Unique Kitchen Gadgets to Own in 2021

Unique Kitchen Gadgets to Own in 2021

The most amounts of gadgets you can get belonging to any department have to be the kitchen department. The moment you walk into a store or any other shopping place for that matter you’ll find a range of kitchen ware to suit your every need. There are peelers, graters, Dicers, cutters for just about anything you can think of, that is within the realms of food. Besides this, there are also pans and pots to make every kind of dish you can possibly imagine. Then there are also machines dedicated to one type of thing too. Well I think I’m getting ahead of myself a little here… With all that there is around you may sometimes wonder whether you’ll be actually using any of them. To answer that question we’ve compiled a list of unique kitchen gadgets that you can own.

Unique Kitchen Gadgets to Own- Honla Silicone Oven Mitts:

I know the title sounds a little contrary but with the sheer amount of gadgets that there are in the kitchen department, there will also be many unique kitchen gadgets too. These do exactly what they say they do. I know many reading the sub title may think wooo, what do these oven mitts do? It’s not always that you need gadgets to do something fancy right?

Unique Kitchen Gadgets to Own- Honla Silicone Oven Mitts

These are just what they are- oven mitts and behave like oven mitts are supposed to too. Besides this they are also highly effective in doing their job. Heat does not slip into them when holding a piping hot casserole from the oven as they sometimes do with plain oven mitts. These oven mitts also give you a good grip over what you’re holding. All in all this is going to be one handy tool to own if you’re a baking kinda a person.

Citrus Juicer- The Handheld Variety:

Citrus Juicer- The Handheld VarietyThis is your inexpensive variety of unique kitchen gadgets to own. Not only that they are also very useful. With citrus juicers, you get all the juice out of the lemon or lime without having to struggle to squeeze anything manually. Also and most importantly it will stop the seeds from falling into your dish. That last one is a real advantage as you won’t have to pick those little seeds out later.

Get This as one of the unique kitchen gadgets to own- a Foldable Cutting Board:

unique kitchen gadgets Foldable Cutting BoardThis one is great for those finding themselves doing a lot of chopping, so basically everyone. This Foldable board comes with a handle and folded sides, obvious from the heading, I know. This allows you to maneuver around the kitchen or toss things into a frying pan all without the struggle of balancing with the board and cut veggies on it.

Hand held Mixer:

Hand held MixerThis unique kitchen gadget is great when you don’t have kitchen counter real estate. It takes lees room and is easily packed to one side. Plus it’s also great at what it does, which is basically to mix stuff. It comes with adjustable speed settings and a built in light. It also comes with different attachments too.

Citrus Zester and Cheese Grater:

unique kitchen gadgets Citrus Zester and Cheese GraterThis is one useful kitchen gadget. Anytime you need to zest a lemon or grate Parmesan cheese or anything else for that matter then this grater is what you need. This little tool is dishwasher safe with a sharp grated edge making for an effective grater. The handle too gives you a good and sturdy grip while grating and it also comes with a rubber top to prevent sliding.

Heard of this one? A Fish Spatula as one of the many unique kitchen gadgets to get:

Fish Spatula, Unique kitchen gadgetsThis is not only for fish by the way. It can be used for other delicate meals too. And It allows you to flip the delicate food article, example fish, without breaking it. It has a Razer thin edge which allows you get under any food item easily.  This is so useful that once you use it there’s no turning back. This will be your go to spatula for just about anything.

Here’s a very useful one- Splatter screen for Frying:

Splatter screen for FryingIf you’ve ever been in a kitchen then you know oil splatter is real. There will be a thin or even sometimes thick coating of the stuff lying around. Cleaning is also a nightmare and a project by itself.  To avoid such ghoulish dreams there’s always the Williams- Sonoma’s spatter screen. This screen protects against oil splatter when frying things. The perforated top of this splatter guard allows the steam to escape to avoid soggy food too.

Grill Press for those who don’t have a backyard:

Unique kitchen gadgets Grill PressFor those who like grilled healthy food this kitchen gadget is a must have. It is small enough to fit on your kitchen counter and makes for a neat Panini press too. Plus cleaning it is easy to do too. You can easily remove the plates and clean them without breaking a sweat. This cool gadget even comes with a slopping surface that drains nearly 42% of the fat from your dish.  More importantly this gadget is extremely affordable as well.

The All Too Famous Air Fryer:

Unique Kitchen gadgets Air FryerThis kitchen gadget is a convection oven on your counter. If you happen to have some left over baked food, then this gadget comes in handy in re- heating it. Besides this it can also be sued to make the less oily version of your favorite junk food- by that I mean those delicious fries. On the cleanliness side it is easy to clean too.


A Waffle Maker a Unique Kitchen Gadget for Breakfast:

Waffle MakerA waffle maker is a one food kinda a kitchen gadget, so many people are weary of getting it. But this snazzy gadget turns out waffles in just 10 minutes flat. More importantly it’s easy to clean too.

These are some of the most unique kitchen gadgets to own. Some of them you’ve probably heard of before. These gadgets are guaranteed to making your cooking easier and fun.

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