Boot Stretcher- Premium Stretchers and Expanders

Boot Stretcher- Premium Stretchers and Expanders

What is a Boot Stretcher?  It is used for stretching narrow shoes to loosen the toe area of the shoe. In this case, the spot-stretching plugs are beneficial. These plugs help you to get rid of foot pain. Besides, it can decrease the break-in period by preventing blisters. However, those who use high heel boots need a high heel shoe stretcher. On the other hand, for Western types, a Western boot stretcher is useful.

Design of a Boot Stretcher

The design of the device is done in such a way that you can move up the instep of the shoe effortlessly. While moving up, the boot instep stretcher offers additional space for keeping your feet. Thus, it helps to decrease the pressure on the foot. It is also designed to tolerate the diminished pressure on the feet. These come with a hardwood foot piece that you can adjust deep in your shoe.

Types of boot stretchers:

Basic Boot Stretcher – It helps to extend the width of the toe box. By doing so, it can decrease the boot break-in period.

Boot Vamp Stretcher – It is a combination of typical instep shoe stretcher. This Expander will help you to manage some space in the instep and vamp area. People with high arches must use this type.

Toe Stretcher – This type also helps to adjust the space inside the toe box. You can lift the toe portion with the help of this.

Calf Stretcher – People know it as shaft

stretcher also. You can use it to free up space in the boot’s shaft area.

Western Boot Stretcher – It is specially designed for cowboy boots. That’s why we know it as a cowboy boot stretcher also. Like the previous types, it allows you to free up space from the toe box.

Benefits of Using a Boot Stretcher

The shoe stretcher offer you a perfectly fitted shoe by resizing the shoes. These allow you to try any kind of custom-sized shoes. Thus, you can get enough space to move your feet.

You must avoid wearing uncomfortable and tight shoes. If you put on these, it can make sweat to the feet. This extra moisture in your feet can cause toenail infections, bunions, etc. It is when the shoe extender comes to its use. This expander will help you to solve all these problems with ease.

After using this device, you can ensure that your expended size can last for a long time. Besides, after expanding, the footwear will not come back to its original size for some days. This expander can give you the best result for uncomfortable shoes. You only need to care a little bit about your footwear. Thus, you can easily make it long-lasting.

The Process to Use a Boot Stretcher.

Here, we have given a few easy steps that you can follow to use it. Let’s through these instructions.

Prepare the Stretcher:

First, you need to prepare the device to stretch your boot. In this case, you need to close the toe block first. Then, if you want, you can insert any Bunion Plugs. Now, you need to turn the “T” Handle anticlockwise. It will keep the toe block closed. As soon as you do this, the device will slide into the boot. Next, you can use bunion plugs when you find any tight area in your shoe. You need to add these plugs into the drilled holes of the stretcher.

The function of the plugs is to loosen the tight area by pushing the shoe outward.

Keep the Device into Position:

After inserting the device, now follow this step. In this case, you have to slide the toe block into your boot’s “toe box.” Then, you need to push it to the front side. You can feel the device while holding your hand over the boot’s toe part. Besides, you can feel the bunion plugs if these are already added.

Stretch Boot: 

Now, it’s time to stretch your shoe. In this step, you need to hold the toe part with one hand. Use another hand to hold the “T” Handle ( hold the Handle using your right hand if you feel comfortable holding it or are right handled). Next, you have to unbend the “T” Handle’s arm. Try to unbend it as much as possible. Now, you need to turn the handle clockwise. By doing this, you can open the toe block of the device. It will stretch the width part of your shoe.

You can feel the device when you touch the outside part of the boot’s toe box. As soon as you point the device at the snugging point, add a few cranks to stretch the most. But you should be aware that you are not stretching the shoes too much. Sometimes, over stitching causes damage to the shoes. That’s why it is better, to begin with, the “light” stretching process.

Wait for a While:

In this step, you need to leave the device for at least 8 hours so that it can stretch your shoes properly. Keep it inside the shoe when you get the desired “settings.”You need to leave it for at least eight hours. Now, your job is to remove the device from your shoe. To do this, you need first to turn the “T” Handle. Do it counterclockwise to close that toe block part of your shoe. After doing that, you need to pull out the device slowly from the shoe.

Put on the New Boot:

It is the last step you need to follow. You need to stretch the shoe until you get the right shape. You need to stretch both sides of your shoe. The HOUNDSBAY Boxer can be useful in this case. It is because you can use it on both the left and right sides of your shoe. However, if you want to stretch both shoes at a time, it is better to buy two devices.

Are Shoe Stretchers Expensive?

Multiple brands are available in the market that comes with different products with several features. Therefore, it’s quite natural that all of these products from different brands indeed come with different price ranges. The price range depends on the type of materials, popularity of the brand, and the time duration consumed for manufacturing the product. These consist of wood or plastic along with metal or steel rods.

Usually, wood is more expensive than plastic. And according to this, devices made of wood are more expensive. The advantage you can get using the wood expander is that these are durable enough and don’t get broken easily.

On the other hand, a plastic made one is cheaper and gets broken after a few usages.

That’s why make sure that you have chosen the right one while buying. A wooden product can be the right pick for you as it offers much durability. But there is no guarantee on the plastic made devices how long it lasts. However, you can save your money by purchasing plastic made expanders.

Which Materials are Best for Shoe Stretchers to Work?

These devices work perfectly on leather, suede, and other natural materials. However, if you want to use these devices on materials like polyurethane, vinyl, then go through the instructions adequately given above. And you need need to repeat these steps for stretching the Synthetic materials.

About Boot Calf Stretcher 

Calf boot stretcher is a variation of this type. People who use taller boots must use these. These boots remain very tight around the calves. According to Brangman, you can use this type of expander for both zip-ups and hiking. You only need to place down the sheet first. After that, you have to stretch the device out slowly. A few models are there also that are designed to adjust the instep. As soon as you insert it into your shoe, leave it inside overnight. Leave it near around 6-8 hours to get the best result.

Why Should One Use a Shoe Stretcher for Boots?

These devices help to keep yourself protected from any shoe blunders. Besides, your feet will feel comfortable after using these. It is advantageous if you find your shoe smaller than your feet. The stretcher helps to adjust the shoe according to your foot size. If you buy the wrong shoe pair, these expanders can come to your help. Sometimes, you can feel discomfort such as bunions, corns, feet swellings for the shoes you are wearing. This device can come in your favor in this case.

A few expanders are there, which are specially designed. Shoe stretchers, two-way shoe stretchers, boot stretchers are some examples of it. These are custom made. You should always choose the best one according to the review of the customers.

Can a Boot Stretcher also be Used in Sneakers?

People use sneakers mainly for running, jogging, and other sports activities. It is quite tough to use a stretcher in a sneaker. However, it is not impossible. Sometimes, you may not get the similar results that you can get in the case of leathers or suede made shoes. However, people who want to stretch the sneakers can use shoe stretcher spray. In this case, you need to insert the device first. Then, you have to leave it for the whole night. It may not offer you the ultimate results. It will make the shoe more comfortable by pushing it a little bit.

You need to always keep in mind that sneakers consist of synthetic materials. These are very soft. When you push the stretchers very hard, it will ruin the shape of sneakers. You need to be always careful enough when you use it in sneakers.

How to Know Whether Your Boot Stretcher will Work?

You can use this device for stretching natural shoe-making material such as leather, suede, etc. These are ideal for stretching those shoes that are made of leather material. But it is not effective when you use it on such products made with vinyl. Besides, these won’t suit any artificial material.

Always keep in mind that these have a stretching limit. It means that you are unable to stretch shoes up to any length. For example, whether you try to extend the shoe from size 5 to size 7, it can ruin the footwear. You should use it to extend when your foot size is close enough to the shoe’s size.

Plenty of different shoe extenders are available in the market that you can fit with your match. If you are a footballer or hiker, it’s painful to wear a boot throughout the day. It can make you feel discomfort and cause swelling. That’s why it is better to use a boot that can fit with your feet shape perfectly. Otherwise, you will see sweat. Shoes having enough space inside them are useful in this case.

Best Boot Stretcher

Here, we have listed the top five best boot expander. Let’s have a look at these.

  1. Premium Professional Boot Width Stretcher
  2. Cast Aluminum Combination Boot Instep and Shaft Stretcher
  3. Eachway Two-Way Shoe Stretcher for Hiking and Ankle Boots
  4. FootFitter Professional Men’s Western Stretcher
  5. Professional Western Boot Instep Raiser for Men and Women

Premium Professional Boot Width Stretcher

Premium Professional Boot Width StretcherDescription: This product is specially designed for boot stretching. You can use it even on the toughest boots. Usually, this type of shoe is stronger compared to other shoe types. This durable expander is helpful in this case. It is because the superior quality product allows you to expand the footwear as you need.

People who love to wear high boots can use this product. The extra-long shaft of the device plays a vital role here. Besides, it comes with a long rod handle made of stainless steel. The tool is available in six different sizes.

Awesome Features: 

Design: The product includes an additional long shaft that can expand the boobs easily.

Single Stretcher: It comes with a single stretcher. You can use it for stretching both right & left boots.

Additional Features: It comes with three sizes of spot expanding plugs that help to remove corns, bunions, and other pressure points. The vast area of the toe box allows the expander to fit easily inside it. Besides, the widening handle enables you to expand the toe block.

Build Quality: The jointed handle and internal pieces of the product are made of stainless steel.

Therefore, the product becomes robust and long-term usable. The German beechwood maintains the shape of your shoes while stretching.

Usage: You can use the product on those shoes that are made of Suede & Nubuck, Leather & Vinyl, or Canvas & Fabric.


  • Extra-long shaft
  • Remove corn, bunions.


  • It can be used for light-duty stretching purposes.
  • Not long-term usable.

Cast Aluminum Combination Boot Instep and Shaft Stretcher

Cast Aluminum Combination Boot StretcherDescription: The tall Boot stretcher consists of aluminum. This product is known as a combination expander. It means that the expander allows you to stretch both the calf area and Boot Instep. This 2-in-1 feature enables you to use the product on leather material.

It enables you to alter the diameter with the help of a rotating shaft or the instep. The pin’s slip can help you also in this case. This work boot stretcher is durable enough and can last for longer periods.

Besides, this one is available in 1 size and effective on all shoes. Both the boot instep and shaft expander helps to expand the calf area. With the help of this device, you can loosen the shoe around the calf muscles. Moreover, it follows a mechanism to expand the shaft as well as the instep.

Awesome Features: 

Handle: The shoe stretcher instep comes with a wide handle by turning on, opening, and closing the device.

Shaft Plate: The shaft plate of the device consists of aluminum. It helps to stretch the shaft of the footwear.

Adjustment Peg: By sliding up this part, you can stretch the shaft, or you can move it towards the downside for stretching the instep.

Instep Plate: The plate enables you to raise the instep.

Dimensions: The dimension of the product is 30 x 4 x 4 in.

All-in-One: You can use this one in all boots from western, work, to riding. The centered pin enables you to change the width of the instep.


  • Wide handle
  • Expand both calf area and Boot Instep
  • Effective on all shoes


  • Pins come off easily.
  • It gets broken only after a few usages.

Eachway Two-Way Shoe Stretcher for Hiking and Ankle Boots

Eachway Two-Way Boot Stretcher for Hiking and Ankle BootsDescription: The shoe expander allows you to expand any shoe and make the footwear properly fitted with your feet. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a new one or an old one – this device can make your job done. This product is available in a pair.

It comes with a compact design that allows you to reach the highest portion of the shoe. The pressure point pads help you to customize the shoes in any direction. Besides, it comes with an adjustable knob that consists of 100% pine wood. This two-way expander enables you to use it in different types of shoes. For example, you can use it on wedges, loafers, etc.

Awesome Features: 

Adjustable: The 4-way expanding feature of the product makes it exceptional. You can expand the width and length to boost the size of the shoe. It is very easy to use. You can get rid of bunions, calluses, corns, and other different feet problems using the device.

Professional Design: Eachway shoe expander consists of premium ABS plastic material. It comes with a robust steel shaft that makes it durable and long-term usable. You can use the product for about ten years. The product comes with excellent packaging and each of these expanders includes its own canvas shoe bag. This bag keeps the footwear protected from both dust and moisture.

Compatible with Different Shoes: If you have footwear made up of leather and suede, then purchasing this product will be a smart pick. This product allows you to use it to expand flats, sandals, loafers, oxfords, tennis shoes, slippers, sneakers, canvas shoes, sports shoes, peep toes shoes, ankle boots, and so on. But this one is not suitable for bike shoes and wedge heels shoes. In short, you can’t use it for those high heels footwear that comes in larger than 2.36″ size. It enables you to use shoes of 6-9 size (men’s shoes). You can use it on 9.5-13.5 women’s shoe sizes.

Additional Accessories: The product includes two shoe expanders, eight bunion plugs, 2 heighten pads and one shoehorn, and one shoe bag. All of these make it a perfect gift for holidays and birthdays.


  • Premium ABS plastic material
  • It comes with bunion plugs, pads, shoehorn, bag, and so on.


  • Cheap construction

FootFitter Professional Men’s Western Stretcher

FootFitter ProfessionalDescription: This device comes with an exceptional maple wood foot piece. It can fit in the cowboy boots easily. If you are looking for a long-lasting one, then it will be an excellent choice for you.

Awesome Features: 

Design: This Western shoe stretcher is specially designed for using on cowboy style footwear. That’s why it is known as a cowboy boot stretcher also.

Adjustable Plug: It features two bunion plug pieces that are very adjustable. You can use it to expand specific areas.

Durable: The metal stretching mechanisms make the expander durable and long-term usable.


  • Adjustable plug
  • Used in western boots


  • Not long-lasting

Professional Western Boot Instep Raiser for Men and Women

Professional Western BootDescription: It is such a device that you can use on both western and cowboy shoes. When you put on any western shoe but feel that it is too tight, this product can help. The tool will help you stretch the shoes and relieve the foot pain by loosening the shoe.

It comes with a universal jointed rod that can be used in high top boots. This superior quality wood expander is mostly available in western shoe stores. Usually, professionals use this expander.

Awesome Features: 

Relief Pain: It comes with an expandable instep raiser that loosen the shoe. Thus, it helps to relieve pain.

Different Size: The product is available in two sizes for both men and women.

Use: You can use the device for both left and right shoes.


  • Useful on both western and cowboy shoes
  • Usable for both left and right shoes


  • The aluminum part got broken easily.

What to Look for in a Boot Stretcher While Buying It?

A few expanders are there that can merely protect your feet from bunions. It is a kind of device that makes more space inside the footwear. If you have a very tight shoe than your feet, you need to expand it. But don’t overextend the shoe; otherwise, it can cause damage. When you are going to buy the best one, always check whether it is adjustable or not. Try to choose those that come with additional features. It is because these help you to accommodate any kinds of foot irregularities.

Determine the Purpose of Buying: 

Usually, these shoe expanders are manufactured in such a way so that it can be used on both men’s and women’s shoes. That’s why the shapes of the shoes also vary. It depends on you for whom you are going to buy. If you are willing to use women’s shoes, buy a shoe stretcher for women and vice versa.


These devices usually consist of either plastic or wood. That’s why it totally depends upon you which type you need.

It is essential to check the quality of materials as well as the parts of the device. The parts of the devices will remain under a lot of strain while using the product. That’s why make sure that you are choosing such models that are consist of sturdy materials. Expanders made of sturdy material allow you to use them for a long time.

Which Type of Stretcher You Need to Buy: 

Usually, people always buy a single shoe stretcher. But if need, you can purchase these in pairs also. By doing so, you can expand both of your shoes at a time. However, while buying any expander, you need to look for a wide heel piece. It will help you to avoid undue strain on the heel area.

Are your shoes rubbing or irritating the toes? Then, you must choose an expander that allows you to adjust both width and length. With the help of an adjustable shoe expander, you can change both width and length. In the case of adjustable expanders, you can control the width and length of the device. Besides, in most cases, these devices allow you to set the length. But not all expanders enable you to change the width. You should always choose that one using which you can adjust both directions of shoes.

Other Features: 

Accessories is also a crucial aspect to consider before buying an expander. Always choose those that can make space inside the shoe to get rid of bunions and corns. You may get more pain due to constant rubbing and pressure. You can have irritated or broken skin for this. A good expander will always come with holes in different places on its surface. Besides, it also contains wooden or plastic bunion bumps. These bumps can be fitted into the holes easily. With the help of these bumps, you can push out a particular area of the shoe. Thus, it makes your shoes can be fitted comfortably with your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I buy a boot stretcher?

You can buy these from online shopping sites. Otherwise, you can visit a local shoe store. In that case, you can search on googletyping ‘boot stretcher near me’ and get to see your nearby shops. But we will recommend you for online purchase as you can see the price and feature differences of the product while shopping online. The boot stretcher Amazon often comes with several offers. But before you purchase, make sure that you know the method of using it.

Do boot stretchers really work?

You can use these expanders to free up space around half an inch. But you must remember that these can’t stretch your shoes to a great extend. In case you have shoes have too large sizes, you should go for a new pair of shoes. These are effective, especially on natural materials. Leather, canvas are some examples of such materials.

How can I stretch out my boots?

If you want to expand the shoes, you can purchase a shoe stretcher. And then follow the using methods of this product that we have mentioned earlier. Here, we have given a few DIY ways that you can follow if you don’t have this device.

DIY Ways to Stretch Leather Boots

Don’t want to invest in these tools? Then, a few methods are there that you can follow to stretch out your boots.

Leather stretching spray:

You can get this thing at affordable rates. For this, you only need to use the spray inside of your shoe. You must not use the spray outside of the footwear. If you do so, it can cause discoloration. When you have completed spraying, leave the shoes for a while.

Wear boots while wet: 

You can follow this method also. This way is very cost-effective:

  1. Take a bucket of water.
  2. Do not forget to soak the shoes into the bucket for about five minutes.
  3. Wait for a while till these get drenched completely.

At last, you can wear these. But wait until the footwear becomes dry. It can take about thirty minutes to dry. However, time relies on the climate.

Spray water or alcohol blend inside the boot: 

This method is quite similar to the previous process. You need to first blend the water with the rubbing alcohol at a 1:1 ratio. Then, your job is to fill up a spray bottle. Next, you need to spray the liquid inside your shoe. When you complete the process, put on your boots.

Use the blow dryer to stretch boots:

You can use a hairdryer for stretching your footwear. But it is when if the shoes are made of pure leather. The heat of the dryer helps to soften the leather. And it permits the feet to expand the footwear. Therefore, the leather will be able to mold the foot shape easily.

First, you need to put on the shoes along with thick socks.

Then, you need to point the dryer at the top part of your shoe. Take it about six inches away, i.e., heel and toe area. Now, you need to hold the device for about half a minute. Curling and bending your toes throughout this process can offer a better result. Now, keep the shoes for cooling down and wait for some time. If you put on the shoes now, it can mold the foot shape.

What is the best boot stretcher?

You can go for FootFitter Premium Professional Two-Way Shoe Stretcher. It can expand the shoes properly. One-way shoe Expanders are capable of expanding the shoes in one way only. On the other hand, the two-way Expanders increase both width and length of the footwear.


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