Destiny 2 PC Pre Loading Starts Today Ahead Release

Destiny 2 PC Pre Loading Starts Today Ahead Release

PC Users can now pre-load the Destiny 2 game

Gaming industry is really going aggressive with the release, setup and first experience of their exclusive titles. In order to keep the servers intact and to handle sudden burst of players for the game Destiny 2 developers are allowing users to download the game prior to the release day. Users will only be play the game right on the release days as it get unlocked by the developers and this forms a new narrative wherein players can pre-load games on their PC and enjoy the same of the release day without any delay.

Wait no more for Destiny 2

Interested players simply have to visit, pre-order the Destiny 2, start the download and install all the necessary files even before the game launches officially. Use of term ‘pre-load’ might be misleading as players more likely to ‘get ready’ to play literally. The major benefit of the pre-load is that users wouldn’t have to wait for a week to download and install the game. Downloading this game is a major factor for this game it boasts of huge files which can takes ages on slower networks. Though there is no confirmation about the exact download size but some of the specification has shown that this game requires about 68 GB which is really massive for a game.

Destiny 2 _1

Destiny 2 arriving on the PC is a big new in itself as the original version of this game never made it way to the PC. This game is touted to offer the most immersive gameplay to the PC users with its potentially uncapped frame rate. Developers of this game Bungie has been actively taking the feedback from users based on the Destiny 2 console beta in order to enhance the gameplay for better. They had fixed the infinite Super glitch, reduced the time taken to charge up the Super Abilities, Warlock now possesses same meele range like the other classes present in the game and players will be able to find power ammo more frequently.

Pre-dowload the Destiny 2 game before the debut day

Bungie will be allowing users to download few more files upon release which will be smaller files so players wouldn’t to wait for long. Then players will be all good to go and immerse themselves in the world of Destiny 2. There is no doubt that long queue will be seen for log-in on the release date and thankfully we are in 2017 where technology and knowledge is so evolved that this game wouldn’t be seen buckling under the pressure on the penultimate day.

Bungie has kept the launch date of Destiny 2 under wraps for quite some time and now it is expected to get released on 24 October globally. Secondly players didn’t know anything about the system requirement until Bungie revealed to the users while launching the Destiny 2 beta on PC at beginning of this year. Its price will be anywhere between $59 to $40 depending on the website you are using to buy and preload the game in advance.

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