TimeFlip Time Tracking Gadget Simple to Use It

TimeFlip Time Tracking Gadget Simple to Use It

TimeFlip: Your new tool in Time Management

Have you ever spent inordinate amounts of time on some things and not enough on others? Here’s a cool tool that helps you manage your time and shows you just how much of your time you spend on certain things be it TV watching, gyming, dealing with mail or anything else for that matter. TimeFlip is a tech that was introduced a while back with a very few units sold at the time. Now looks like the gadget is gaining popularity again.

Be it your house work or at the office sometimes you want to know just how much time you spend on a particular activity but don’t really get down to doing it. With TimeFlip you can do just that. By knowing how much time you spend on a particular activity you can see whether or not you can justify the time spent on it or whether your time would be better spent elsewhere.

What is TimeFlip?

TimeFlip is a gadget that allows you to check the time you spend on particular activities. The gadget is in the form of a dodecahrometer with an accelerometer which basically tells you which way is up. The side facing up represents the activity that you are currently doing.

Suppose you are watching TV, you place the side of TimeFlip up that depicts a TV and a chip inside the gadget sends a signal via Bluetooth to an app on your smart phone, the app on your phone in turn tells you the time spent on watching TV. Simple Enough!

You can keep changing the sides depending on what you’re doing at the moment on TimeFlip. Reading emails then turn that side facing up going off to the gym then switch the side facing up. It is as simple as that and all the while the gadget is busy sending signals to your phone to show you how much time you spend on each activity.

What does the TimeFlip come with?

This gadget comes with stickers on it’s sides that represents the various activities, it also comes with plain stickers that allows you to depict an activity that is not already represented on any of TimeFlip’s sides. It even has a side that shows procrastination.

To use TimeFlip, you have to sign up to an account that backs up all your data that you can then check at your leisure. Many people would do much better than sign up for this when you have the app at your disposal.

It does not have to be used in the house alone, you could also integrate in your office life maybe to check  the time spent on each aspect of a project and so forth.

TimeFlip at present is only available at the official TimeFlip website with plans on being available on Amazon starting Feb of this year.

TimeFlip kit is available at 50$ or you can get your own enclosure and just order the sensor online on the TimeFlip’s official website.


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