Sony Announces Sony XZ2 Premium Phone with 4K Display, Dual Camera System

Sony Announces Sony XZ2 Premium Phone with 4K Display, Dual Camera System

Sony Launches Its Flagship Sony XZ2 Premium Smartphone with 4K Display

Sony smartphones are great but for most part of the last decade it suffered from the identity crisis. Every other iteration of its flagship and mid-budget segment smartphones appeared top look like the same which simply doesn’t well with the audience. Therefore Sony decided to come up with a somewhat revamped design with this year’s line of the smartphone. In the same vein it has launched the Sony XZ2 Premium flagship device which borrows the same but better specs and features in the fold. Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium boasts of a dual camera setup along with a larger battery and an impressive 4K display.

Sony XZ2, Same but different

Sony has not went with the near bezel design even with this flagship smartphone. Sony XZ2 Premium has fairly large top and bottom bezels which are quite eye sore given the fact that most of the OEMs have moved towards bringing higher display ratio on their high-end devices.

The good about these bezels is that it houses front facing stereo speakers which offers an exciting sound experience to the media consuming target audience. This time around Sony has also brought a single piece of curved glass on the back rather than having the textured Aluminium on the rear.

Sony XZ2,A powerful device for modern day use

Sony XZ2 Premium is powered by the latest Snapdragon 845 SoC coupled with the 6GB of RAM and a massive 3540 mAh battery. The regular Sony XZ2 has just 4GB worth of RAM and the new smartphone will feature the same build upon the Android 8.0. The best way to differentiate between the two devices is the presence of the dual camera setup on the Sony XZ2 Premium.

This new smartphone comes loaded with Sony’s very own 19 MP RGB sensor and a monochrome sensor right at the back. Both of these cameras works together to offer highly detailed and sharp images as expected from a Sony device. Having the latest processor backed with a robust RAM ensures there is no kind of lags or interruption in the day to day actives and the large battery offers enough juice to last the whole day.

4K on a Smartphone

It is surprising to see that Sony has gone with the LCD panel rather than the OLED panel for its major flagship device. It should be noted that LCD panels are known to refresh at a slower rate which makes them practically awful choice for the VR based applications. Sony XZ2 comes with a large 5.7 inch display which renders 4K in resolution of 2160 x 3840. It is worth noting that Sony has already brought the 4K display on its smartphone way back in 2015 with the launch of Sony Xperia Z5 Premium.

Sony XZ2 Premium price has been kept under tight wraps by the company while Sony XZ2 regular was launched awith a price tag of $800. So it is highly likely that the new Sony XZ2 Premium will be price over $1000 to take Sony in the same league of Apple and Samsung.

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