Best Sunrise Alarm Clock- Latest (Updated)

Best Sunrise Alarm Clock- Latest (Updated)

You are part of a very big community if you have trouble falling asleep at night and waking up in the mornings. We’re all feeling a bit nuts about being cooped up in our homes for too long, but in happier, pre-pandemic days, this may not have been a concern for you. It’s really important to get your sleep, and a remedy that might just work is to mimic sunrises and sunsets in your bedroom as a way to trick your biological machinery into making it easier to get in and out of bed. The solution to this is the best sunrise alarm clock.

An artificial light source that is inserted into a typical digital clock is a sunrise alarm clock or dawn simulation light. It is timed at a selected time to wake a person gradually. It achieves this by mimicking, often over 30 to 40 minutes, the slowly rising light of sunrise, but some versions can cause the timer to be changed from 15 to 60 minutes.

Best Wake-Up Light Alarm Clocks

These simulators can have a white or yellow full-spectrum LED lightbulb. This light can differ marginally from one model to the next in the color spectrum or color temperature (think of this as the ‘warmth’). Many are of medium intensity and less brightness than a regular lightbox, often 100 to 300 lux (light intensity).

A range of versions of a wake-up light alarm clock available, most costing between $25 and $100.

The add-on options differ greatly from one object to the next as well. Most have the option to change the brightness of light and snooze characteristics and have regular warning sounds or music associated with them. For charging devices, there may be USB ports integrated. Some can also gradually dim light (a so-called sunset function) in addition to facilitating a slow waking, making it feel more comfortable to fall asleep.

How They Work

It’s better to wake up with sunrise simulation lights, so how do these things work? The regular rhythms of light and darkness and how your 24-hour internal clock, known as your circadian cycle, enforces optimum sleep and wakefulness.

Humans have learned to sleep overnight during darkness, like most mammals. Light has an awakening effect on the brain and body. It suppresses melatonin and stimulates the signal of circadian warnings. Light, such as from television before bedtime, will make it difficult to fall asleep and lead to insomnia at the wrong time. It will make it easier to wake up in the morning when inserted into a sunrise alarm clock.

Passing from the eyes through the optic nerves to a region of the brain that controls the circadian rhythm of the body, light exerts this influence. In the hypothalamus, this part of the brain, called the suprachiasmatic nucleus, sits. It is the body’s master clock. Without it, sleep, wakefulness cycles, appetite, the release of hormones, cortisol levels, body temperature, and other mechanisms will run amok.

Fortunately, light can help us to sleep and feel better at the right time. If correctly timed, even artificial light will enforce our body’s usual habits that would occur if we slept in a completely natural world.

List of 10 Best Sunrise Alarm Clocks and Wake-Up Light Alarm Clocks

Philips SmartSleep Wake Up Light Therapy

SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light HF3670

Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300

hOmelabs wake-up light alarm clock

Jall Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

LIFX smart bulbs and your own lamp (DIY)

Mosche Alarm Clock

LATME  Up Light Alarm Clock

Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100

Philips Somneo Wake-up Light

Best Sunrise Alarm Clock for 2020

1.   Philips SmartSleep Wake Up Light Therapy

philips smartsleep wake up light therapyThe overall best sunrise alarm clock, according to us, is the Philips SmartSleep Wake Up Light Therapy. From anti-snoring aids to complete sleep apnea treatment to sunrise simulation alarm clocks, Philips has a number of helpful sleep devices. This will trigger the sunrise in your bedroom artificially to better adjust the circadian rhythm correctly, your body’s internal clock, hence the desire to get up when it’s still dark outside. This is very important for the maintenance of energy in the morning and day, the quality of sleep at night, and metabolic wellbeing. If you do not want to focus on noisy warning noises to wake up, it’s also helpful.

We like the SmartSleep Wake Up Light because it provides different settings, including brightness settings for sunrise and sunset, a light therapy lamp, and sleeping and waking up to natural sounds. Getting a number of environments makes it easier for the product to remain applicable to the user and as their preferences change.

2.   SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light HF3670

SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light HF3670This Up Light Alarm Clock is not for someone who is only searching for an alarm clock for sunrise to go to bed and wake up. It’s for someone who is willing to use their clock for a whole sleep ritual as an accessory. The Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light has many of the same characteristics as our main pick, including a normal red-tinted sunrise and sunset light.

Yet, it provides more warning sounds and a broader range of degrees of brightness and variations of programmable sunrise. It also has alarms, a built-in nightlight (just tap if you need it), and a USB port to detect temperature and humidity, noise, and light levels (which post readings on its app). We believe it’s the intuitive software that really makes the update worth it, making it much easier for you to schedule your sunrise and sunset times and other functionality than to navigate the buttons on the clock.

We really like that you can set several alarms throughout the week and that the sunset component has the option of several “wind-down” exercises, along with soothing sounds and visual reminders to direct you through deep breathing, if you like. You can consider it as the best sunrise alarm clock on a budget.

3.   Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300

Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 is also counted as the best sunrise alarm clock. This pick is pretty high-end, but it’s worth it. You can change the colored sunrise simulation configuration from 15 to 90 minutes with the Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300 and pick from 15 high-quality wake-up sounds at the specified alarm time. We are personally a wave and blackbird sound fan.

You can change the brightness levels on the sunrise simulator so that the final level is ideal for you, not so dark that you do not wake up, but not so intense that you squint. In addition, You can even set repeated alarms daily or regularly, and it has a snooze button for tap-control.

You may also use the Lumie to fall asleep, in addition to all of those sunrise features. It doubles as a white noise generator, and the clock also helps you to set a simulation of the sunset—set the light at the desired intensity first, then push the sunset button, and relax as the light slowly dims. Whenever you feel like you are going to have issues falling asleep, you should use the sunset simulation. It helps every time.

4.   hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm ClockWe suggest the hOmelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock if you aren’t able to spring for one of our top choices. It’s made with all the things that you’ll find in high-end alarm clocks, and so is a good sunrise simulator alarm clock. It’s not just as expensive. The pure white glow of this light on the Philips models is less calming than the red-tinted dawn and dusk tests, and the warning sounds a little dim. But it comes with the option of programming a progressive dimming in the evening, several soothing warning tones, and a radio, all features that, while costing almost twice as much, Philips’ cheapest model lacks.

5.   Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock

Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm ClockThis budget-friendly sunrise simulator alarm clock from Jall can do the trick if you’re not ready to splash out $100 or more on a sunrise alarm clock. It has all the basics and allows for a very flexible sunrise: to finish the sunrise, select from 7 colors and 20 degrees of brightness, as well as seven natural sounds to complement the light. You can opt to wake up on the FM radio as well.

You can also use the Jall Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock as a night light or a bed lamp. Plus, you can set the level of brightness for both. Like some others on this list, it does not have a sunset function, nor does it act as a white noise machine—but it doesn’t matter if you only want the sunrise function.

This clock is liked by most Amazon reviewers: it has 4.8 stars, and almost 100 percent of the reviews are positive. Most of the people who bought this clock seem to have been hoping for a less sudden way to wake up, and the Jall Wake Up Light did their trick. Buyers really appreciate that it’s easy to set up and simple enough to run on their own for children. According to some buyers, it’s the best sunrise alarm clock.

6.   LIFX smart bulbs and your own lamp (DIY)

LIFX smart bulbsBy replacing standard light bulbs with smart light bulbs from Lifx, you can make a DIY sunrise alarm clock if you already have a bedside lamp. These Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs connect to Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Apple HomeKit, and you can program them to dim and brighten like a sunrise and sunset as you fall asleep and wake up, respectively.

You won’t get any sound, obviously, but if you’re a relatively light sleeper who wakes up to changing light, these programmable light bulbs will still get you up in the morning. You can also combine with Lifx light panels and strips in fun colors for the coolest faux-sunrise ever. All these features make it the best light alarm clock for those who wake up to changing light.

7.   Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock

Mosche Sunrise Alarm ClockWith the Mosche Sunrise Alarm Clock, you can customize which color awakens you, so if for some reason you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have blue or pink sun, you could live that fantasy for two minutes each morning. This alarm awakens sleepers steadily by increasing visibility from 0 to 100 percent over two minutes while playing soft nature or beeping sounds.

For a reasonable price, this product has a variety of additional features, including a sunset timer that gradually gets darker as it gets closer to bedtime. For those who like to read before bed, this could be a great way to wind down and know when it’s time to put the book away. Because this product is battery operated, users shouldn’t have to worry about pesky cords getting in the way or clutter on the nightstand. According to us, the Mosche light alarm clock is an ideal wake-up light alarm clock.

8.   LATME Sunrise Alarm Clock

latme sunrise alarm clockThe next best sunrise alarm clock in our list is the LATME light alarm clock. For those who require a boost of sunlight during the day, this item has both sunset and sunrise timers as well as a light therapy feature. Sometimes the circadian rhythm may get out of sync, whether you live in Alaska or Texas, and light therapy might help remind our bodies when it’s time to be awake and when it’s time to sleep.

This option comes with a snooze feature for weekends or slower mornings to give you a few extra minutes without the dread of an impending jolt awake. This product has seven options if you are picky with wake-up noises and should remember up to 15 radio stations. You could even fall asleep on the radio and adjust a 10 to 120-minute sleep timer before it shuts off.


9.   Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100

lumie bodyclock rise 100A simpler variant of the Lumie Shine 300 is the Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100. For people looking for just the basics, it is a high-quality intro-level sunrise simulator alarm clock: The Lumie Rise 100 features a 30-minute sunrise with the option of setting the final intensity of light. A sunset can also be programmed to help you fall asleep.

While most of the best sunrise alarm clocks have this feature, the Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100 has no natural or ambient sounds to add to your sunrise and sunset. Although when your sunrise reaches maximum light intensity, you can schedule the optional beeping alarm to start. The Lumie Rise 100 has a tap-control snooze function and an auto-dimming display, as does the Lumie Shine 300.


10.   Philips Somneo Wake Up Light

Philips Somneo Wake Up LightOur last pick for the best sunrise alarm clock is the Philips Somneo Wake Up Light. The Philips Somneo is one of the best luxury products on the market for those who are serious about having a long-term sunrise clock and are not scared to invest. To help users fall asleep quickly and wake up with ease, this elliptical, donut-shaped alarm is here to help. To support users wind off long before their head reaches the pillow, it even has a calming regulated breathing exercise.

This device is one of the first to help boost sleep and kill the “alarm did not go off” argument in one go with a power-snooze feature designed to help interrupt the snooze loop and a power-failure backup. This product may also act as a pre-bed reading lamp and a bedside radio, but you might need to find other items to fill your nightstand with. There are not many aspects of this product that are not adjustable, including a touch panel and a range of sound settings.



With the best sunrise alarm clock, you can wake up easily every day without getting late for your school, work, or gym. A sunrise simulator alarm clock can help you fall asleep in time and wake up on time. If you are fed up with getting up late every day and your phone’s alarm not helping you at all, then you should consider buying a best light alarm clock for yourself.

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