Best Staple Gun of 2021

Best Staple Gun of 2021

We usually use nail guns while fastening material, but it won’t always get your job done. While using them, you need to apply a large amount of force for driving nails deep into tough framing lumber. That is why if you want to work with a weaker material such as sheathing or thin plywood, then it cannot work.  It is when you need a staple gun that can make your job done. Using these, you can penetrate and fasten weaker material such as thin plywood, sheathing, screen, or fabric, and you don’t need to tear it apart. It is helpful for plenty of applications such as mounting delicate moldings, installing house wrap, hanging outdoor holiday decorations, laying carpet, etc.

In this buying guide has discussed the best five staple guns that will help you select the best one. After performing hands-on testing with multiple models, we recommend these models. According to our experiments, the DEWALT DWHTTR350 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Stapler/Brad Nailer is the best overall.

What Is A Staple Gun?

A staple gun is a powered stapler used to drive heavy metal staples into wood, plastic, or masonry. This hand-held machine can be used for various applications such as wiring, upholstery, carpeting, insulation, house wrap, roofing, and hobby & craft materials. We know them as trigger tackers also.

Comparison With Office Stapler:

A few of these don’t come with an anvil, and the metal plate having curved slots. But office staplers come with these that assist in bending the staple legs inwards or outwards and, after that, help flatten against the paper.

Some staple guns come with integral anvils. For instance, you can use a post stapler to join the corrugated box’s bottom flaps, whereas a blind clincher helps to close the top of a closed container. The anvils are preloaded into these devices. As soon as the staple hits the anvil, it is crimped onto the box. Then, you need to remove the curved anvils.

The hand-powered models come with a spring-like mechanism that stores mechanical energy and delivers a sharp and robust blow. You need to follow the mechanism to deliver the large force for driving staples through solid wood or masonry. It is also essential as the pin needs to be inserted before removing the workpiece. If you are using an office stapler, you can drive it directly using your muscle power at a slow speed, though. In other words, we can say that the staple gun is an alternate of the inertia of the workpiece for missing anvil.

Use of Staple Guns:

Staple guns are used especially for quick fastening jobs. You can drive three or more staples using this at a time when you can only hammer one nail. You can use this for securing fabric, carpet padding, screening, ceiling tile, wire, poster board, and weather stripping for many different purposes.

Generally, people use the regular office stapler and the plier-grip stapler. Clerks use them for attaching the sales receipt to a package. Apart from them, three other variations are also available for workshop use — the trigger gun, the electric gun, and the hammer stapler. People know the hammer stapler also as a hammer tacker.

The trigger gun stapler has to be used manually. You have to grip it in one hand and hold the work with the other hand. When you close your hand, the trigger is compressed, because of which a spring mechanism is activated for driving the staple.

You can get these available in two types of models— heavy duty and light duty. Usually, the heavy-duty ones allow you to load five different sizes of staples: 1/4-, 5/16-, 3/8-, 1/2- and 9/16-inch. However, in most cases, models use those staples that are produced mainly for ceiling tile installation.

When it comes to light-duty models, you can load three different sizes such as 1/4, 5/16- and 3/8-inch. Compared to this type, heavy-duty ones allow you to load more different sizes of a staple. As a result, it may seem that people don’t need to use the light-duty model. But it is not true as other factors are there that you need to consider besides stable capacity.

Use of Heavy Duty Models:

For example, you can consider weight. A heavy-duty model is capable of weighing almost twice compared to a light-duty model. Squeeze pressure is also one of the features that you need to consider. These require more muscle for squeezing the trigger. A few manufacturers provide these tools with a variable power feature. With the help of this additional feature, you can manage the spring tension to suit specific jobs.

You are required to use an electric model for the extensive jobs demanding the power of a heavy-duty model.  It can do all the things that a hand model can, but with an enhanced speed and a lot less muscle fatigue.

If you want to stop kickback, you should use your two hands while using an electric model. Hence, you have to grip the handle and squeeze the trigger with one hand, whereas you need to press down the housing using the other hand.

 Five Best Usages of Staple Guns:

While choosing the staple guns, you can find different models for home or professional use. Most models of these categories fall into either muscle-powered or electric-powered ones. For muscle-powered models, you need to apply your power to staple. On the flip side, the electric models are very powerful.

Which type of staple gun you are using is not matter, as each person has different choices. In this case, the vital thing is whether you know the right size of staples and the process of handling them or not.

If you know how to use the gun properly, plenty of jobs are available to use them.

  1. Upholstery:

It is the staple gun that upholsters prefer to use most as a tool. With the help of this small invention, you can make your job quickly done. Hence, you merely have to stitch the fabric near your targeted furniture and snap it with the stapler.

  1. Carpeting:

This tool is used in the carpeting business also that is an ideal use of the device. You can do carpeting using different tools and methods, but the tool can make the job very easy, making it attractive.

Using the tool, users can affix carpets to the floor, wall, and feelings, also relying on the carpeting desires. What makes the tool special is that it never leaves huge damage marks on the floor or the ceiling. Mostly, you can fix the holes more efficiently compared to the holes from screws or nails.

  1. Home Carpentry Jobs:

The tool is helpful in this case too. Hence, the device helps to fasten certain fabrics and wood to your targeted item. For example, when you attach wooden panels to a wall or floor, you need to use the electric model.

  1. Various Decorations:

These tools have practical use also that are outside of the professional. For example, suppose you want to have a birthday party. Then, it can help you in fastening things to the trees and outer parts of your house. This tool has plenty of usages; you only need to be creative with your imagination.

  1. Different Gardening Projects:

It is handy in this part also. You only need to think about what you should do with individual flowers and their placement. As soon as you do this, there is no need to use the nail and hammer part. You can use them to fasten specific wooden panels on which your plants can lean on.

Do’s and Don’ts:

As we have told earlier that these tools are handy for upholstery, woodwork, furniture building, and other construction tasks such as fastening subfloors or roofing materials. A few types of models are available in the markets, which are perfect for hobbyists or crafters.

Sometimes, people refer to the staple gun as a nail gun, but it is entirely wrong as both are different tools. Here, we let you know about the dos and don’ts of staple guns.

Always Take Safety Precautions:

  • You should know that a manual model can also cause harm to you in case you don’t use it properly. It can happen, especially when you don’t wear the proper safety gear.
  • Make sure that you are wearing eye protection always while you use this tool.
  • When you use a pneumatic model, you have to wear ear protection. It is because the tools make sounds.
  • Use a pair of gloves to prevent penetration. Ensure that you can move your hands freely by squeezing the trigger on the tool. Besides, you should hold the device securely for directing staples.
  • You must not walk with your finger on its trigger or never should disable the safety features.
  • You can take the help of clamps instead of using your hands for holding materials where there are.
  • Never use any cord or hose to drag or pull it. Besides, you should not use a tool like a hammer either. Instead of doing this, it will be better if you use hammers.

Never Point It at someone or Pets:

You should not keep the device pointing at yourself or someone else. It is essential to know that pets can come unexpectedly when you don’t keep them away from your work area. Always keep the firing end downwards for safety.

Understand the Trigger Feature:

As the tool fires staples one at each time, therefore you should squeeze the trigger every time. Otherwise, these may have a continuous or automatic fastener feed. As a result, the tools continue to fire staples till you are not stopping squeezing the trigger. Thus, at a time, the muzzle of the device will get in contact with the work area.

That’s why you never keep your hand between the work area and the muzzle.

These tools have triggers, and they can fire an object at high speed. It is the targeted materials only that a staple should penetrate from these tools.

Do Match the Staple to the Tool:

  • Before buying, always check that you have purchased the right ones that can fit your tool. If necessary, then take time to read the instructions about loading the tool accurately and what you need to do if there is any jam. After checking the proper staples suitable for your device, you need to consider this for your work. Whether you are working on outdoor materials like patio furniture, you must remember corrosion resistance.
  • You must know which type of tool is perfect for the materials that you use. Otherwise, these can hurt the user or anyone who is nearby.
  • Whether you want to use the tool for hobbies or crafting, then a manual type can be effective in this purpose. You don’t need to fire plenty of staples over and over again. It is because you should take sufficient time to prepare and arrange your materials carefully before fastening them.
  • If you want, you can use it for heavier tasks where you have to apply plenty of staples repeatedly, such as flooring, carpeting, roof felting, furniture building, etc. In this case, an electric or a pneumatic model can do a great job. When you use the more robust tools, you need to have extra safety precautions like:
  • The electric models must require a power source, and that’s why you need to use either batteries or a cord. Whether you want to use a corded version, you should be careful about tripping as well as obstacles.
  • The Pneumatic models take the help of compressed air for firing staples. A few models are portable, whereas you can use some merely using a hose. Therefore, you need to watch the distances and try not to overextend the hose. These should come with a safety feature also.

Select the Right Tool for the Right Job:

While you use a pneumatic upholstery model, you may need to try to reach awkward angles & curves of the wood frames of chairs or sofas.

When you are fastening, you remain close to the surface of your work area. Therefore, you should have impact-proof eye protection. Make sure that you are not plugging cords and hoses while you give the tool to someone, climb ladders, service or maintain the device, or any other time when you will use this.

Don’t Use Indoor Staples for Outdoor Jobs:

The outdoor framing and furniture can have moisture, but it relies on the location, salt sea air. You have to choose those staples that can resist corrosion for the jobs which need to endure varying weather conditions.

 Keep The Tool Clean:

Using this tool all day long can seem dingy, covered with dust, bits of fabric, wood, etc. There can even be chips of drywall or paint. That’s why it is essential to clean the tool every day at the end of your work. Use the right oil to wipe down the device, but for this, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that you are not allowing the oil to build upon it, as this will gather more dust and debris.

Must Inspect The Tool Before Using It Every Time:

Every time before using the tool, you need to check it out. Sometimes, the parts of the device can loosen or wear down. Therefore, you have to check all the screws, caps, as well as connections. Check the cords as well as hoses for fraying. As soon as these get disconnected, your task is to clear jams. Check the tool to ensure whether the motor is running smoothly or not. You must not use the tool if you find any part of this loose, any damaged cords or hoses, etc.

From professional carpenter, roofer, to upholsterer— everyone can get advantages if they have the right tool and safety gear as these help you complete your project. Always remember these do’s and don’ts of the device while using it.

Top Five  Best Staple Guns:

  1. DEWALT DWHTTR350 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Stapler/Brad Nailer

DEWALT DWHTTR350 Heavy-Duty Aluminum StaplerDescription: If you are searching for a manual model, then the best option for you is Dewalt’s DWHTTR350. It can fire standard T50 staples along with 18 gauge brads which offer flexibility to many fastening projects. The aluminum construction of the tool makes it long-lasting and lightweight.

Using the tool, you can handle a few minor DIY tasks. People who are going to do any huge project must want to use an electric or pneumatic model. However, for small fixes and repairs, the tool is a perfect choice for you.

According to a few users, it is a little bit annoying, especially when you will handle a large project. Apart from this, no other significant issues are related to this. It is a little bit on the costlier side while you compare the tool with other manual models available on the market. But, its excellent performance, along with the flawless design, can justify the cost.


Squeezing Technology: It comes with an easy-squeeze technology that can decrease the actuation force.

Magazine: There is an anti-jam magazine available that helps to prevent jams and misfires.

Design: It comes in a neat design that makes it durable. A few users may not prefer the plastic look, but it consists of aluminum components under the plastic covers.


  • Long-lasting
  • Neat design
  • Easy-squeeze technology
  • Anti-jam magazine


  • It needs a firm grip
  1. Bostitch 18-Gauge Crown Stapler

Bostitch 18-Gauge Crown StaplerDescription: If you are looking for a product to finish your work, this model is the most effective one. It comes with a tool-free depth adjustment and an over-molded grip that offers comfort to the user. You can switch the mode of this tool from sequential firing to contact firing with ease. It contains a carrying case that is helpful when you don’t need to use this. Besides, it has a universal belt clip which you can affix to either side of the stapler. You need 18-gauge staples that are available from 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches.

The staple holes are small in size that enables you to come behind with a bit of nail hole filler to deliver an excellent finish. Hence, you should use the tool to offer a nice touch using its built-in belt hook. There is a bit of plastic on the device that makes it ideal for a DIYer.


Oil-Free Operation: Due to the oil-free operation, you don’t need to maintain it regularly. Thus, it removes the risk of oil stains. Besides, a selectable trigger system helps convert the tool from sequential to contact operation.

Low Nail Lockout: The tool comes with a low nail lockout that prevents fry firing.

Rear Exhaust: It contains an ultra-quiet rear exhaust with a muffler that can direct air away from you. There exists a reversible belt hook that comes with an integrated pencil sharpener.

Other accessories: This product features a Dial-A-Depth control which will be helpful in precise countersinking. The kit comes with accessories such as Finish Stapler, 1/4-inch Air Fitting, and Carrying Case.


  • Ultra-quiet rear exhaust
  • Carrying case
  • Oil-free operation
  • Selectable trigger system


  • Plastic doesn’t suit professional carpenters.
  1. Arrow T50 Heavy-Duty Staple Gun

Arrow T50 Heavy-Duty Staple GunDescription: DIYers who want to buy a value-minded staple gun with sufficient power to handle most projects must check this product. It consists of chrome-polished all-steel construction that makes the tool long-lasting as well as rust-resistant. As it fires T50 staples of this brand, users must use this for stapling house wrap, upholstery, signage, etc.

According to the testing, this tool comes with decent power. The classic design of the device makes it attractive. Compared to other expensive models, the tool can work better.


 Conserve Energy: The tool is perfect for professional or household projects such as installing insulation, upholstery, general repairs, and crafts. You can get this available in the workshop of any builder, maker, or crafter.

 Different Staple Sizes: It can deliver the best performance using Arrow T50 staples of sizes 1/4-Inch, 5/16-Inch, 3/8-Inch, 1/2-Inch, or 9/16-inch. The variety of size options allow you to use it in different projects.

Efficient: A rear-load magazine is available with the tool. It offers a jam-resistant mechanism that can deliver you a smooth stapling experience. There is a staple-viewing window that helps you to see when you should reload staples.

Long-Lasting: Its chromed-steel body allows you to use it for any task. To deliver maximum durability, you have to harden steel parts in a 1,500-degree furnace.

Easy to use: A high leverage handle on the tool can deliver you a comfortable experience. You can ensure that each strike you will apply helps to drive the staples through the materials.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Save time as well as energy
  • The rear-load magazine is present


  • Little finicky to load
  1. Workpro Staple Gun

Workpro Staple GunDescription: The product can support six different types of staples, nails, and pins. It comes with a dual power lever with the help of which you can control the force that the tool will apply on the working surface. Therefore, you are capable of using the device for both hard and soft materials. It features a jam-proof mechanism, a bottom-loading machine, and a rubber molded grip— that makes the tool a complete package.

The six different types of nails or staples compatible with are T50, JT21, T20, CT10X, Brad nail 18 gauge, PIN. This feature makes it very special and allows you not to change different tools frequently.


Unique Lever: It comes with a dual power unique feature that makes the device perfect. Using the High/Low power lever, you can work with both hard and soft materials. You can use this manual device on weather stripping, insulation, small fencing, upholstery, and other stapling projects.

Simple To Use: You don’t require managing various types of nails. Merely, you have to keep the nail or staple in before starting. The tool follows a patented mechanism that helps to stop it from jamming.

Design: Now, you can save more space with the help of a retractable handle-lock design while storing. You are required to take out all the nails before you are going to lock. Then, your task is to press the handle to the bottom part and, after that, pull it outward.

Convenient: It comes with a bottom quick loading magazine that enables you to add nails easily and quickly. There is a rubberized grip having an ergonomic hand slot especially designed so that your hand will face minimum pain while you are using it. The tool’s weight is merely 450g; therefore, you can take it outside with ease.


  • Rubberized grip with an ergonomic hand slot
  • Bottom quick loading magazine
  • Easy to use
  • Retractable handle-lock design


  • Hard to use
  1. Porter-Cable C-Crown Upholstery Stapler

Porter-Cable C-Crown Upholstery StaplerDescription: Compared to other products in this list, it is slightly on the costlier side. This tool is suitable especially for those who are DIYers or professional upholsterers, roofers, or carpenters. It is compatible with the standard-sized C-crown staples and can work with most air compressors. The tool comes in small size and weighs light for easy maneuvering.

The product has a rear exhaust port that helps to keep air, oil, and condensation away from the working area. It has a high-capacity, bottom-loading magazine that can support a maximum of 185 staples. This tool gets a flush fit every time, due to which you don’t need to waste your time hammering after you’ve pulled the trigger.


 Simple To Use: This 22-Gauge C-Crown Upholstery model comes with many handy features that make the device simple to use. It is compatible with standard Senco C Type 22-gauge, 3/8-inch crown staples that can make your job quickly done.

Extension: The tool is equipped with a 1-inch nose valuable extension for the tough-to-reach areas. It has a driver guide that helps to clear jams from the magazine. Besides, the device needs a 70-120 PSI air pressure so that you can use this for most air compressors.

Simple To Operate: The tool uses the 3/8″ crown staples from sizes 1/4″ to 5/8″ long. It comes in small size and weighs light so that you can operate the tool with ease. The product has a steel top cap that makes it long-lasting.


  • Durable
  • Rear exhaust port
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for professional carpenters
  • Simple to operate


  • Cable is not work

Factors to consider before buying the Best Staple Gun:

When you purchase the best staple gun, you will find a vast variety of them that you can get online or at the local home center. But before going to purchase, make sure that you must know the factors you need to consider. Here, we have given a few essential factors to consider before buying the best model and choosing the right one.

Types of Staple Guns:

When you select the best model, it will be better for you if you know that different styles are available in the market to choose from.

  • Manual Staple Gun:

Users can handle this type with ease and carry it with them also. If you’re using a limited number of staples, then it is perfect, but for this, you require plenty of muscle power while you will use these in large projects. You can get these tools available in plastic, aluminum, and steel. Models made of plastic weigh light and can be handled with ease. You must use these tools for easy projects at home. Devices having Aluminium and steel design are more durable and less fragile. These devices are perfect for big projects, heavy-duty materials, and outdoor use.

  • Electric Staple Gun:

Compared to the manual ones, these offer you more power and precision; therefore, you can work more efficiently. When it comes to ceilings, corners, and tight spaces, you cannot make your job done using your hand power. The electric ones are very effective in this case. A few models come with cords, whereas a few are battery-powered. You can use these models when no electricity is available over there, like when you work outdoors.

  • Pneumatic Staple Gun:

These are very strong and efficient enough. The primary purpose of their use is for professional building work. In addition, it can also be used to set up the paneling, laying floors, and other jobs that need many or long steps to make the job done. These models weigh light but offer limited mobility because they have a connection with a compressor.

  • Flooring Staple Gun:

These are air-powered guns with the help of which you can fire staples into the tongue of a hardwood plank while you get stuck with a mallet. A few devices are merely spring-loaded.

  • Tack-hammers Staple Gun:

These are perfect for hanging house wrap or resin paper. It indicates those models that get struck against the face of a surface.

Staple Gauges and Sizes:

Gauge is the unit of measurement of Staple thickness. The lower the number of gauges, the thicker the tool will be. For instance, a 16-gauge staple has more thickness compared to an 18-gauge staple.

Standard-size gauges for all-purpose models are 16, 18, and 20 gauge, with 22-gauge staples. These tools use pins from 7/32-inch to 7/16-inch width and up to 2 inches length. A few industry-specific tools are available that can use larger or smaller staples.

“T50” is a basic type of staple for most tools. It is the trademark of Arrow Fastener. However, other manufacturers use standard gold staples.

Comfortable And Simple To Use:

Users face issues with manual models as these are unable to deliver comfort to them. People with smaller hands or weaker grips are unable to use this type of tool. Hence, the best choice you can make is an electric or pneumatic staple gun.

In this case, you only have to depress the safety mechanism when you pull the trigger with one finger.

People who have small hands can make this job done with ease. In most cases x these tools come with large lever-style triggers that sit in the user’s palm. You merely have to push the lever with the body weight.

Electric vs. Pneumatic:

People can always use manual models for a plethora of projects, but these can’t deliver the best performance for heavy-duty works. Guns having a suitable power source is the best option, whether it is electric or pneumatic. Because it will help you when you fire plenty of staples or use the tool for thicker materials.

While choosing the better one between electric or pneumatic, both have their specific reasons. With the help of the Pneumatic models, you can staple deep into tough materials. The only problem with them is that they need an air compressor to run.

On the flip side, you merely have to plug the electric model into an outlet, but it doesn’t have too much punch. Whether you are going to do light-duty work only, then you must choose an electric model.


It is one of the vital aspects that you want to consider. You never want any junk piece while using it because it can break the first time when you apply a little pressure.


After going through the entire article, we hope you will have a complete idea about staple guns and which to go with. According to us, the Dewalt DWHTTR350 is overall the best. But, if you want to use a tool for finishing purposes of your work, then the Bostitch 18-gauge Crown Stapler is perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which type of staple gun is best for wood?

Whether you are stapling anything thin or light to wood, then you should use the Dewalt DWHTTR350. It is the best one available on the market.

  • Can you use a staple gun for carpet?

Yes, but you must ensure that you use long staples through the pile as well as the tool comes with the power to drive the nails into the wood.

  • What type of staple gun is the most strong and powerful?

Construction staplers are very much strong. And these shoot thick, heavy-gauge staples into construction.

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