Throw Pillows Best Buying Guide 2023

Throw Pillows Best Buying Guide 2023

A throw pillow, also known as a toss pillow, is a kind of soft furnishing item used for decoration. To design these items a huge range of textiles is used such as cotton, linen, silk, leather. However, a few manufacturers use microfibre, suede, chenille, and velvet to make these pillows. If you are associated with interior design, you might know that people use them often to decorate their houses. Basically, these products come with a huge range of variety depending on shapes, sizes, and decorative elements ( tassels and piped edges). Generally, people often use square throw pillows and the size ranges between 16 – 24 inches. People in the United Kingdom know these pillows as a scatter cushion.

If you are shifting to a new house and want to add a bit of essence of uniqueness, then you can use throw pillows for decoration. However, if you pick such throw pillows that come with fresh fabric and vibrant colors, it will definitely give your house an aesthetic feel. But choosing the accurate pillows that will match well with your space, is quite a bit difficult.

You will find several options are available in the market due to which selecting the exact one will be confusing. Go through this article properly so that you can pick the right models for your room.

What are Throw Pillows?

Throw pillows are actually a type of soft furnishing object which you can use as decorative elements. These come in various options based on materials, colors, and patterns. These interior decorating items offer comfort and increase space aesthetics. People mainly place these throw pillows on sofas, day beds, or beds.

More About Throw Pillows:

We have already mentioned that people generally place these pillows on armchairs or sofas. However, you can place them on beds, day beds, and floors as well. What makes these items special is that they can be used for both aesthetic and functional purposes.

Besides, people can use them to tie in color accents within a room, often drawing on the colors in drapes, walls or area rugs. Moreover, you can use them also to offer a casual feeling by looking as if these got thrown onto furniture. When it comes to functional purposes, these can offer support to your back, neck, and head.

The simple toss pillows don’t come with an opening. These are often loosely filled indicating that no insert exists there. However, these pillows don’t have extra decorations like tassels or piping. If you are a newbie to sewing, then this design is for you. Mostly, these cushions come with a removable cover and an insert.

However, you can easily remove and wash the covers. You can change the insert also if it triggers allergies or becomes too flat. However, you will find that these throw pillow covers are sold separately. There exists a zipper opening that is available in two variations — an envelope and a hidden opening. You can use an envelope to conceal the zipper behind. Whereas you will find the hidden opening at the bottom of the cushion.

What are the Different Types of Throw Pillows?

Although decorating your room using these cushions is an easy task. But these pillows come in several types. As a result, choosing the correct models that can match the vibe of your room is challenging. Therefore, before purchasing the product, you should learn about the types of throw pillows and their usages.

  1. Bolster Pillow:

This type of cushion comes in a cylindrical shape and can be available in various diameters & lengths. Some designs have flat sides. Whereas a few models come with secured sides with ribbons. These pillows help to support the lower back and neck so that people can feel relaxed.

  1. Square Throw Pillow:

These are one of the most popular decorative cushions that can be used for multiple purposes. For example, these types of pillows are capable of jazzing up the traditional decor with funky colors along with offering the user a little bit extra comfort.

  1. Round Throw Pillow:

These are perfect for decoration. You will find a button located at the centre of these cushions. Using these products, you will be able to add a touch of funky accent to the sofa, chair, or bed. Moreover, these models offer enough relaxation to the head or neck of the user.

  1. Rectangle Throw Pillows:

You can use this type of cushion to support their back, head, and neck. You can place these functional pillows anywhere as per your needs.

  1. Novelty-shaped Throw Pillows:

Mainly cotton is used to stuff these unique shaped cushions. Their main motive behind designing these pillows is enhancing the decoration of your room.

Remember that these pillows don’t come with any fixed rate. However, the pride range can vary from $20 to $200. There are some factors on which the cost of these cushions depends:

  • Stuffing Quality.
  • Standard or designer fabric.
  • Quality of Textile.
  • Detail on the surface.

You need to keep these factors in mind while picking the best model.

How to make a throw pillow:

You can make these cushions by sewing it with Fringe. So, how to sew a throw pillow?

  • Your first task is to cut two fabrics of 18″-25″. Hence, you need to cut a portion of the fringe in such a way that it will measure four times of the fabric width.
  • After that, your task is to set a fabric piece on a work surface keeping the right side up. Next, you need to lay the fringe along the fabric square edges. Ensure that the face of the fringe is facing towards the fabric’s center.
  • Now, you should sew the fringe to the fabric with a long basting stitch after pinning it. Then, you need to place the second fabric on the first one’s top and ensure that the right side of the piece is facing down. Then, you should pin together.
  • Finally, your task is to stitch all the fabric edges by .5 inch or 1.27 cm. The gap should be 5-inch (12.7 cm) so that you will be able to stuff the cushion. Next, you should clip its corners and turn the cushion right-side out. Now, your task is to stuff the cushions with the batting. Then you need to hand sew the gap closed.

Sofa Throw and Pillows—The Perfect Duo for Living Rooms:

The combination of a sofa throw and throw pillow completes the decoration for your living room. Remember that the sofa throw comes with an aesthetic look and has functional aspects. It is a small coverlet that you can use as a blanket.

You can use them with throw pillows for casual decor. If you want to give your space an alluring look, then the pair of throws and pillows is the simplest way to apply.

Top Six Throw Pillows Ideas in the Bedroom:

A bed should not only offer a comfy feeling. But also it has to be stylish so that it can make the look of the bedroom mind-grabbing. These cushions can help to boost the space’s aesthetic levels. Here, we are going to discuss six toss cushions ideas in the bedroom.

  1. Cohesive Design:

You should choose such throw cushions that come with anchor colors and patterns so that these can match the curtains of your room. You should know that this matching throw pillow set will highlight your room style and help to keep the decoration unified.

  1. Mismatched Prints:

Try a combination of different styles and prints to give an engaging look to your space. You can use floral patterns to make the decoration of your room vibrant and soothing.

  1. Symmetry:

Once you get the appropriate match for your bedroom, your next task will be arranging the cushions. Hence, you should attempt a balanced approach so that it can go well with bedding.

  1. Neutral Styling:

Are you willing to give a soothing touch to your bedroom? Then, you can try colorless.  Choosing neutral tones can help to make the sanctuary more comfortable & relaxing.

  1. Splash of Color:

You can try bright colored cushions in your bedroom to add an essence of liveliness. Choose such colours that can contrast this against the palette of walls and furnishings. If you want to add a lovely and pleasing effect to your room, then go for bold colored cushions that come with a striped accent.

  1. Add the Wow Effect to a Blank Space:

Comfort and softness make these cushions ideal for elevating a space’s aesthetics. If you choose the appropriate complementing design and color of these pillows matching the vibes of your room, you will be able to give an alluring look to your regular space.

Top 5 Throw Pillows Products:

  • MIULEE Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Pack of 2 Corduroy Soft Soild Pillow Cases

miulee decorative throw pillowsDescription: Polyester is used to design these pillows. This product consists of soft fabric that offers enough comfort.

These zippered throw pillow covers come with a two-sided striped texture. If you want to buy throw pillows to decorate your room, then this product is an excellent pick as these can give an elegant touch to your space.


Perfect Decoration

These cushions are very soft and offer a comfy feeling. This model is ideal for decorating the backyard, bed, sofa, couch, balcony, living room. Moreover, those who want to add a touch of elegance to their bedroom, lounge, office, cafe, can go for this model. The stylish look of this product will impress the users for sure.

Hidden Zipper

There is an hidden zipper sewn on its side to offer an excellent look. This package comes with two 20×20-inch pillow covers, but it doesn’t have inserts.

Washing Tips:

It enables you to insert and remove the throw pillow inserts easily. Besides, these are machine washable. Remember that you need to perform only a gentle cycle, not bleach. In addition, you must not iron this throw pillow cover.


  • Machine washable
  • Hidden Zipper exists


  • Holes may exist


  • Dahey Throw Pillow Cover Macrame Pillow Case Decorative Cushion Cover

Dahey Throw Pillow CoverDescription:

Do you want to add a boho vibe to your space? Then, this pillowcase will be a great pick. You can use this product for simple and fashionable decoration. This model is ideal for adding a touch of elegance in your living rooms, bedrooms, offices, cafes, and so on.


Soft Material: It consists of fabric and cotton, which are environment-friendly and long-lasting. Due to exceptional design, the product can give a minimalist feel. With the help of the square macrame pillow case, you can decorate your room in a beautiful way. It can offer a warm feeling also. If you are planning to give a housewarming gift to your closed ones, then go for this product.

Size: The measurement of these throw pillows is 17″ x 17″ ( width × length). This product is ideal for a decorating home, couch, sofa, and chair. In addition, you can use this model as a decorative element for bed, car, party, hotel, office, cafe décor, etc. It is advised to use a pillow insert which measures 18 inches.


  • Perfect model for decorating for a car, home, party, hotel, etc.
  • Consists of soft material.


  • It has an odor that needs to be solved by washing


  • AZDAH Microfiber Cushion Fillers/Throw Pillow

AZDAH Microfiber Cushion FillersDescription: The dimension of the product is 14X14 Inches, i.e., 35 X 35 cm. The package comes in five Microfiber cushion fillers. You can use these cushion fillers as sofa cushions, chair cushions, and bed cushions.



The upgraded polyester is capable of offering ultra-toughness, confirming that fillers can maintain softness.

Opening Instruction:

You can find the fillers vacuumed and compressed in a sealed plastic bag that people use for shipping. So, you need to tear it gently and open your transparent poly cover. After that, you should shake them and tap them with your hands from the opposite corner. Thus, you can expand the cushions to their real sizes.


  • Can be used for several purposes
  • Five cushion filler


  • No cons


  • JDX Hotel Quality Premium Fibre Soft Filler Cushion

JDX Hotel Quality Premium Fibre Soft Filler CushionDescription: People are able to use these cushions as decoration elements in their homes. The size of the cushion is 16 x 16. Besides, it is an ideal choice if you are planning for Christmas gifts. These are very soft and perfect for Home usages. The product comes with micro fabric on the outer portion and Hollow Siliconised Fibre on the inner side.


Soft And Comfortable: These comfortable cushions are made of Premium Microfiber.

Simple care: You can wash this in the machine on a gentle cycle. But make sure that you are using a light detergent.

Perfect Decorative Cushion: It is possible to change your preferable cushion covers with home decor in various seasons.

Decorative Cushions: You should know that the fibres used to design these cushions are top-quality raw materials. Using these pillows, you can add an aesthetic look to your space.

Luxury Gifting Idea: You can give these cushions as Christmas gifts, Valentine, Birthday, Anniversary gifts to your closed and beloved ones.


  • Perfect gifting option
  • Excellent decorative item
  • Comfortable


  • Small size


  • Deconovo Boho Decorative Tufted Throw Pillow Cover

Deconovo Boho Decorative Tufted Throw Pillow CoverDescription: The package includes two pieces of 18 x 18 inches pillow covers.  But it does not include any Pillow inserts.


Hidden zipper: It comes with a hidden zipper that is properly sewed. You can easily pull and wear the covers. However, these are easy to remove. Make sure that you are performing a gentle machine wash. Moreover, you should not iron the covers.

If you are willing to give a stunning look to your couch, sofa, bedroom, living room, or garden, go for this model.

Care instructions: This product consists of such fabric that is easy to care for. Remember that you need to follow the essential instructions on the label. Ensure that you perform only dry cleaning. You must not bleach or perform tumble dry. Every edge of this product is properly sewed with tassels. So, if you want to add a lovely look to your room and get a cozy feel, then this product will be a great pick. Moreover, this is an excellent gift option for your closed ones.


  • It offers an awesome look for decorating the bedroom, garden, living room, and so on.
  • Hidden zipper exists


  • The fuzz may come off a bit if you sit against the pillows.

Buying Guide of Throw Pillows:

Shape and Size:

When it comes to talk about sizes and shapes of the toss cushions, these come with a wide range of options. Let’s check it.

Square— This one is the most common shape. These models are generally available in 16-, 18- or 20-inch versions. However, you can find these available in larger or smaller sizes. Do you prefer changing the decor’s appearance frequently? If so, then go for the standard sized square toss cushions.

Round— Compared to the previous ones, these are less common. But you can use them if you want to balance the straight lines of rectangular and square cushions.

Bolster— Basically, the naming comes from their intended use. These help to prop up your arms. Besides, it can offer relaxation to your back. Generally, people use these products on beds.

Lumbar— These models come with an oblong, rectangular shape. Like the previous ones, the primary purpose of designing these pillows is to offer back support. However, you can use a lumbar throw pillow for ornamental purposes. If you love colourful pillows, then these are a perfect option for decorating armchairs and couches.


Here we are going to discuss three main materials used for filling them.

Polyester— If you are looking for the least expensive option to fill these pillows and planning to use the pillows only for decoration, then you should choose Synthetic polyester. For instance, people can use these to place on a bed. Ensure that you are packing it tightly so that lumps and bumps will not become an eyesore.

Down— These are longer term usable and softer compared to synthetic ones. But remember that the price of these kinds of fills will be two times more. You need to select such pillows which can be used for different purposes.

Foam: Mainly this type of fill is used for lumbar and square shaped cushions. It is specially reserved for bolsters or round throw pillows as it is able to hold the shape better compared to polyester ones.


You can get pillows available in almost any fabric you think about. Here, we are going to mention the most common ones.

Cotton— This one is easy to wash and durable enough, due to which it becomes a perfect option for homes with little children or pets.

Velvet— This one can add warmth immediately to a space. You can use this type to offer a cozy vibe to your home for winter.

Fur/faux fur— These are able to provide an eye-catching look to sofas and armchairs. However, remember that you can only dry-clean them.

Linen— These pillows don’t require too much maintenance like cotton ones because the fibre is blended with long-lasting fabrics such as cotton or polyester. You can use linen fabric so that you can create a breezy vibe for summer.

Wool— If you are willing to have an alpine and wintry vibe to your room, choose wool pillows. This one is the perfect option for colder months or mountain retreats.

Print and Color:

Have you selected prints for the pillows? Then, you need to follow a few guidelines.

Mix prints— Do you want to mix and match prints? Then, you should know that it is possible to do this by sticking to a common color palette. If you want to get a cohesive look, then you need to pick such pillow cover prints that match the overall color of your room.

Pay attention to scale— Another secret to mixing prints: Vary the scale, both within a room and among throw pillows.

Suppose there are large-scale printed curtains in your living room, and a rug with a small-scale. If that is the case, ensure that you go for such throw cushions that come with a print that falls somewhere between.

Price Range:

The price range of these pillows vary from $20 to $200.

Fill quality— You should know that the price range of down-filled ones are higher compared to polyester ones.

Designer fabric— If you are willing to buy pillows from a designer textile house, then it will cost more than $100.

Textile quality— Toss cushions consisting of textiles such as leather or silk are very costly.


It is one of the crucial factors that you want to consider. Before purchasing, you need to consider the working procedure of throwing pillows with the rest of upholstery. As a buyer, you may want to mix different textures to generate depth. As a result, you can see any soft layer residing on any hard thing, or something shiny can be placed atop something matte. But it is not so vital when you use too many patterns, colors, or embellishments.

Embellishments: If you pay attention to the details like ribbons, button tufting, brooches, sequins, you need to pay more. Remember that embellishments are able to enhance the overall look of the cushion. But if the cushion is more than only decorative, then you should not want any kind of embellishments.


There are a few factors on which the filler type will depend. Price is the major factor, while comfort & allergies are other essential factors to consider. Usually, down feathers can offer a cozy feeling, but down pillows can lose their shape after a few usages. Besides, a few people are allergic to them. Although you will not face this issue with Synthetic fillers, these are unable to offer that much comfort. Therefore, people often prefer to go with the combination of down and feather because these can offer comfort and hold the shape too.

Throw Pillow Buying Tips:

Always try to buy such models that are properly sewed. Moreover, you need to make sure that the fabric cover is thick enough so that it won’t get snagged easily. Remember that you must not use lumpy or sparse fill because it creates many issues in polyester-fill pillows. Try to go for those new down cushions which come with protruding feathers. Therefore, before choosing the best one for your home, you need to consider these things:-

  • You need to determine first how you’re going to use these pillows. Moreover, you need to decide will these get snuggled into regularly or you just want to use the pillows for decoration. Depending on your needs, choose the appropriate model.
  • You should know that these cushions look attractive in groups. Therefore, you need to pick those models that suit your budget.
  • You may have some decorative habits. For instance, you may prefer to switch up your home decor each season. In such cases, you should choose those models which have removable covers and allow you to maintain the styles.
  • There are a few fabrics,

such as cotton, linen, leather which are long-lasting and perfect for homes with little kids or pets.

Maintenance and Care:

Maintenance and care of a pillow depend on the type of pillow that you are willing to buy or you have purchased. If you are looking for those options of which you can take care easily, then you need to choose toss pillows that come with removable covers. Go for those models that come with easily washable covers. But cushions that have sewn-on covers need spot treatment. As a result, it can cause discoloration in specific fabrics.

You should know that textiles like silk, leather, faux fur, or suede need pre-treatment before you use them. The best thing is you don’t need to spend so much money to replace these cushions as these are inexpensive.

The Bottom Line:

You should know one fact that these cushions are the ideal accessory for decorating your house. Using these cushions, along with giving an aesthetic look to your space, you will be able to get enough comfort. So, why are you waiting? After going through the entire article, pick the best throw pillows as per your needs matching the pattern, vibe and color of your room.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do you know what size throw pillow to buy?

When it comes to picking the size of these pillows, the general rule says that we should begin with the pillows of the biggest sizes in the back of your bed and sofa., and build a triangle with smaller pillows from there. On average, the 2″ size increments are ideal when you want to layer the pillow combinations.

  • How much bigger should a throw pillow be than a cover?

It must be 1″- 4″ larger. We advise to fill the cover with an insert and ensure that it has to be 1 to 4 inches larger than the cover size. If you use a very small insert, the pillow may look flat & saggy.

  • What makes a quality throw pillow?

You should choose those models which come with inserts made of down and features in an equal amount. Ensure that the insert comes with a quality protective cover. Otherwise, the feathers might poke users through the fabric.


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