Modius Headset Sends Signal to Brain to Burn Fat

Modius Headset Sends Signal to Brain to Burn Fat

Modius-A Wellness Gadget

Are you looking for a magic way to lose weight? That is to say, losing weight minus the workouts or following diets? Or even wishing your body fat would just disappear? There is a wellness gadget called Modius, which can help you do just that. According to the inventors of it, you can lose excess weight and even body fat by just wearing Modius, a headset for 45 mins per day.

What is Modius?

Modius is a headset which is light and made of plastic. It is U-shaped and has a snug fit on the head and comfortable to wear. It has two electrodes that have to be put behind your ears. When switched on, it sends an electrical impulse which can be turned on upto a maximum level of 10. Modius can be connected to your smartphone app, which helps you to adjust the level as well as tell you when the time is up.

Modius is a wellness device, which is safe to use and more importantly non-invasive. It can be got over the counter and does not need any prescription.

Modius can help millions of people around the world to lose weight and achieve a leaner and healthy body.

Working of Modius

Place it on your head and attach the sticky pads behind your ears. Turn the headset on and you can control it using the app on your smartphone. Use it for 45 mins. per session or 3 hours per week. When the switch is put on, the Modius will send electrical signals to the vestibular nerve which is situated behind the ear and stimulates it. This in turn will stimulate the hypothalamus. As we know, the hypothalamus is a very small almond sized part of the midbrain that regulates certain metabolic processes and activities of the autonomic nervous system. It coordinates the activity of the pituitary system that controls the hormones, body temperature, weight loss and weight gain, hunger, thirst, metabolic activities, fat storage and many other bodily functions. The stimulation of the hypothalamus in turn reduces the fat stored in the body.

It can be worn either sitting or lying down. It can change the metabolism enabling you to burn fat and curb your hunger pangs.

Since the hypothalamus is the main area that needs to be targeted for various weight loss medication and obesity research, it promises to be the latest gadget that can be used for a leaner and healthier body. Modius was experimented on various subjects for 16 weeks. It was found that there was a 2 per cent to 16 per cent reduction in body fat, without any change in the diet or the exercise routine or lifestyle of the concerned subjects. There are no safety issues or dangers involved, so there is no reason why you cannot try it. The makers of it believe that this gadget will be the future in weight loss technology.

Modius is expected to hit the market next month and is priced at $349.

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