Gadget Reviewed: TouchJet Wave, This Pricey Gadget Can Make Your Dumb TV Smart

Gadget Reviewed: TouchJet Wave, This Pricey Gadget Can Make Your Dumb TV Smart

Do you wish that your big screen TV operated like a touch screen tablet? Here TouchJet WAVE gadget helps you to do that.

Android TV is a platform, is based loosely on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and is therefore inspired and designed by Lollipop. However, it is not true Lollipop but instead of a custom user interface that is specially designed to offer a more optimized Android TV experience. If you need an example of the difference, then just look at applications. Any device with Android 5.0 (Lollipop) can run almost any application from Play Store. It does not matter if you are running Lollipop with Sense, MIUI, TouchWiz gadget user interface or actions. The fundamental experience, installing and downloading the application, is the same. With Android TV, it is not. Although, based on Lollipop, applications have to be optimized and reworked so that they can run on Android TV. From the experience of the end user, this is probably the most obvious example.

Recently, there has been talk about whether Android TV is already stagnant and in danger of being abandoned. This is largely attributed to what is perceived as a lower lack of adoption by not only consumers, but also manufacturers. However, this is not strictly true.

For a platform that is this young man in his childhood, he has seen massive support for a number of the best manufacturers, Sony, Asus, NVIDIA, Razer, Philips and so on. So there is support, but getting the right gadget is what takes your time. On the contrary, with an Android TV box, there is effectively little to do. Get the right interface and everything is instantly compatible, works and is easy to ready. These boxes, more often than not, seem to be working on Android 4.4 (KitKat), which is probably another aspect that makes them even easier to use.

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However, degradation for KitKat seems like a small price to pay for a TV that offers a similar level of functionality on a tablet or Smartphone. In fact, this week saw a new project hit Indiegogo called Touchjet WAVE gadget. This is one of these Android box type gadget, however, the wave takes it to the next level, which also offers the possibility to make use of gestures controls and adds a touch screen function for the silent TV. This is something that is not at all currently offered on Android TV. Unless you have a touch screen TV that comes with Android TV functionality baked in, although, even in this case, it is rather a feature of the TV and Android TV software.

Either way, what this gadget will do is really offer a full tablet experience on your TV. This means that all your Android games with touch screen controls, movies, music, connected devices, all controllable by gestures. A real Android TV experience and one that is more real than Android TV itself.

No matter how smart TVs have become intelligent, the way we interact with content on the screen has not changed much, and we still rely on unintuitive controls.

Thinking about it, the Californian Company Touchjet launched a collective financing campaign at IndieGoGo to sell a new idea: Touchjet WAVE, handset is capable of turning any TV into a touch sensitive gadget.

The Touchjet WAVE gadget that is installed on the top of the TV transmits the Android system (which already comes installed in the internal memory) to the screen through an HDMI cable and captures the gestures through the internal sensors that scan the display to verify the user’s interactivity.

Once the person performs some action on the TV, Touchjet WAVE interprets the order and performs the processing internally, without needing other products. The device launching recently at the collective funding site has already surpassed its goal ($ 100,000), reaching more than $ 400,000 from more than 2,500 supporters.

The best is that it can be used on TVs of different sizes, being compatible with models from 20 to 80 inches. Although it brings its own system, the manufacturer informs that the product can be controlled and synchronized with other smart phones that use Android and iOS, thanks to its own application that turns the phone into a remote control.

The Touchjet WAVE can be purchased for $ 130 (plus delivery), with the basic package already comes with USB cable, HDMI cable, support to adapt the product at the top of the TV and a stylus for you to enjoy yet better your touch screen TV.

As such, for all whom care about the adoption levels of Android TV, units sold, manufacturers on board or compatibility, the real threat to Android TV could actually come from the market the platform is creating a demand for. .. The Android on you TV platform

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