Nobe 100: A Three Wheeled EV with Lots of Vintage Inspiration

Nobe 100: A Three Wheeled EV with Lots of Vintage Inspiration

Nobe 100- A Three-Wheeler- The Latest One of the Electric Cars

The electric vehicles have already grabbed everyone attention, and now, with the recent release of Nobe 100, the car enthusiasts have got highly interested to know about it. Its three-wheeled model has differentiated it from other electric vehicles in the automobile industry.

Have a look at the design of Nobe 100-

Manufactured in Estonia, the car manufacturer has tried to add fun to this new product. We may think it to be one of the retro inspired cars in the present market. While you look at it from exterior side, you can realize that it is very simple. The overall design of the car is classic. However, modernity and innovation are hidden in the internal mechanism.

Nobe and its founder-

Roman Muljar, the CEO and founder of Nobe, has stated that its major goal is to develop a product, which looks most stylish.Muljar had an aim of blending conscience and personality in his product. He did not want to create a simple petrol car. He had tried to give a charismatic look to the automobile.

Technical details of the car Nobe 100

Now, let’s talk about the driving range for this latest electric vehicle. Nobe 100 is capable of running 136 miles, after you have charged it fully. The speed rate of this car can be 68 mph. All the front and rear wheels get power while you are running it.

The car can accommodate three passengers- Two at the front, while another one on the back seat. There are two measurement systems near the driver. One is the speedometer, which is capable of reading 100 kms for every hour. The other one is a dial, which shows amps and electric level. You will also find a big clock, in adjacent to it.

At the mid section of dashboard, you will find two options for adjustments- fan and temperature speed. You have to use your manual effort to get the outer air in your car cabin. You can remove targa roof of the car to have open air and sunlight. The windows of Nobe 100 are to be lowered or raised with the use of white tipped winders, present on the doors.

There ’re few high-tech features in Nobe 100. The manufacturer has remarked that this is an autonomous-ready, fully connected car. The lightweight body is another positive feature of this car. You will be able to recharge the automobile battery within two hours, and it is the fastest charging speed.

After assessing the car thoroughly, we have found the absence of some features. For instance, there is no infotainment system and stereo. You will also have no place for putting your coffee.

Most of the car lovers like to know about the availability of the car. The Nobe founder has estimated that this latest electric car become available to the buyers by 2020. However, it is not still clear whether the US consumers will get a chance of buying it. We have to wait until that year to solve our queries.


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