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Gadget Review: the New Apple MacBook Pro is Fast and Light but not for Everyone

Gadget Review: the New Apple MacBook Pro is Fast and Light but not for Everyone

The new version of MacBook Pro laptop gadget has a single type of connection port, different from the variety they had before. This will force users to purchase adapters to connect devices using different types of connectors. On the keyboard, this  gadget gets the replacement of the top row of physical buttons, including the “Escape” key, with a touch-sensitive virtual band called the Touch Bar.

Pros of This New Apple MacBook Pro

The new gadget  is faster, thinner and lighter than those of the previous generation and the batteries have almost ten hours of life.

In the two-week period that I was collecting the impressions on these computers between engineers and technology professionals, I was able to try the new MacBook Pro gadget, which cost between $ 1,500 and $ 2,800, depending on the model. I concluded that although this new gadget is quite effective for many professionals, there is no rush to buy one.

MacBook Pro -1

USB-C, Collecting adapters of MacBook Pro

In the new laptop gadget, Apple used only the next generation of USB ports: USB-C. In the tests I did on the MacBook Pro, the biggest challenge was that there were only USB-C ports. The previous laptop gadget versions had USB-A and some other types of ports, including HDMI, to connect devices such as printers and monitors. Now USB-C ports will be the only alternative to connect almost everything to the laptop, from additional chargers and screens to photo card readers. The more austere MacBook Pro has two USB-C ports and the higher quality models include four.

MacBook Pro cons

This means that in the immediate future will have to buy adapters to plug devices with different connectors. The annoying thing is that one of these is the power cable of the iPhone, which has a USB-A connector. So, to charge an iPhone to this new gadget, for example, you need an adapter in the cable that connects USB-A devices to USB-C ports. In the long run, Apple’s move to USB-C will help create a new paradigm in the industry, said Brian Denslow, a TechCollective technician, an information technology consulting firm based in San Francisco.

Speed and Memory Limits

Many Apple loyalists have become obsessed with memory constraints and the disappointing performance of this new  gadget. The new models have a maximum of 16 gigabits of RAM. The same limit as previous MacBook Pro and practically the same speed of processor than the latest professional laptops.

This New laptop gadget is much faster on some other terms than the older models, while on others they are just a little faster. However, in the new MacBook Pro, the graphics processor, crucial for strong computing tasks. It is almost twice as fast as the older model of the MacBook Pro and storage controllers are much faster.

Other Limitations of MacBook Pro

The RAM limit is annoying for users who need power. More RAM can open more applications and the computer can maneuver them faster. The problem, in theory, is that if future applications hog more memory in a few years. MacBook Pro will not accept more memory because the maximum is 16 gigabits.

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