Moodo Make Your Home Smell Great

Moodo Make Your Home Smell Great

Make your home smell better with smart modern age gadget Moodo

The foul odour coming from the home after locking it up for a day while being at work or simply due to the small area or some other reason can become a mood changer for anyone living in it. A new gadget has come up on the popular crowd sourcing platform which aims at control the smell and feeling of any room by using some capsule and a smartphone. It is called Moodo which effectively happens to be a scent box which is present in the form of capsules and users can control this gadget by simply using their smartphone based app to mix the scent and bring a fresh new smell in the home.

Let home & office smell ‘good, better or best’

Moodo is specifically designed for home and offices allowing users to change the overall feel or ambiance of the room with just a click on the smartphone. It is relatively easier and much simpler to use than available conventional room fresheners. Users aren’t even required to touch the gadget itself as it can be controlled remotely via a dedicated app. Conventional room fresheners though comes in various fragrance but they don’t offer exclusive control over the smell of the product and usually users are left with fewer choices but with Moodo users get a chance to control overall dimension of the fragrance which wasn’t possible in the past.

How to use Moodo?

At first insert the 4 fragrance capsules in the gadget in order to mix and diffuse it. Now connect Moodo with the app present on your smartphone and then explore the different scent spectrum as well as the pre mixed presets. Upon activating this gadget the capsules inserted in it will release an aroma which eventually gets dispersed in the air using the powerful internal fans.  The diffusion of the aroma in the air can be controlled through boosting their individual levels from the app. Now you are all set to bring a breath of new air in your home or office. Moodo app is available on the both the iPhone and Android platforms.

The ‘it’ thing you have been waiting for

Moodo has received a number of praises from some a number of elite magazines and industry experts by creating a revolution in the fragrance. It allows users to experience with new kind of smell through mixing fragrances and creating new aromas to tickles the sensory buds. Users can even create their very own signature scents and share with others to keep spreading the joys of unique smells. It has a dedicated app which offers complete control over the gadget thereby allowing users to deploy new scent in their homes from almost anywhere.

It doesn’t have mess to clean up afterwards as is the case in the scented candles or the aerosol residue of any kind. Users can try presets created as well as curated by a team of leading experts and purfumiers before they start mixing different fragrance to create their own custom scents for the homes.

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