Samsung Leak Shows Off the Galaxy S9 DeX Pad

Samsung Leak Shows Off the Galaxy S9 DeX Pad

Samsung is slated to launch the DeX Pad, a docking device that could turn your Galaxy S9 smartphone into a desktop PC. These rumours are based on the images posted by the serial leaker Evan Blass on his Twitter account (@evleaks) February 8, 2018. According to the leaks, The DeX Pad seems to be an upgrade of the $149 DeX dock for Galaxy S8.

According to info, here’s what we can expect from the Samsung DeX Pad

The DeX Pad comes with several connections, which include two USB ports and a HDMI output.The Samsung DeX Pad will have a USB-C port for charging your Galaxy S9 smartphone. The Galaxy S9 will have a headphone jack and will also retain the Bixby button just below the volume button on the side.

The Smartphone will lie on its back when it is plugged into a component at the bottom. The DeX Pad can then be connected to a TV or monitor of your choice. You can also connect a keyboard or mouse for Android-based computing.

By virtue of the phone lying flat, it will then be transformed into a virtual keyboard or a touchpad for interaction. There seems to be a cooling fan that has been integrated into the DeX Pad. The Galaxy S9 along with the DeX Pad is likely to be launched by Samsung later this month at their press event, ahead of the Mobile World Congress on Feb. 25.

Earlier Samsung came out with the DeX dock wherein the Galaxy S8 was connected to a monitor and transformed into a desktop PC. This was received very well by the users who were keen on a computing-like experience from their Galaxy S8 and Note 8. A further upgrade to the Pad could actually do away with the mouse and keyboard.

The DeX Pad should work in the same manner as the DeX dock, but the DeX Pad is said to lie flat while the dock was upright. While the DeX Pad is flat, it makes provisions for the docked phone to be used as a virtual keyboard or a touchpad.

There is no clarity if the Pad will have an Ethernet cable; the DeX Pad could connect through WiFi or the phone’s cellular connection. There was speculation that along with the Galaxy S9, Samsung was working on an upgrade for its accessory. The Pad is probably an upgrade of the DeX dock that was out last year.

The docks are basically used for enhancing connectivity between the Galaxy handset and a nearby monitor, whereby the smartphone then performs the function of a PC.

Samsung seems to be making a transition from using the Galaxy S9 along with other devices to making the Galaxy S9 into a laptop or tablet. Previous attempts of converting the phone into a workstation have not met with such success.

If Samsung manages to successfully convert its phone into a mobile workstation, then it can go way ahead of its major competitors like Apple and Google.

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