Headphones: What are the Best Headphones for You?

Headphones: What are the Best Headphones for You?

Today hearing music has become associated with a great pair of headphones for the simple reason that whatever you’re listening to the other may not like. So great, you have your own pair of headphones for your own listening experience. But which ones are the right ones for you? You may think it a simple question of which headphones sound the best and is within your budget, will be the right ones for you. But today, headphones have evolved to fit every user’s different needs.

You have ones that are meant just for your relaxed laid back listening or ones that you use for those grueling sessions of workouts. So before you head out to get yourself a new pair of headphones, read this post first. Here we’ve compiled a list of the best headphones for you. So sit back and relax while we do the legal work for you.

When you Hear the Word headphones what to Do You Think of? Over- Ear headphones?

The first image to pop up in your head may be the over- ear headphones variety. These are the most common form of headphones out there. But are they the ones for you? That’s what we’re here to find out.

When we talk about these headphones the biggest advantage to them is that they sound great. They give you a sense of isolation and by the way they are structured, you may even get ambient sound blocking to some extent.

Another great thing about these headphones is that if they break down you can get them repaired easily. The cups in these types of headphones wear out easily, but the plus point: you can always replace them easily too.

With these headphone, you don’t even have to restrict yourself to the wired variety either, you could always get ones which are completely wireless.

The drivers in these types of headphones can be easily replaced too, meaning a longer shelf life as compared to other varieties of headphones.

Now for some drawbacks. While they may be great for some type of listening to, they aren’t much when it comes to jogging around with them on.

These headphone tend to slip, no matter how you adjust them, when exercising. Add to that the enormous amount heat the ear cups generate and you won’t be using them for those long workout sessions anymore.

In conclusion, these headphones are more your – Comfy – Laidback – Kinda – headphone.

The Next variety of Headphone on Our list- In Ear headphones:

You may not be able to really call these headphones, but these are the most used kinda earphones out there. They’re portable, affordable and often times stylish to use.

You use it on your commute to the office or for sport. They work well in any scenario, really. In fact you may be using the very same kind too, either the ones you’ve got with your phone or something more fancier.

But whatever you’re using at the moment you will be familiar with this kind of headphones- we’ll just call them that for now.

Just like the previous variety of headphones we just discussed above, these ones too come in various forms of wires.

What I mean by this, is that you can get the normal wired ones or the ones with wires in between the two earbuds only or even the ones with no wires at all, like Apple’s AirPods for example.

These headphones also come with small to large ear buds too, making it easier to get your exact fit.

One big advantage with these headphones is that you can use them while you jog or do anything sporty, for that matter. They’re the go – to – kinda – headphones for sports or exercising.

When it comes to noise cancelling these headphone do an even better job because of their ergonomic design. They may not be the noise canceling variety but they do an even better job at cancelling out ambient noise than the over- head headphones.

The more snug the fit, the better the noise cancelling gets. You may not get complete ambient noise isolation, but they are still great and plus you won’t have to pay big bucks for it too than if you bought the ones with actual noise cancellation features.

On Ear headphones- Not the Same as the First:

These headphones combine the qualities of both in ear earbud styles and the over the ear hefty variety. What’s different with these ones as compared to the first kind of headphone we reviewed, is that they have smaller cups that go over the ears.

With the first variety, the big and sometimes excessive ear cup can sometimes be painful, especially with glasses on. But with these ones, you can get the fit just right without too much discomfort, making it great for long music listening sessions.

While many complain of irritation while using the in- ear variety, these have none of those problems. Plus since they come in a smaller ear cup they do not cause much heat build- up too. These are the headphone that eliminate the negatives of both in ear styles as well as the over the top headphone variety too.

When it comes to the positives of the above two headphones, these headphones combine some of their qualities making for a decent variety. They do provide more comfort than what you get with the in- ear variety and they fold up and can be put away more easily than the over large ear cup kind. So in a way they are a hybrid kind of headphone.

These are the various types of headphones that you can lay your hands on. While some may suit some users, other may not. It all depends on your need.

This can be broken down into those needing a pair for exercising and those that need it simply for listening to music. If you want something that you could use on the move whether it’s for commute or exercising, then the in- ear variety is the way to go.

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