 20 pounds. Hence, you should move your little kid after four months. Also, ensure that your model does not have low side walls, or else your baby may fall out of it after learning how to turn it over.
  • You must not move it on its wheels or carry the model with your little one. Hence, you should move the model anywhere you want by locking its wheels. After that, you should place your little one inside.
  • SIDS is a disease that babies suffer, the result of which babies may die before 12 months. If they have unsafe sleeping practices, it may boost the risk of this syndrome.
  • Do you use an antique bassinet? But you should know that it may not meet current safety requirements. It indicates that yard-sale treasure involves more risks for your little one compared to any newer model. So, it is better to have a certified model to ensure that your baby can sleep safely.
  • Check safety needs when you use a hand-me-down bassinet. For example, ensure that you are not using excessively soft mattresses which come with puffy sides and don’t have stability.
  • So, to ensure the safety of your model, you should purchase this from a trusted source. You need to check for recalls before you buy something like this.
  • You can use mesh bassinet sides because these offer better airflow and can work as a literal lifesaver.
  • Have you ever thought about what would happen when your little kid rolls over somehow into the Bassinet’s side? It may happen anytime, so which type of fabric would you want to use— Breathable mesh or thick cloth? If you use mesh-walled bassinets, you can keep your eyes always on your little one because this feature allows users to monitor visually in a more improved way. Most modern models come with mesh walls.
  • As a parent, you may like to port your Bassinet. So, check whether your model is designed to be used as a carrier. Also, ensure that you are not moving the Bassinet and placing your little one inside.
  • You must check your model’s wheels to ensure that they are locked when the model is stationary because it is all about your baby’s safety. In this case, you need to be more careful if you have pets or kids or if you have placed the Bassinet by the stairs.

These rules are simple, but you should follow them to avoid potential hazards.

What To Do When There’s a Recall:

The requirements of bassinets changed in 2013 when research showed that their poor construction caused about a hundred babies to die in six years. So, experts came up with new requirements for improving its safety. It also helps to decrease the death and injury number of babies. After any safety incident, an investigation is launched to review the safety of that specific Bassinet. If the Bassinet can’t fulfill current standards, it will be recalled. So, ensure that you don’t have such one, or else try to get rid of this immediately.

Why Are Bare Bassinets Best?

If there are additional objects (toys, pillows, blankets, and bottles) in the Bassinet, it may cause suffocation & choking, which are unsuitable for your baby. So, you should remove additional items from your baby’s sleeping area to reduce SIDS risk. According to the reports, around 70% of newborn babies or kids pass away from SIDS for sleeping with pillows, blankets, or other sleeping items.

Suppose your baby is cold. So, use a warm & thick sleep sack. Then, you need to swaddle them inside. This trick is one of the best sleeping habits, like pacifiers.

Can you use fitted sheets?

These are perfect for bassinets because they offer enough comfort. Besides, sheets are simple to clean. Using a soft surface with a removable sheet can help prevent accidents like a leaky diaper from cleaning easily and improve sleep quality.

You need to use a fitted sheet available with the model or a sheet fitting the dimensions perfectly. Remember that using any additional fabric poses a risk. You need to pull the taut across the mattress always.

It is advised to buy additional sheets so that you always have one extra in your hand, even when you give them in the laundry. You should know the actual size of the mattress to ensure that you can find the perfectly fitted sheets.

Can you use softer mattresses?

The rigidity of a mattress may surprise parents and make them become worried about the comfort of their little ones. In the first few months, firm surfaces are ideal for your baby. However, if your little one lays on soft surfaces, these might cause suffocation or entrapment.

Do you think that your baby is not getting enough comfort? Then, you should know that newborn babies don’t require blankets and pillows for comfort. Infants remain happy until they feel insecure and warm. A baby should always sleep flat on his back on a firm surface.

Can you use bumper pads?

Like mattresses, these are not necessary for your baby’s the sleeping area. Once, people believed that they should use thin bumper pads for the baby’s crib. But multiple researchers say that pads have a connection to SIDS. In addition, bassinets generally do not require pads because of the presence of soft walls.

Bassinet doesn’t have any slats or hard surfaces. However, for bassinets, you do not need to use add-ons. You can make your baby feel comfortable and safe by keeping him inside the Bassinet. When your little one grows, you can use bumpers so that the baby will not fall out of bed.

Bassinet Vs. Crib:

What’s The Difference And Which One Is Best For Your Baby?

Parents are always wondering about the safety of their children. But do you know or have you decided what to buy for your little ones— a bassinet or a crib? This difference between Bassinet and a crib will let you know which one to use. Let’s check it.

Bassinet Vs. Crib: What’s The Difference?

Both are safe to use for babies. But these have some differences, which we have elaborated on below.

What is a Bassinet?

It refers to a bed used for babies from newborn to about four months old. These come with oval shapes and mesh or cloth sides. Besides, the model is designed mainly for simple mobility. Those mommies who had a C-section will not be able to lean over the crib’s side to lay the baby down or pick him up. In this case, a bassinet is always a better option.

These come in different colors. Several models have ruffled designs, hoods, and storage under the bed. Many exciting features have been added to bassinets for many years:

  • Lights
  • Sounds
  • Rocking

According to the experts, when your baby weighs 20 pounds or can roll over on their own, you should not use it as a safe sleeping option. You can transit your baby out of it, but it depends on the development and your little one’s growth.

What is a Crib?

It is a bedstead for small kids. These are safe for keeping older babies in beds. You can get these in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Cribs are available in four types. Let’s know about it.

Traditional Crib:

These standard, rectangular-shaped cribs don’t come with any additions like convertible cribs. However, users can set it up easily due to its innovative design.

Mini Crib:

This one comes rectangular but consumes less space. In the case of traditional cribs, you need to use a standard crib mattress 28″ wide and 52″ long. But for the mini one, you need to use a 24″ wide and 38″ long mattress.

Convertible Crib:

It also comes rectangular, and you can convert it into a toddler bed or daybed once the traditional crib remains no longer perfectly fit for your baby.

Its setup is more extensive than the traditional ones. You need to put in additional hardware and sides to transform the crib so that it can fit your growing baby.

Regarding cost, it is a little more expensive than the price of the traditional crib. However, you can find the investment advantageous in the future.

Round Crib:

It is the least common type, available in unique design, due to which it becomes the most costly choice. However, its size & style can offer your baby additional space to move around.

Pros And Cons:

Bassinet Pros:

  • Smaller area to sleep for newborn babies ( don’t need to transition to a big crib from your womb)
  • Easy mobility, so you will be able to move your baby around the house
  • It weighs less than a crib
  • Easy for room sharing
  • Ideal for small living spaces
  • Less expensive than a crib
  • Easier to lay your baby down

Bassinet Cons:

  • It can be used only for newborns (from birth to about four months).
  • The smaller size and high center of gravity may pose a potential tipping hazard.

Crib Pros:

  • Stable, sturdy design. So, low risk of tipping
  • You can use it for your baby for longer years.
  • Required Standard-sized mattresses, which are easy to find
  • Available in several options based on styles, shapes, colors, and sizes

Crib Cons:

  • Heavy, due to which it is hard to move
  • A few models can’t get fit into your bedroom
  • More complicated assembly

Bassinet Safety:

AAP, or the American Academy of Pediatrics, says that both are safe for newborns. So, we can choose a bassinet or a freestanding crib. Hence, a co-sleeper or sleeping device attached to your bed is out of the question as per the AAP because these are not safe sleeping options for babies.

  • The AAP advises using a tightly fitted sheet and an optional mattress pad in a bassinet or crib under the sheet so that your little one remains safe. It does not matter which one you select (Bassinet or crib) because you should follow the safe sleep recommendations from the AAP or American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • You must not lay your baby facing down. Instead, ensure that your little one lies on his back.
  • Sleep in the same room with your newborn baby for at least six months.
  • You should not share a bed with your baby.
  • You don’t keep any loose items in your baby’s sleeping space, like loose bedding, blankets, stuffed animals, or clothing.
  • Don’t use crib bumpers.
  • You should not use sleep positioners or other things for your little one.
  • The guidelines are getting updated continuously. Therefore, you should purchase such a model for your baby that can meet the current standards. You must go through the instruction manual for the model which you are going to buy to check the weight limit.

You must not keep gaps between the side of the crib or Bassinet and the mattress. Thus, you can offer a safe sleeping environment for your little one. Generally, bassinets have a mattress, but you can buy a crib mattress if necessary, which is an extra buy. If you want to buy a crib mattress, you should find a model which is:

  • Breathable
  • Firm
  • No more than 6″ thick

Ensure that the crib mattress’ dimensions match your crib exactly.

Additional Considerations:

If you are still thinking about choosing and haven’t decided, check out these two factors you must consider.


You may want to make things ready before your baby’s arrival but do not want to spend many days putting their bed together, as it can frustrate you and give you stress. Therefore, you need to know how to assemble the bed quickly. Have you chosen a baby bed that isn’t simple to assemble? Then, you need to take help from family or friends to put it together.


Once you assemble the crib or Bassinet, you should check the product’s stability. When you find this unstable, you need to try returning this.

Shake the bedsides, and then you have to inspect the legs of the model. Whether the Bassinet comes with wheels, ensure that a locking mechanism prevents it from rolling or tipping over if knocked.

When you use a portable crib or Bassinet, you should check the locks which are holding the bed open. Ensure that you are using secure locks to prevent the bed from opening or closing suddenly. If you want to know how to assemble these, you must follow the instructions manually with care.

Bassinet Vs. Crib: What is Next?

You must decide to select any of these – between a crib or a bassinet where your little one will sleep and get better sleep quality and safety. However, there is nothing to stress about. It is possible to switch from one to another to adapt to the baby’s needs.

Remember that the AAP says to us that both are safe for your baby. However, they have not given any direct answer on which one to use or which is safer. So, you should go through the guidelines to keep your baby secure as much as possible.


Parents should buy bassinets for their newborns if they want to keep their little ones besides their beds. Moreover, if they keep the newborns inside the Bassinet, they can change the diaper and do the nursing sessions at midnight if necessary. In this article, we have covered the best bassinets for babies. You can choose one of these as per your requirements after checking the buying guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essential safety considerations for a baby bassinet?

Your baby must have sleeping space and no loose blankets, pillows, or toys in his bed. Ensure that you must not share your bed with your baby. Besides, your baby should sleep on his back to prevent SIDS. Generally, babies outgrow the Bassinet by five months.

Are bassinets safe for newborns?

AAP says that these are safe for newborn babies.

How long should a baby stay in a bassinet?

Babies must move from the Bassinet for safety reasons when they cross 4 – 6 months. Hence, it is essential to see the safety recommendations, like height, weight, and the model’s other features.


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