Facebook’s VR Headset Oculus Go not Require a Phone or PC

Facebook’s VR Headset Oculus Go not Require a Phone or PC

Oculus Rift VR headset already does not need neither PC nor phone

During the Oculus developer event, Mark Zuckerberg in the company of Hugo Barra has announced the company’s new VR headset device: Oculus Go.

Last year Oculus tested us with the idea of launching a VR headset that did not depend on a phone. At the beginning of the year there were several rumors that they were working on it, and now, at last, they have come to light.

The new Oculus Go VR headset comes with a new design. The materials are improved so that it is not annoying to wear glasses for a long time. Inside, the lenses are new generation and promise a better field of vision even than the Rift.

This new VR headset is in the mid-range, with Gear VR in collaboration with Samsung below and with Oculus Rift in the high range. The price and not depend on a phone, is what makes these glasses the most tempting of the moment.

The race for the autonomous VR headset already has the first participant. After several conceptual projects called Project Santa Cruz and Pacific, Oculus today presented what will be its first independent VR headset that does not require connection to a computer or a mobile phone. It’s called Oculus Go, and Mark Zuckerberg describes it as the most accessible VR headset ever to hit the market.

The helmet has several cameras and uses artificial vision technology to perform the tracking of the environment and generate a position in space. As explained by Hugo Barra, VR VP on Facebook, the helmet has a very soft elastic strap and a set of new generation optics. This is the next model of optics compared to the current Oculus Rift VR headset, which offers the same range of vision and promises a significantly reduced net.

The most important element, the screen, is a fast response LCD with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. According to Barra, it has a fill factor higher than that of OLEDs, which is why it achieves a greater visual clarity that reduces the curtain effect. Neither do they forget the audio, integrating spatial sound to be able to position objects through the sound with perfect precision. This has included speakers in the helmet itself, so we will not need extra headphones, and the people around us will be able to hear what we hear.

Santa Cruz Project: without cables, without a telephone inside

The “Santa Cruz Project” is responsible for these new glasses, the main objective has been to make it a completely autonomous device. Although for now only the Oculus Go VR headset is independent, the project promises to bring this independence to the rest of the glasses as well. A prototype of Santa Cruz will hit developers in the coming months, promising true motion control of six degrees of freedom.

Price and date of availability of the Oculus Go

The new Oculus Go will hit the market next year, with a starting price of $ 199. Developers will, however, receive the development kit in November of this year.

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