Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Specifications Leaked, Tip 7-Inch 18:9 Display

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Specifications Leaked, Tip 7-Inch 18:9 Display

Mi Max 3, Xiaomi latest venture

Communication is the lifeblood of modern society. Besides air transport the one thing that has really brought the world closer is the mobile communication platform. It’s true that the good old telephones we had twenty years back accomplished a huge task by itself. The revolution however came with the introduction of mobile telephones. This was a device that allowed you to keep in contact 24X7.

Xiaomi,Top mobile producers in Asian market

The huge ever increasing demand formobile telephones has seen the launch of umpteen brands across the world. We are aware that China is one of the top ranking producers of mobile phones and Xiaomi, a Chinese brand is one of the favorites all over. The recently introduced model by this top company, Mi Max 3 has become a consumer favorite in a very short time. This sensational phablet device is the biggest in its line, and is supposed to feature a massive 7 inch display. As per official reports the phone is supposed to feature a 18:9 aspect ratio and will also have smaller bezels.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Bigger battery

If you’re already hooked onto the article and waiting to know more about Max3 here’s extra news for you. If the rumors are going to be true then, this phablet will also feature a dual rear camera along with a bigger 5500 mAH battery. Considering the fact that this phablet’s predecessor, Max 2 already features a 5530 mAH battery, the rumor about the battery is definitely true. As per official reports this phablet is going to be one of Xiaomi’s most advanced creations, and therefore the phablet will also feature Quick Charge 3.0 and reverse charging.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3:Advanced processor

Well, Xiaomi never fails to surprise its trusted clients across the globe. Even exciting news for all the Xiaomi fanatics is that Mi Max 3 could have two different variants. As per reports, one variant will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC, while the other will feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 640 processor. Although, fanatics across the globe have kept their fingers crossed wishing the rumors to be true, none have been yet officially confirmed by Xiaomi.

The predecessor phablet, Mi Max 2 was another hit globally, and did especially well in the Asian market. The phablet features Snapdragon 625 processor, 12 megapixel camera, along with 4GB of RAM. This phablet has definitely raised the expectations for us gadget aficionados and has kept us thinking more about the new device in line.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3:Tough competition for global brands

Xiaomi as a brand has earned its reputation and has entered the list of global tech companies. The brand has done exceptionally well in the Asian market and is earning even more clients in other parts of the world. Xiaomi has become a tough competition for reputed brand names like Huawie, Apple and Samsung in the Asian market. In has definitely earned its edge by creating top quality devices and making them accessible at mid ranges. With an elegant design, sleeker bezels, wider display, screen glare feature, 4K video recording, this phone is sure to deliver much more than expected. Fingers crossed, for the rumors to be true.

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