Gadget Reviewed: Jabra Elite 85h- Versatility at its Best

Gadget Reviewed: Jabra Elite 85h- Versatility at its Best

These are you’re most versatile headphones yet. In a nut shell, they have good to neutral audio reproduction and a decent enough ANC feature. On the bright side they fit like a glove or in other words they’re very comfortable on the head. Add to that a great and user – friendly mobile app and 30 hours of playback and you’ve got some pretty good headphones  like Jabra Elite 85h.

Not you’re average day Headphones: Jabra Elite 85h

For headphones they’re sleek and have a weave like pattern running on the headband and over the cups of the ear. You won’t be troubled by long wearing hours as they feel lightweight and comfortable. The headband also evenly distributes the weight between both ears.

Talk About Control:

The Jabra Elite 85h has some of the best control manoeuvring we’ve seen so far on headphones. It does not complicate matters too by having physical buttons instead of one button does all kinda thing.

Another cool feature you’ll notice on your first try with these things is that, it comes with smart pause. Smart pause works by pausing the audio you’re listening to whenever you remove the headphones off or swivel its cups.

As for build, the Jabra Elite 85h feel strong and sturdy. The only thing amiss when it comes to build quality is the hinges. They seem cheap and flimsy.

You can even use these headphones with an audio cable. It also comes with a protective case, which is great when it’s not in use.

Let’s Talk Sound Quality:

The sound quality is good but not as great as some other headphones out there. Their bass however is accurate and punchy. These headphones can take mid ranges well too. The treble on the Jabra Elite 85h is good but lacks in the sound department when it takes higher frequencies.

Jabra headphones

Noise Cancellation- Decent:

Noise cancellation whilst is more on the average side of things. Thanks to the ANC feature on these headphones, the Jabra Elite 85h does a decent job when it comes to noise cancelling. But at low frequencies it’s another matter altogether. Low rumbles like that on a bus or in a metro, may not work well with these headphones.

The environment in which these headphones will work is your work environment and areas with high ambient chatter.

They work the other way too. When listening to something at a high volume they won’t bleed either. This means the people around you won’t be bothered by you listening to your favourite tunes on high blast.

Jabra Elite 85h comes with a Microphone too:

The microphone on the Jabra Elite 85h is comparatively better than what you have on other Bluetooth headphones. They do a good job of picking up audio in quiet environments. The audio sounds crisp and clear.

In loud environments, these headphones aren’t going to help you out much. They don’t do a good job of separating ambient noise from your voice making it difficult to say, take a call.

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