Sony ZV-1 II: Gadget Reviewed

Sony ZV-1 II: Gadget Reviewed

If you are a vlogger or a content creator, then you will definitely fall in love with the Sony ZV-1 II Vlog camera. Its new wider angle zoom lens is the most impressive feature, making this new model separate from the old models. It comes with an 18mm lens, which you can use for selfies, vlogging and group shots. Additionally, the 50mm focal length at the other end of the range is suitable for portrait and product shots. This new camera comes with a Product Showcase setting that lets the camera switch its focus automatically after detecting a product being held up. Let’s dive into the article to learn more about the Sony ZV-1 II camera.

What is Sony ZV-1 II?

Sony ZV-1 II is a vlogging camera specially designed for those who want to film themselves while speaking to the camera from arm’s length or from a tripod. The three-mic array of this camera can isolate voices speaking to the camera. Besides, the selfie-friendly zoom range as well as touch controls allow you to control the camera easily when the rare screen is flipped out for selfie video shooting.

Body and Handling:

This camera weighs only 292g (10.3oz). Besides, it is small in size and comes in a compact design. The body of the camera looks boxy. For hand grip, it comes with a slight bump along the front. Moreover, it has a thumb rest structure along the back. In addition, the camera is equipped with a wrist strap loop, ensuring that it will not get loose while in use. Moreover, there exists a feature on the camera’s front, known as the tally light, which will inform you when you are recording.

There are some buttons along the camera’s top plate and rear. While the camera has a one rear dial, it also comes with a rocker switch for the zoom. But you can’t find any viewfinder on this camera. So, it can be challenging to use ZV-1 II in bright sunlight, if you are not using this camera to shoot videos in selfie mode.

Sony ZV-1 II Hits The Street:

Street photography is the most common use case of vlogging cameras. However, if you are looking for a camera for a night out party, the Sony ZV-1 II is a good choice.

Its small size, nondescript presentation, and silent operation without any mechanical shutter make this model perfect for street photography. However, with only a rear panel, it becomes very difficult to see what you are focusing on or capturing in bright sunlight.

This camera comes in a plastic collapsible design and is equipped with a wrist strap. When you record videos, you can see the digital stabilization option. But you don’t find any stabilization option in still mode. Moreover, the need to view the touch panel to confirm that the autofocus engages the area of the frame you intended or the touch focus is correct to isolate small movements in low light can be an issue. Because of the touch focus to correct autofocus, you may notice subtle shake and face difficulties getting steady shots on the fly in bars and clubs.

Battery Of Sony ZV-1 II:

This new camera uses a 4.5Wh NP-BX1 battery, which is the same as its previous version. The original ZV-1 camera is CIPA-rated for 290 still frames per charge. For “Actual” video recording, the CIPA rating is 45 minutes. This new model comes with a USB-C port that enables you to recharge the battery fully within 35 minutes. However, you can use an external power bank to use the camera for longer shoots by powering this camera over USB even when it is in use.

Autofocus Performance:

It is another feature that makes the model exceptional. This feature lets the camera recognize the eyes and faces of people quickly. As soon as the camera locks a face, it will stay on that person despite others entering the frame later.

CineVlog Mode:

The CineVlog Mode helps to set the widescreen 2.35:1 with 24p frame rate, which is used in the cinemas. With the help of CineVlog mode, you can apply color filters.


  • Eye and face tracking as well as quick autofocus for people & animals.
  • Boot-up time is quick
  • Clean and high-quality 4K video
  • Touch-controls for selfie mode video
  • Improved rolling shutter
  • For confirming video recording, tally light and red border on the touchscreen.
  • In-built ND filters
  • Capture selfie videos using a wide lens
  • Auto modes to make tech invisible


  • It lacks of IS for stills
  • Hard to navigate to the densely packed menus
  • The headphone socket is absent
  • Hard to shoot stills in non-auto modes.
  • Limited flexibility for S-Log3 in 8-bit

The Bottom Line:

Sony ZV-1 II is equipped with some exceptional features like subject tracking, autofocus and so on. Moreover, its nondescript presentation and silent operation without electrical beeps make this model exceptional.

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