Gadget Reviewed: Samsung CHG90 Stunning 49 Inch Gaming Monitor

Gadget Reviewed: Samsung CHG90  Stunning 49 Inch Gaming Monitor

Nowadays, most of the companies are coming out with gadgets having ultra wide monitors and Samsung has joined in the race with its latest, the Samsung CHG90. The Samsung CHG90 Monitor has an enormous 49 inch display with an aspect ratio of 32:9.

The 32:9 aspect ratio seen in the Samsung CHG90 is far wider than the usual film aspect ratio, giving rise to black bars on either side of the image. This monitor is more suitable for gaming purpose. The Samsung CHG90 monitor if fully equipped for gaming with a 144Hz refresh rate, backlight strobing, 1ms MPRT (motion picture response time) and FreeSync technology.

Samsung CHG90

The Samsung Gaming Monitor is flexible, provides an impeccable image quality, versatile screen splitting, an impressive colour reproduction and a curved display.

It has one drawback regarding a great amount of desk space and the price it is selling at is $1,499.

The Samsung CHG90 Features

The Samsung CHG90 Monitor is elegant and the screen is 4ft wide and weighs almost 15kg. The exterior is plastic with a metal strip around the edge of the frame. It has a black and grey finish which is fairly elegant. There is a ring of light that comes from the back of the screen, emanating a subtle blue glow. The stand is 32 inches long and the display has a hidden bezel giving it a slim look.  Along with the Samsung Gaming monitor, there is also a VESA wall mount adapter. The stand allows for height adjustment, tilt and left to right rotation.

Samsung CHG90 _2

With regard to connectivity, the Samsung CHG90 has a full size Display Port 1.3 and a mini Display Port 1.3 along with two HDMI 2.0 all supporting HDR. With the Samsung CHG90, you have the picture by picture mode as well as it allows you to flip between various sources on each of the half screen. The only drawback is that the HDR, FreeSync and backlight strobing will not be operational on both the sources at one and the same time. The Samsung CHG90 comes with a couple of USB 3.0 ports which are positioned at the back.

The Samsung CHG90 Monitor has a 3840 x 1080 resolution, splitting into two Full HD 16:9 displays, which could be a little low considering its size.

The Samsung gaming monitor comes with three parts, the base, the stand the display unit. All the cables like the full-size Display Port cable, mini Display Port cable, USB cable and HDMI cable are provided. As regards the Samsung CHG90 Monitor, it has been fully calibrated and hence not many changes need to be done. The monitor comes with an excellent menu setup. A joystick on the underside of the monitor allows you to navigate with ease.

Below the frame of the monitor, there are three buttons to call up the preset menu. This becomes useful when you want to switch between the desktop oriented (standard response rate, low brightness) settings to game settings (faster response rate, 144 Hz)

Final Analysis

Considering the price of the Samsung CHG90, one can buy two monitors at that price. But the HDR, the 144 Hz refresh rate with QLED technology make the Samsung CHG90 one of the best gaming monitors available in the market.

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