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Shotgun Shell: Google’s Object Recognition AI thinks This Turtle is a Rifle

by November 14, 2017

Researchers at MIT were successful in confusing artificial intelligence to categorize a reptile as a weapon, which makes us question the future of object recognition AI security. If it has the shape, size as well as the patterning of a turtle,

Design Of Swarm Robot Zebro Suitable for Serial Production

by November 1, 2017

An Engineering student conceives a modular design that aids in the serial production of Zebro Mattijs Otten, who is pursuing a course in Industrial Design Engineering at TU Deft, conceived a modular design, facilitating production of Zebro in the series. Zebro happen

Stanford Scholars Observe How Fact Checkers Evaluate the Credibility of Information Online

by November 1, 2017

A report, recently published by the “Stanford History Education Group”, comes up with the observation that Fact Checkers tend to learn more, though reading less and it can surpass the expertise of the college students as well as historians.  How the

Chrome 61 Arrives With Javascript Modules And Webusb Support

by September 15, 2017

Chrome 61 –Windows/Linux/Mac Chrome 61 for Windows, Linux and Mac has been launched by Google and together with this Chrome 61 release, JavaScript modules as well as WebUSB support has been included besides other developer features.  Users can now update to Chrome

Apple WWDC Events – Keynote September 2017

by September 13, 2017

Apple  WWDC 2017: Introduced iPhone X and iPhone 8 in Its Official conference Apple unveiled its new phones, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple TV 4K at the annual conference, held at its new headquarters With the evergreen song of