Car Remote Starter

Car Remote Starter

An automotive remote starter is a device you do not know you require until you have used one. It lets you control the car functions from afar. The most common use is that you can turn on the vehicle and adjust the car’s interior temperature when you are taking a rest inside your office or home. You will be able to pre-cool your car in the summer heat, or you can warm up in the dead of winter so that the interior of your cabin feels just as you like it when you get inside. However, remote starters are able to do more than that. A few systems can provide security systems to deter potential thieves. Besides, these systems can offer door locking/unlocking facilities and help you when you are unable to locate your car in a crowded parking lot.

Several newer vehicles already have remote start. But you should not worry when you drive something older. Because, the feature can be added to several cars with an aftermarket system. The cost can be between $50 and $650 (without installation).

A low-cost remote starter may crank the engine. But when you step up in price, these systems can offer extra features, such as letting you set a specific climate-control temperature to heat or allowing you to cool your car. A few ones also let you keep tabs on different aspects of the vehicle through a smartphone app. Let’s dig into the article to learn ‘what is car remote starter’, and more details about it.

What Is A Car Remote Starter?

A car remote starter is a type of device that helps the user to start their car before starting to drive. A few cars already come with remote start. But the after-market remote starters are simple to install as well as not costly. A remote starter’s convenience outweighs the safety concerns. Users should follow the tips which are mentioned in this article to make sure that your remote car starter keeps you safe.

Types Of Remote Starters:

You should know that there are three types of systems using which you can begin to start your car remotely. These systems are — one-way, two-way, and smartphone-compatible starters.

  • A one-way starter is able to communicate in one direction between the vehicle & remote. And this one is by far the most common type. Once you hit the button or sequence for starting your vehicle, it will send a signal to the vehicle. When the car is within range, it will start to flash the light to indicate that it is running. However, you should know that the signal is not sent back to the remote. Therefore, if you don’t have a line of sight with your car, you do not get to know that it’s running.
  • A two-way remote starter is able to communicate with vehicles through a remote. As soon as the engine starts, a signal will be sent back to the remote to mean that it is going. These types of remotes come with an LED light or an LCD screen to indicate the status of the vehicle. Therefore, you don’t have to see your vehicle to confirm that it’s running.
  • Smartphone starting functionality is a kind of different type of two-way remote starter. It generally uses cellular instead of radio frequency for communication. As long as the device & your vehicle have a cell signal, you will be able to fire up the engine from wherever you are.

Features Of Remote Starters:

Remote car starters are able to pre-condition the interior temperature, and it is the main benefit of these starters. Hence, these start the engine remotely, and based on this, these are named.

Several remote start systems can integrate with the power door locks. Whether you did not have remote keyless entry earlier, but you have power locks, then you have to enable the feature. There are a few systems which also work as a turbo timer. These allow you to leave your vehicle running unattended without keys in it to allow it to cool down.

A few systems support an alarm, mainly two-way systems. You need to wire in some additional circuits, sensors, and a siren to protect your vehicle from any type of damage.

Advanced controls like geo-fencing, speed limiters, ignition lockout, & vehicle location services are put in place for cellular-enabled systems.

Additional features:

  • Keyless Entry:

It needs particular programming with the electrical system of the vehicle and the remote starter. Without being properly set up, you are able to remote start your car to find out the door is locked when you want to enter the car.

  • RPM Sensor:

In cold weather conditions, you may see that your car is struggling to start for the first time. The advantage you get due to an accurate RPM sensor is that it can detect a failure to start, permitting you to make a further attempt instead of finding your car still cold.

  • Safety Cutoff Switch:

When it comes to the safety of the owner as well as service technicians, Cutoff Switch plays a crucial role. This switch activates when you raise the car’s hood.

Benefits Of Using A Car Remote Starter:

Several advantages are there when you install a remote starter on your car, including:

  • You don’t see any shivering in a cold car when you are leaving home to run an errand.
  • It lets you find your vehicle even in a busy parking lot.
  • This one can produce a warmer environment for pets or kids when you load them in the car.
  • You can use this to cool your car in summer.
  • Whether your defrost is powered on ahead of time, it will make the job of cleaning your windshield much easier.

How To Use A Remote Car Starter:

  • Control the temperature:

With the help of a remote car starter, you can thaw out your car’s exterior and warm up the car’s inside. In the summer, it is able to cool down your car, and in the winter, it can turn up the heat.

  • Theft Prevention and Security:

Radiofrequency, which is used to start a vehicle, is very unique to that vehicle. As it usually remains encrypted, a would-be thief is unable to hack this. As soon as the engine starts, the remote start system will lock the doors of the vehicle to prevent others from entering. When a person gets into the vehicle and depresses the brake pedal to put the car in gear, the remote start system will have to shut the engine down. A vehicle drives only if the owner will enter with the key on their person. Then, they are capable of putting the vehicle in gear and driving off.

The engine will shut off with these systems when the driver doesn’t arrive and gets in the car within 10-15 minutes once you start it. Whether the driver changes their mind, mobile apps & key fobs will have a “kill switch” in order to turn off the vehicle.

  • Keep Your Car Safe:

Suppose you have decided to go to a late movie, but there is only one parking spot, which is far back in the lot. So, you can find yourself a bit nervous about walking out by yourself, and you have forgotten if you have locked your car’s doors or not. This remote starter allows you to hit a button on the key fob. Thus, you can lock up your car tight.

  • Keep Dogs From Overheating:

Car remote starters are no doubt a convenient tool. But you should not rely on them to keep the pooch cool when you run into the shopping mall for sixty minutes. Several remote starters shut off after a specific time when the key is not in the ignition. That’s why in order to use a remote starter, it isn’t a safe way.

On a mild 85-degree day, the car’s interior can be heated up to around 102° with the windows left down. You should know that the temperature may spike very quickly. So, you need to leave your dog or any other pet at home on a hot day.

Car Remote Starter Buying Guide:

The main factors you need to consider before you purchase the best remote car starter are as follows:

  1. Start Range:

If it comes to talking about remote start, you might think that your job is to push the button. But it is important to know that this isn’t the case in reality. The system’s efficiency relies on what is around your car and from where you try to start this. Hence, you should know that trees, buildings & busy streets may have an impact. A unit can range between 500 and 3,000 feet. When the range is high, it will work better for you.

  1. Compatibility:

It is important to know whether the system you want to use is able to function properly with your car. Ensure that you always research before time to confirm that you are not facing any problems after installation.

  1. Number Of Key Fobs:

When you share your car with any of your family members, you will require more than two key fobs. Ensure that extra fobs can be bought as well as added to the system.

  1. Engine Kill:

This feature lets you turn off the car to add additional security. When you are running late, this one will serve as an excellent feature.

  1. Smartphone Compatibility:

Remote starters working with the smartphone are able to integrate extra functionality into your system.

  1. Know Your Options:

Are you willing to start your car? Then, the basic system is the thing you will require. However, you might require a more advanced system whether you are willing to do other things like opening your trunk, turning on your heated seats, etc.

  1. Consider Professional Installation:

Professional installation may cost you a lot, but you will get a lot of help from their car-related expertise and in-depth knowledge, which can allow your system to run more efficiently. Whether you make any mistake during installation, you will need to pay more if it damages your car.

  1. Don’t Focus On Price:

Don’t start your buying process just by looking at the remote starters’ price tags. You need to consider every factor which is mentioned in this article before choosing the best one.

  1. Warranty:

As long as you own the car, your actual remote starter brain needs to be warranted. Several big companies even provide this. If any company doesn’t, it indicates the sign of inferior equipment.

  1. Engine Speed Sensing:

When you buy a good remote starter, you need to make sure that it follows the processes to monitor the engine RPMs. So, what is its importance? These are a few reasons:

If the day is very cold, you will see your car is not starting on the first attempt of the key. And the same thing is true with a remote starter. If your Remote car Starter is not able to sense engine RPMs, it will never know that the vehicle has failed to start. Therefore, you need to get out of the car, and it will still be cold.

Over-rev protection is another reason. A good remote starter will get to know when the engine speed is excessively high and shuts off. A remote Start that doesn’t provide RPM sensing is unable to know if the level has been exceeded. So, you might end up with damage to the vehicle.

  1. Transmitter Range:

Ensure that the remote start you are purchasing will let you start/stop/lock/unlock from a far distance. Several people say that they park their cars outside of their houses, and they don’t require a long-range transmitter. The thing you have to remember is the trips to the movies, the mall, the amusement park, restaurants, the hospital, etc, that you will make. Then, you may need to use your remote start, and you won’t be parked as close as you are at home. Generally, transmitters offer a range of at least 800 feet, and even a few transmitters work from over a mile.

  1. Hood Safety Switch:

Ensure that an emergency cutoff is installed under the hood. The design of the cutoff enables you to prevent the vehicle from remote starting, when the hood is up.

  1. Manufacturer:

Ensure that the manufacturer of the model you are buying specializes in remote car starters. Several companies are there that usually throw a label on the products and, after that, start to call the products their own. Make sure that you are avoiding this. Such types of companies offer little support for the products. Even a few may not be in business next year. So, you have to stick with the experts.

Safety Tips:

  1. Keep The Doors Locked:

Sometimes, it happens that you have walked away from your car and wondered if you locked the doors properly. Generally, the remote start key fobs come with an extended range. So, pushing a button can help you to ease your mind.

  1. Keep Track Of Your Key Fob:

For key fobs, it is common to get pushed when these are in your cramped spaces (like a gym bag or purse) or pocket. Being more cognizant will help to prevent you from starting the vehicle accidentally.

  1. Don’t Let Your Car Idle Too Long:

Driving gently is the best way to warm your car. When you have heated seats, you will be ready to go after one or two minutes.

Are Remote Car Starters Safe?

Some minor concerns are there when it comes to using a remote car starter, and the convenience outweighs the worries. Whether you are willing to install a remote car starter, you should take the help of a professional for its installation. In addition, you can take precautions in order to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Hiring A Professional:

Sometimes, you may think of installing a remote car starter yourself. You may get online instructions. Along with this, special considerations are there for manual cars. Hiring a professional to do the wiring is the best thing to ensure that your remote car starter is working properly. The cost of the remote starters can be between $60 and $200. Whereas, the installation price of starters ranges between $150 and $500 for professional installation. If you want, order a remote starter online. But whether you are not trained in automotive electrical systems, you should hire a professional for this task.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:

Suppose, like every busy morning, you are rushing to pack the lunches for your kid for school, gathering all the visual aids for a report that you will present at work, and ushering all out the door. So, you may want your car to run properly, and it should be warmed. But the issue is that you have not parked the car in your closed garage. As a result, your garage is flooded with carbon monoxide. So make sure that you are using your remote starter when you have parked the car outside.

How To Acquire Remote Engine Start:

Remote Engine Start is available on several vehicles as a standard feature. Cars providing more advanced telematics & connectivity are expected to have remote start as a smartphone app-based feature, depending on the apps. However, you should know that remote start can be an after-market purchase. Car owners are able to purchase & install a remote start system. You can see the basic remote start systems providing key fobs. Whereas more sophisticated systems are capable of incorporating smartphone functionality. In either case, the physical installation may be tedious. Self-installation may be challenging when you do not have any wiring experience and knowledge regarding how the ignition system works.

Sometimes, professional installation is the best option for those who want to get the job done for the first time. It can cost more than a DIY approach. But as a car owner, you will get the peace of mind that your system is functioning accurately.

Warnings And Watch Out:

As a vehicle owner, you need to be conscious of a few limitations & hazards of RES:

  • You should not start your vehicle in a closed space like a residential garage.
  • You should not start the vehicle under a vehicle cover.
  • Remote engine start doesn’t work in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Sometimes, it may happen that physical obstructions are there between the owner & the vehicle. Then, the owner needs to go to other places to operate the system.

The Bottom Line:

According to some users, remote engine start is like the automotive equivalent of any magic trick. Although it appears as an over-the-top convenience feature at first, the unique functionality is able to work as a major aid to the daily routine of a vehicle owner in both & cold climates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to add a remote start to a car?

Several factors exist on which the remote car starter installation cost depends. In order to make the remote starter compatible with your car, you should buy a bypass module. Usually, the expected price can be between $150 and $500 for professional installation of a remote car starter.

Can you add a remote start to any car?

Most cars support a remote starter system. But for newer cars with a manual transmission, these are unavailable.

Can you install a remote starter yourself?

Ensure that you don’t install a remote starter yourself unless you are a certified 12-volt automotive electrician. Hence, you can risk your car, yourself, or your wallet if repairs to either are necessary.

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