New Kitchen Gadgets 2021 A Must Buy List

New Kitchen Gadgets 2021 A Must Buy List

When it comes to kitchen gadgets many of us shy away from them, when are we ever going to use this or that? But in reality there are many gadgets and gizmos out there that can greatly help you in the kitchen. These gizmos not only reduce your workload but you also don’t have to walk into the kitchen with a dread of cooking. With these gadgets in tow you’ll no more want to eat unhealthy food from out but would prefer your very own home cooked meal. So without further ado let’s see what new kitchen gadgets 2020 has in store for us.

A Must Buy List of New Kitchen Gadgets 2020

Snap ‘n Strain Strainer:

New Kitchen Gadgets 2020 Snap ‘n Strain StrainerThis is one of the new kitchen gadgets 2020 that you won’t want to miss out on if you’re a pasta lover. This handy tool snaps onto the side of your dish and allows for easy straining. No more do you have to do a balancing act with the piping hot dish in your hands and the strainer. Plus this is kind of a one – size – fits – all – thing. So you don’t need multiple strainers for different quantities. Plus you save a lot of space in your cabinet too!

Try An Automatic Pan Stirrer:

New Kitchen Gadgets 2020 Automatic Pan Stirrer

This cool kitchen gadget has a timer too. If you make sauces then you know that constant stirring is a must. This is time consuming and frustrating. So why not try out this automatic pan stirrer. Just place the gizmo on the pan and let it stir away as you see to other pressing matters. Plus the timer it has will keep the stirring going for just how long you want it too.

Chef’n Cob Corn Stripper as one of the new kitchen gadgets 2020 you need to Buy:

Chef’n Cob Corn StripperIf you’ve ever tried cutting a corn, then you know how hard it is, with all the kernels slipping this way and that. Well, now no more with this handy gadget all your woes are in the past. This Cob Corn stripper, strips the corn cleanly off the cob without you breaking a sweat and losing your sanity too.

Pancake Batter Mixer:

New Kitchen Gadgets 2020 Pancake Batter MixerThis one is a simple yet effective kitchen gadget that probably everyone has around- It’s just a bottle. You simply place the pancake mix altogether in the bottle and shake. I mean the bottle not yourself. So get those mixing bowls out the way and make life easier with this pancake shaker.

Salad Chopper Bowl with a Strainer as one of the new kitchen gadgets 2020 to own:

Salad Chopper Bowl with a Strainer New Kitchen Gadgets 2020This one is probably for everyone. We all eat salads one time or the other right? All you have to do with this gizmo is place all your veggies in the bowl and twist and turn as they get cut through the grates this bowl contains. Plus you can rinse the veggies off in this bowl too as it comes with a strainer. Ain’t it versatile?

2 in 1 Spatula Tongs as a Handy Dandy Kitchen tool to use:

2 in 1 Spatula TongsThis two in one spatula cum tong is versatile and easy to use. You can pretty much use it with any dish you’re cooking. Our imagination is the only limitation here.

Chef’n Loose Leaf Greens plus it comes with a herb stripper:

This is another one of the new kitchen gadgets 2020 on this list that is really helpful for everyone. You simply need to place your greens through this thingamajig and pull. The stalks remain back while all the leaves and herbs are left in your collecting bowl. No more manual picking from now on. Plus it also comes with a curved edged design that is great for mincing those herbs that you so effortlessly picked.

On Click Stick Butter cutter- this one sounds interesting:

New Kitchen Gadgets 2020  On Click Stick Butter cutterWhen it comes to eating breakfast, applying butter on toast is just not as easy as it seems. If you’re using a butter knife then applying an even coat is almost impossible leaving you with tons of butter in one bite and nothing on the next. Well now no more.  With this new kitchen gadget 2020, all that can be in the past. This cool tool gives you even pats of butter, leaving you with a thin and even spread on your toast.

Stainless Steel Bacon Master as one of the coolest and new kitchen gadgets 2020:

Stainless Steel Bacon MasterI don’t know about you people but this one is definitely for me. This gadget is an upright girdle cooker on which you can place those delicious bacon strips on. Plus with this gadget you don’t have to turn things or in this bacon strips over to cook the other side. Not only that, this gizmo helps in draining the excess fat making for a healthier cooking option. But Hey! Don’t throw that fat away, you can use it for later cooking- it makes the food taste better.

Smart Touch Chef AI Dente Singing Pasta Timer- what a mouthful!

New Kitchen Gadgets 2020 A Must Buy List

It may be a mouthful to say but this is one cool gadget to have. Just place the timer into the boiling pot of pasta and let the cook serenade you while your pasta gets cooked.  He’ll continue to sing just as long as it takes your pasta to cook. You may find yourself making pasta more than you used too now.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug as one of the new kitchen gadgets 2020 to have:

Temperature Control Smart Mug

Sometimes we pour a mug of hot coffee expecting to sip it leisurely but then come along life to take away our last happiness and we’re left with a cold boring cup of coffee to drink. But wait! It does not have to be like this. The Ember temperature… (I’m not going to write the whole thing, you get it though, right?) Is a great to drink your morning coffee from? Why you say? Well it heats your coffee while you’re on the go.


These are some of the best as well as most versatile and not to forget new kitchen gadgets 2020!

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