Sony WF-XB700- Truly Wireless Headphones‎

Sony WF-XB700- Truly Wireless Headphones‎

Wireless earphones have always provided great comfort for its user. And Sony has recently launched its new True Wireless Stereo Earphones- SonyWF-XB700 and WF-SP900N. These are the latest addition to Sony’s Extra Bass series of headphones and earbuds. And in this blog post, we will review the Sony WF-XB700. Let’s see if the new earphones are worth every penny.

Sony WF-XB700- Design:

The all-new wireless earphones are a bit bulky and weird in shape. They have a staircase design with the tip stepping up to earbuds and then towards the control section. However, when you wear them, they don’t look weird or stick out of your ears. The Sony WF-XB700 bud designed to make contact in three different places of your ears for a secure and comfortable fit. The earbuds are slightly bigger than you expect. You don’t have to worry about that anyways!! Because with the wireless, earphone you will also get four different size hybrid silicon rubber earbuds. So you have the option to choose the one that will fit your ears to maximize the sound quality and cancel outside noise.

The earbuds also have tiny physical buttons on them. The button on the right earbud used to pause or resume with a single press while a double click will play the next track, and triple-click will play the previous track. But the instruction manual does not provide the necessary information on how to use them. You need to fiddle with the earphones and learn by yourself. The buttons on the earphones also help you to access your smart phone’s voice assistant and make or receive calls hands-free.

The WB-XB700 weighs approx 8.0g. The weight distribution of the earbuds makes you feel comfortable.

SonyWF-XB700- Sound Quality:

Sound quality is the most crucial factor you need to check when you buy an earphone. And Sony is best known for its unique sound signature. The WF-XB700 provides you the best sound quality without any compromise. It features extra BASS for powerful, punchy low-end sound. Your favorite Bass-lines will sound so good that you will want to keep listening to it.

The new Sony earphones also provide the best quality phone call experience. The mic is so sensitive that it picks up even a small noise in the background. But active noise canceling or dual mic for noise cancellation is nowhere found. The earphones are the best if you make phone calls indoor. But when you make phone calls in the outdoor, it might be noisy. You won’t feel any discomfort, but the person on the other end might feel that.

Sony WF-XB700- Battery Life:

The best part of the all-new wireless earphones is its long battery life and quick charging. The battery charging time is approximately 2.5 hrs. And the battery life if you are continuously using music playback is max. 9hrs. But this can exceed according to the usage. The battery will last for a maximum of 200 hrs in the waiting time.

The charger case is portable, protected, and carries all the power you need to charge your earphones. It holds a full charge that will help you to enjoy up to 18 hrs of music playback. The Sony WF-XB700 and the charging case contain built-in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Even 10 minutes quick charge will provide you music playback up to 60 minutes. And the charging case is made up of good quality plastic.

Water resistance:

The WF-XB700 earphones IPX4 certified. Sweat or water does not damage your earbuds.

But be careful, the charging case is not water-resistant.

Bluetooth Specification:


The Bluetooth chip transmits the sound to the left and right earbuds simultaneously. The optimized antenna design ensures that the connection is stable, and the listening experience is at its best. The effective range is approximately 10m.

Sony WF-XB700- Release date and price:

The WF-XB700 hit the shelves in April 2020. The SonyWF-XB700 were launched along with the Sony WH-CH710N Noise-Canceling Headphones. The all-new wireless earphones are the latest addition to Sony’s Extra Bass series of headphones and earbuds.

The Sony WF-XB700 costs you around $129 (£130, around AU$200). It is one of Sony’s cheaper true wireless earphones and earbuds. These new earphones are less expensive than $139 (£159, AU$239) Apple AirPods that is dominating the form factor in the sales.



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