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Best Wireless Earbuds to Buy Right Now

by January 10, 2021

We are using Best wireless earbuds to hear music now, but previously every one used headphones to listen to music. Using headphones, you are still able to hear external noise and disturbance. But using earbuds, you can minimize the outside

Creative Outlier Air True Wireless Earbuds

by August 9, 2020

Outlier Air represents wireless freedom and unmatched music to your ears. Outlier Air is first truly wireless headphones from Creative. Its playback time is not less than 30 hours. Headphones are 5.6mm superior Graphene driver diaphragm with aptX and AAC

Jabra Elite Active 75t – Gadget Reviewed

by July 18, 2020

 Jabra Elite Active 75t is the most advanced from its previous version of Elite Active 65t.  The  Elite Active 75t delivers great music and great calls. This totally wireless earbuds is more slim and stylish. Its battery life is better

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2

by July 10, 2020

Sennheiser has always put sound for the past 75 years. And the Momentum True Wireless 2 earbuds are the company’s second wireless earphones. Sennheiser had already launched the original Momentum True Wireless back in 2018. And the earbuds’ design was

Cambridge Audio’s Melomania 1 True Wireless Earphones

by July 7, 2019

There are many earphones similar to Melomania 1 available in the market. Even though some of them claim to be wireless, they do have some cable which is like a neckband. In case you are looking for earphones without any

Gadget Reviewed: xFyro xS2 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

by October 14, 2018

Why You Should Get the xFyro xS2 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds! If your outdoorsy or one of those fitness freaks then these xFyro xS2 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds are probably the ones for you. They’re durable, waterproof and dustproof. But that’s not

Gadget Reviewed: Avanca Minim True Wireless Earbuds

by November 15, 2017

If you are looking out for wireless headsets, then Avanca has come out with their latest technology-the Avanca Minim True Wireless Earbuds. It promises state of the art design, good sound quality and a good fit for the ears. The Avanca

Gadget Reviewed: 1Voice Complete Wireless Earbuds Redefine Easy Listening

by November 4, 2017

1Voice Bluetooth Wire free Earbuds Recently we have seen an onslaught of wireless earphones. The new ones to reach the market are the 1voice Bluetooth Wire Free Earbuds, Wow what a mouth full. If you are tired of the constant