Plunger – Drain Opener | Buying Guide

Plunger – Drain Opener | Buying Guide

Plunger is the most common household tool that can help deal with all sorts of drain clogs. Drain clogs are a primary issue for all houses, due to which you need to call a plumber very frequently; it can cost high while dealing with them. However, you don’t need to worry as plungers are there to solve this problem. These are not only inexpensive, but also people can use them for clearing many drain clogs.

The tool can do its job by suction and pressure. You have to seal down the its rubber cup over the drain opening, and then you need to shake the handle up and down. It is the pressure of water that forces up & down and then dislodge most clogs. Thus, the clogs can continue through the drain pipes.

Different types of these tools are available in the market, designed for unclogging different kinds of drains. These are available in a range of quality also. Before buying the best model, you need to consider how and where you use it. When you choose the right one, it can make your job done with ease. These are very inexpensive tools that allow you to keep themselves on hand.

What is a Plunger?

The plunger is a tool that helps to clear blockages in drains and pipes. It comes with a rubber suction cup which is attached to a stick (shaft). The cup is made up of wood or plastic. This tool comes in a different bellows-like design that consists of plastic. It was invented in 1874 and later it was modified in 1876. The inventor named it as Vent Clearer.

What is the use of it?  This tool is used to dislodge blockage material.

How to Unclog a Toilet with a Plunger:

We have given here how to unclog a toilet with a plunger. Let’s have a look at these.

  • When you find your toilet overflowing due to a clog, you must not flush the handle continuously to drain the bowl. Instead, what you should do is wait for ten minutes to drop the water level.
  • After that, your job is to move to the water supply hose that you can see on the wall behind the toilet and then close the valve by turning the handle clockwise. After that, check the level of water in the toilet bowl. Whether you find the bowl full too much, then use a bucket for moving the excess water. If there is almost no water in the bowl, put some water to fill the bowl halfway. Try to keep the right amount of water in the bowl so that the suction will improve.
  • Make sure that you will use the flange-style model of this tool for optimal suction, and the flange is extended. Then, you have to submerge the tool and ensure that you insert the rubber ring directly into the drain opening.
  • After that, your job is to push & pull the handle for twenty seconds, and during this time, you must not lift it out of the drain or break the seal. It is what you need to do to clear the clog. Whether the toilet remains stopped up, you have to put away the tool and then pull out the drain snake also. For more extensive problems, you can take the help of a plumber.

How to Unclog a Toilet without a Plunger:

Want to know how to unclog a toilet without a plunger? Here, we have given a few alternative ways, following which you can learn how to unclog a toilet without it.

Start With Dish Soap:

Usually, there is no fun when you plug a clogged toilet, but better ways are there that you can follow. In this case, first, you need to go to the kitchen to get some dish soap to help lubricate the clogged pipe. Thus, it helps to slide down the lodged debris effectively.

You just have to add a half-cup of dish soap into the toilet. Sometimes, you may not have dish soap. At that time, you can cut a small piece of hand soap and then chop it into small chunks. After that, your job is to drop those small chopped pieces into the toilet.

Use Hot Soapy Water:

Sometimes, using only the dish soap is not enough to finish your job. That’s why it is better to add hot water, as doing this can move things along. You have to fill a bucket full of hot water and then add the water into the toilet from waist level. Sometimes, the water force helps dislodge the clog.

DIY a Drain Snake with the Help of a Wire Hanger:

If there causes a severe blockage, then it may need a manual process to deal with it. Hence, first, you have to unravel a wire coat hanger till this is not straight and then push the Cable’s one end into the clogged area. At last, your task is to prod the clog till it doesn’t flow down the drain.

 Baking Soda Mixture:

Instead of using dish soap as an alternative, you can go with this all-natural solution. In this case, you have to add one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar into the toilet. Then, keep it for thirty minutes to fizz. If still, the trick doesn’t work, try the following method.

Plastic Bottle for Generating Water Pressure:

Before using the trick, you need to know that the way you are going to use it can be messy. However, to start with it, first, you need to take out water from the toilet bowl as much as possible and then pour it into a bucket. Do this trick repeatedly. At last, you have to fill a plastic bottle of large size with warm water.

You have to keep your thumb over the top of the bottle and then fit its upper part into the outlet at the bottom of the toilet. During this process, you should wear rubber gloves. You can remove the thumb finger and then squeeze the bottle to shoot the inside water down the pipe. Hence, the added pressure helps in clearing the clog.

Squirt Gun Toilet Drainer:

Do you want to drain the toilet bowl before dealing with the clog? We have given here a unique way to do so. While repairing or replacing a toilet, you have to clear the water. Stopping the water supply or flushing only can do the job to get done. A sponge can be used, but it is a little bit slow. Using an old squirt gun helps suck the water out and then squirt the water into a bucket.

Plunging Tips for Effective Unclogging:

Follow this guide to plug correctly and get the best results.

Plunge Straight:  If you plug at an angle, you won’t get the best results; instead, it can lose the seal. For dislodging most of the clogs out of the pumps, you need to plunge straight up and down at a vertical angle.

Create Suction: You can get the air of the cup out to create suction by pressing down gradually. It decreases the air available in the cup and makes a better seal.

Submerge Plunger: You need to ensure that you submerge the tool with water. If there isn’t enough water to cover its cup, then you have to pour water there.

Maintain Plungers: Any bell of the the tool or cup tears can result in a poor vacuum seal and loss of pressure. You must always keep the tool clean and dry when you don’t need to use it to prevent cracking, ripping, or growth of mold and mildew.

Safety Tip: Make sure that you aren’t using the tool after using any toxic cleaning chemical. If you use it, the tool allows the poisonous chemical to spread throughout your bathroom and kitchen. Besides, it can be in contact with your skin which can be very dangerous. That is why it is always better to use caution while you clean harsh chemicals.

Hot Plunging Sink Shower or Tub?

  • Plunging a Sink, Shower, or Tub: Whether you are going to use a standard cup tool, then you have to cover the overflow drain first. In case there is nothing, then you can use a wet towel in this case. When you do this, it will help you to prevent air from running away and reduce the suction power. You will get better results when you seal off drains placed nearby in sinks or tubs. If you want to improve the suction power, you need to make a tighter seal by lining the cup rim using a small amount of petroleum jelly.
  • After that, your job is to keep the rubber bell over the sink or shower drain with safety.
  • Then, your job is to submerge the bell in the standing water. Sometimes, plugging can be messy; therefore, you can take some water out of the bowl and pour it into a bucket to reduce clean-up.
  • After that, your task is to push the handle slowly that forces the air out of there. Then, you need to direct the pressure of the tool towards the drain. Do this step for about 20 seconds. While you pull the tool away, the clog needs to be removed. Whether you want to use any drain-clearing chemicals, it is recommended not to use the tool at that time. Otherwise, there can be a risk of blindness ( when in contact with eyes).

Types of Plungers:

Usually, when you use a top-quality tool, it can clear the blockages effectively. While you face any clog, you need to determine which type of tool you will require. It may be a tool for unclogging a kitchen, sink, or a blocked-up toilet. Generally, these include toilet plungers, sink, automatic, and multipurpose plungers. People keep different types of this tool in their house for handling this unexpected situation.

Toilet Plungers:

Usually, the tool needs a base for reaching into the recessed drain when you use a stopped-up toilet. You can get these toilet plungers available in different categories on the market in various shapes.

A beehive tool seems according to its name. This one is a rounded cylinder wide in the middle and looks like a cartoon honey hive drawn in an exaggerated barrel shape. It comes with a silhouette and a flange (an extended cylindrical lip). Both of these features make the tool universal which you can use for any toilet drain. If the drain is wide, press the tool farther into the recess and continue it until the gutter is sealed. Whether the drain is narrow, a little part of this toilet plunger will fit. However, it will still be a powerful seal.

A bellows-style tool seems like an accordion with the outer edges of its bowl. The tool’s design enables the plastic bowl to collapse and expand when required; that seems like a musical instrument. The removal process of water and release of clog for this tool is a little quicker than a traditional model. The accordion-style tools come with small-sized handles for use on sink and tub drains.

A traditional flanged model seems like a cup plunger. When you use a narrow flange or tiered flange, it will fill the drain for making a seal to the bottom of a toilet bowl. Compared to beehive or accordion tool, it needs extra effort but not so much. Whether you want to remove the clog within one or two tries, then go with an accordion/bellows or beehive plunger.

Sink & Shower Plungers:

Whether you have any flat-sized drain like a sink, shower, or tub, then using a cup-shaped force cup can offer sufficient suction. It will help to push with adequate pressure for moving clogs right along.

When it is a clogged sink drain, choose a round rubber cup that is very big for covering the drain. Try to keep the cup end in direct contact with the sink bottom so that you can make a powerful seal around the drain.

These tools coming with handles of small size like 4 or 5 inches long will give you more control while plunging. However, you should not use these types for the toilet as the size and flat-bottom shape are not ideal.

Automatic and Multipurpose Plungers:

The automated type tool can do a lot of plunging work for you. These seem like traditional models and are available in a more streamlined design, due to which it doesn’t require physical plunging.

These come with a cartridge like a CO2 cartridge. Inside this cartridge, you need to apply pressure towards the drain to remove clogs. You are merely required to keep the tool in the gutter and activate it. In this case, you don’t need to do push back-and-forth, or there is no risk of accidental splashes.

A few toilet plungers are equipped with interchangeable heads that make them perfect for various drain sizes for multipurpose uses. A few models come with cleaning tools like Multipurpose storage trays, which have toilet brush holders for keeping bathrooms well organized.

Five Best Toilet Plungers

NEIKO Toilet Plunger Patented All-Angle Design

NEIKODescription: This tool comes with tiered flanges and heavy-duty suction, which can make your job done on most toilets. It has a unique all-angle design that makes the tool the best among all. This tool has a four-level flanged suction cup where every level is available in a different diameter that is useful for the tool to make a tight seal in a wide range of toilet drains.

NEIKO is equipped with an aluminum handle that weighs light and can resist both mold and rust. There is a hole at the end of the tool to hang it with a dustpan and broom in the closet. It is budget-friendly, durable, and simple to use— all three features are available here.


Lightweight: There is a traditional wooden handle that you can ditch for an easy to clean.

Unique Cup: This tool features a unique 4-step level suction cup that can be fitted in all various types of toilet bowls and sizes of toilet drain openings. These make the job easy, even for the toughest clogs.

Design: Special cup design of the tool is engineered to never flip back and over itself. As a result, there is no risk of getting stuck like comparative and traditional bowl models.

Easy to Use: Every unit weighs light and is very durable. The peg hole of the handle allows it to keep in a storage closet.

Suction power: Every suction cup is pliable superbly and consists of tough rubber that makes an ultra-tight seal on the drain. It helps to leverage at all angles to generate a forceful pump for removing toilet clog if there is any.

Remain Cleaned: You can get the cup available in a smooth edge-and-bottom design without any interior ridges. This unique design stops dirty toilet water residue so it doesn’t come out inside the cup. Thus, you can keep the tool clean for a more extended period.


  • Smooth edge-and-bottom design.
  • Tough rubber suction cup.
  • Simple to use.
  • Peg hole to hang.
  • Lightweight aluminum handle.


  • Not suitable for elongated toilet bowls.

JS Jackson Supplies Accordion Toilet Plunger

JS JacksonDescription: This Bellow model comes in an accordion-like design which provides more pressure with each plunge. The primary purpose of the design of the tool is to dislodge toilet clogs swiftly and effectively. There exists a rubber plunging end in the tool coming with a no-fold lip. It can fit snugly into toilet drains and decrease the chance of splashback. When you push every time, the bellow design will force down the pressure towards the drain for unclogging stubborn blockages.

Sometimes, long handles made of plastic are not so durable as wooden or metal options. However, it comes with an ergonomic groove that is perfect for a secure grip. When using the tool in smaller living spaces, you can detach the cup from the handle for compact storage.


Pressure: This professional bellows plunger is ideal for unclogging stubborn obstacles and blockages. It offers additional concentrated power compared to traditional models.

Simple to Use: The tool can use the water in your toilet to aid in plunging, and thus it can offer maximum plunging power with minimal effort.

Decrease Splashback: No fold lip design reduces the risk of splashback.

Multi-Purpose: You can use the tool for all standard toilets to remove all types of clogs. The tool allows you to use it in the kitchen sink also which makes the tool multi-functional.


  • Multi-functional.
  • No fold lip design.
  • Ergonomic groove for secure grip.
  • Accordion-like design.


  • It doesn’t support all ideal openings

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger and Caddy

SimplehumanDescription: This tool is both strong and efficient. It contains a sleek caddy which makes the tool eye-catching, due to which you must not want to keep that in your bathroom. The rod of the gadget consists of easy-to-clean stainless steel. It has a handle rounded at the top to make you feel comfortable.

This narrow profile of the tool flange is suitable for most homes, especially toilets, nowadays. A magnetic collar with this tool ensures you that the steel rod will not fall over or drop out gross liquids. You can hold the item easily and clean up with it effortlessly.


Long-Lasting: Simplehuman uses the best materials and solid engineering for its components so that these can last even in the toughest environments.

Design: The drip-free design ensures that you are capable of carrying the rod together.

Simple to Attach: The large opening of the cover allows the tool to detach easily. Thus, you can hide this tool discreetly out of sight while you don’t need that.

Long Profile Flange: It comes with a long and narrow profile flange designed to use this more efficiently with modern toilets.

Durable Rod: The rod of the tool is made up of stainless steel, which is of high quality and can stand up to vigorous use.


  • Stainless steel rod.
  • Long narrow profile flange.
  • Easy to attach.
  • Drip-free design.
  • Long-lasting.


  • The brush becomes useless after some days.
  • Unclogging ability is average.

SurePlunge Automatic Toilet Plunger

SurePlunge AutomaticDescription: This automatic model uses pressure for removing the clogs from drains which are perfect for older adults. People having back issues or other physical disabilities get great benefits from it.

In this list of plungers, this product is entirely different from others as it uses 8g CO2 cartridges for unclogging. You have to load the charger first and then insert it into the toilet till it is not forming a seal. Then, your job is to apply the pressure downwards and then press the button that you can see on the handle. The burst of CO2 helps to remove the clogs from the drain.

You can get a stand and three CO2 chargers with this product. The engineering and designing of the tool are such that it won’t cause any damage to the seals or pipes while applying pressure.  People need to purchase more CO2 cylinders; it is advisable to use the product only when you face issues using standard models. People with disabilities and who face problems with traditional models can go with the tool because it needs minimal elbow grease.


Powerful: The tool is powered by co2 gas, allowing the tool to blast away the most stubborn clogs. Due to heavy-duty power, the SurePlunge uses a single-use, replaceable 8g co2 cylinder. The tool is very quick and effective also.

Safe and Effective: This product is sold more than one lakh throughout the world. Whether the toilet is of a newer, stubborn low-flow style or an older bathroom, the tool is also effective and safe. People who face slow draining toilets at their homes can use this product to remove the clogs all the time.

Simple to Operate: You can practice unclogging on a clean toilet if you want. While using, you only need to insert that fully into the clogged toilet and then stir the handle towards the drain. Make sure that you hold the handle with both hands. At last, your task is to press the button to clear the gas.


  • Easy for operating.
  • Powered by co2.
  • Effective.
  • Replaceable 8g co2 cylinder.


  • Costs expensive.

  Korky Telescoping BeehiveMAX Universal Plunger

Korky Telescoping BeehiveMAX PlungerDescription: This tool allows you to unclog different types of toilets. The beehive shape of the tool is designed to be fitted in all kinds of toilet drain shapes. Whether it is older & round toilet drains or narrow & elongated drains, the thin profile flange fits in both cases. These are common for a few newer, high-efficiency toilets.

It comes with a flexible beehive plunging end that can decrease splashback risk and generate excellent pressure for plunging toilet drains. This tool features a T-shaped grip that offers you a comfortable spot for holding the tool.

There is an adjustable handle also that comes in a sturdy and compact design. Korky has a drawback in that it doesn’t come with any drip tray. However, the handle of this tool can fall down for easier storage.


 Strong Plunge: It is the first model designed to be fitted in old & new HET toilet bowls. Korky force cup comes in a beehive shape that is helpful in unclogged the residuals, unlike standard oblong models. It has a handle having t-shaped that offers an optimum grip.

Adjustable Handle: As it comes with an adjustable handle, it can be stored under a sink or vanity, out of sight easily. You can adjust the size of the handle quite easily for a quick extension when you require it.

Unclogging: This universal robust and heavy-duty bathroom plunger is ideal for all shapes of toilets. As Korky comes in a beehive shape, it can compress with minimal effort.

Durability: The tool consists of durable rubber that will not mark up your toilet bowl. Besides, while I am using the device, there is no risk of splashback for easier unclogging.

Meet all Types of Needs: The product is made in America. It is both universal and specific that allows the tool to meet all types of needs of the users, whether it is modern or older. This tool is simple for installation and has a chlorine red rubber.


  • Easy to install.
  • Long-lasting rubber.
  • Adjustable handle.
  • T-shaped handle for optimum grip.


  • Not suitable for Kohler.

Best Plunger Buying Guide:

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Force Cup:

These tools are available in a range of designs and materials. Before buying the best one, keep an eye on effectiveness, ease of use, durability, aesthetics, etc. When you purchase the best model, ensure you get the quality plunger material, design, handle type, and storage method.


Usually, the tool comes with a rubber plunging end available in a range of designs like a cup, beehive, or accordion shape. With the help of this flexible rubber end, you can make a tight seal around a drain. You have to ensure that the seal is good enough as it assists in maintaining the pressure.

The handle of the tool is also very essential, as the head part of the tool. When you buy a plunger, choose one that comes with a sturdy handle and tolerates the plunging motion. You can use materials like plastic, wood, aluminum, and steel. Usually, the plastic ones are not too durable, but they are affordable. Handles made of wood and metal have more durability and can be found easily. Apart from this, these materials make the tool attractive.

Handle and Grip:

The handle’s design, length, and grip type allow the tool easy to use. In most cases, the toilet plungers come with long-sized handles compared to the sink and shower plungers. When you have a more extended handle, it helps to plunge toilet drains. On the flip side, long handles are not ideal for plunging most sinks. It is the reason why sink plungers come with short handles. The length of the handle affects the storage. Whether it is a tight area, you need to use a tool with a telescoping handle.

Try to buy those which come with nonslip features as it helps to hold the handles safely. Choose such a tool that comes with an ergonomic grip as it feels more comfortable and effective. For instance, having a T-handle always helps you to hold it better for consistent plunging power.

Drip Tray and Brush:

As soon as you make your job done with this tool, keep it in a secured place. The unsanitary drips of dirty toilet water can cause water damage also if you keep the tool in a wooden cabinet interior.

First, you should check whether the tool comes with essential accessories like keeping a bathroom or kitchen sanitary, a drip tray, etc. With the help of the drip trays, users can take out extra water easily.

A few models are available with a drip tray and toilet bowl brush. You will get similar advantages when you keep two-bathroom tools organized.


A plunger is a vital tool to deal with all kinds of drain clogs. When you choose the right type of tool, it means that your job will be easier while dealing with a clogged sink, shower, or toilet. We hope the products we have given in this list will help you to make your job done.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does plunger mean?

It indicates a reckless gambler or speculator, or a Diver.

  • Does a plunger work?

These are simple to use, inexpensive, extremely effective and can clear clogs.

  • Why is a plunger used in the kitchen?

It is a must-have tool in each home as it helps to unclog the drain anywhere in a house and a kitchen. While using the tool, you have to attach the other ends to your kitchen sink with a rag cloth. Besides, you have to make sure that the tool covers the clogged kitchen sink hole entirely.

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